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Re: Suggestions for Stomach Pain, Parasites

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Published: 24 months ago
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Re: Suggestions for Stomach Pain, Parasites

Hello Myles,

Hoping you find a quick resolution to your discomfort.
If you need more ideas or details feel free to contact me.

Based on the minimal description there can be multiple causes.
Your symptoms have worsened so the cause(s) has not been completely addressed.
A more thorough history, symptom description and testing is needed to accurately assess what is really going on.
You need to be re-scoped to determine if an ulcer was missed, if there is gastritis (which is most often the case) or, if something else is going on in the stomach lining, acid reflux, GERD, Silent Reflux, etc...

With your presentation, most often gastritis is the main issue.
And, since you have taken a well known problematic medication longterm, a proton pump inhibitor, this will definitely cause and/or worsen the digestive issues you describe (gastritis). The drug you are taking is one of the newer proton-pump inhibitor meds (PPIs) which cause many more adverse and long term side effects than the older H2 receptor blocker meds (e.g. Pepcid, Tagamet) which only decrease acid production by 30%. Typically, they would have switched you to an older and more effective H2-blocker by now. Once the ulcers are healed you do not need to take the acid blockers and are weaned off.

Other common causes for gastritis are food allergens or irritants and GMOs.
Going on an elimination diet can quickly determine if there is a food allergy or reaction (groups of foods can cause reactions too, e.g., nightshades, foods commonly contaminated with molds, nuts, dairy, etc...).

People are often amazed when following an elimination diet, 6 weeks minimum, all the pain disappears. I would do this immediately to eliminate this issue from being a cause (and for general health reasons) - instructions easily found on internet.

Sometimes fats are frequent offenders since they take longer to digest and cause longer exposure to acid reflux in which case: take Lipase with meals, a high quality digestive enzyme, limit fat intake at any one meal and definitely do not consume bad fats or fried foods. Another common offender is acidic foods and drinks. A few others include dairy or gluten. Many have found quick relief from pain by simply eliminating DAIRY!, gluten or both.

Also, did they test to see if your stomach is emptying properly? Or, did they test for the following: H Pylori, Hashimoto's, Grave's, Blastocystis hominis, EBV or SIBO? Get tested for the first five since these are frequently associated with gastritis.
The strategy is to identify and eliminate possible causes in an orderly process.


It could be very helpful if you could see a good Holistic doctor, Naturopath or Nutritionist, one who treats digestive disorders and is experienced.
Today, many Gastroenterologists have severely limited their approach to treating and diagnosing GI diseases. Using both types of care covers more bases.

What are the specific symptoms that make you think it could be parasitic? For example, do you feel any movement sensations? Is it a certain type of pain that makes you think this? Did it occur after eating something you think or saw had parasites in it? Did this start after a trip? Did other people develop similar symptoms?

There are groups of parasites that can infect the stomach (e.g., strongyloides, stomach worm, myiasis, ....). In which case, a specific treatment is required along with diet and lifestyle practices.

Also, the facial rash needs to be diagnosed.  More often not related to stomach issues though, there can be an association.  Describe the rash.

It is important to keep a food, lifestyle and symptom diary for a month or longer - this will allow you to identify possible cause(s) and patterns ... extremely helpful if not close to curative for many. Include when it started, events surrounding onset (e.g., did it start after getting a pet, travel, something else?), specific triggers, the worse offenders (seeds, nuts, acidic or fatty foods sugars), what were the various associations when the symptoms started (particular food, event, travel, etc..), ....
Be sure to address:
*  Common offenders: eating late, over eating or drinking, stress, toxin intake, ....
* Sxs: burping, bloating, diarrhea/constipation, regurgitation, nausea, heartburn, weight loss, "lump" in stomach, pain when pressing on stomach or other abdominal areas, chest pain, swallowing issues, throat symptoms - dryness, hoarseness, lump, (possibly indicating LPR),etc ...

Some other possible causes include:

* Ulcer(s) still present (they can miss this)
* Chronic low stomach acid (very common today)
* Infection (e.g., h pylori, others) - causes gastritis
* Hiatal hernia - can cause gastritis among other things
* Intestinal "backup" or infections
* Food allergies, GMOS
* Esophogeal issues
* Stomach irritant(s) - toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, etc... (check your water)
* Liver/Gallbladder issues
* Etc...

The proton pump inhibitors are not to be taken long term since they can cause the problems they are treating generally, not longer than 2-4 weeks. Then, they should switch to an H2 blocker med until the ulcers are healed.
The meds you listed will not treat the root cause(s).

There are MANY natural treatments for stomach ulcers that actually work, for example raw cabbage juice (daily), Manuka Honey, along with a specific diet, etc...


HCL: It seems counter intuitive however, many people find relief when taking HCL (Hydrochloric acid) before meals because they are actually low in stomach acid which causes incomplete food digestion and allows various infections and gastritis to develop since the pathogens are not neutralized by the acid (bacterial, parasitic, etc...).
There is a test for low stomach HCL - Dr Wright (with the Tahoma Clinic in Redmond, Washington, USA), has written extensively about this condition as have many other physicians. The easiest test is to take one HCL tablet before a meal.... if it causes any burning sensation then your stomach makes enough acid or there is a condition sensitive to the acid. If there is no burning sensation then increase the dose slowly until a burning sensation is felt .... then, drop dose by one capsule and that is the correct HCL dose you need before each meal .... you have now discovered your stomach is not producing enough acid to properly digest your food - a big problem.

There are other things you can take to increase digestive acids and enzymes... bitters, other herbs, etc....

* Eating a very bland and mostly cooked diet for a year or longer can help as it allows the stomach to heal if this is the issue. Also, eliminate common food allergens and any GMOs to start. (e.g. no grains except for buckwheat/amaranth/teff/quinoa/rice etc... nuts always cooked, produce always washed well; lots of cooked vegetables, broths/soups,.... no strong spices/sugars/onions/garlic/tomatoes, no fried foods, no chocolate, avoid acidic foods, etc ....).
* A low acid diet (e.g., The Wipeout diet).
* Follow a complete elimination diet - very helpful.
* Simply slowly chew on a thumb-sized piece of orange peel, once daily or more, removes the symptoms for some. It will take a couple weeks, more or less. There are orange peel supplements.

A more thorough description of your condition is needed to really assess what is actually going on in addition to further testing:

* When did this start?
* Do you remember anything that caused the symptoms initially -- a meal, a certain food or drink, traveling, stressful event, etc...?
* Have you been tested for nutritional deficiencies?
* Are there other symptoms? Pain around the xyphoid? diarrhea? Constipation?
* Are there painful areas when pressing on the stomach or abdomen? Any areas that are harder than others?
* You mention chronic pain, so it is painful all the time though more so during/after eating?
* Do particular foods cause more pain than others?
* Does water or other drinks cause pain?
* Does cooked bland food cause less distress (organic rice, buckwheat, broth,...)?
* Do you eat a lot of undercooked meat or sushi?
* Do you eat produce that is not washed properly?
* Do you eat a lot of processed foods?
* Have you tried a water and broth fast? Did it help?
* Do you drink purified water?
* Is the pain a burning pain? A sharp pain? ... Is the pain always present?
* Does it feel like there is a rock in the stomach? Does acid come up to your throat? * * Do you have a metallic taste in the mouth at times?
* Is pain worse with certain movements?
* Are there other GI and/or abdominal symptoms?
* Other than limiting your food intake, is there anything else you have done that improves the symptoms - a bland diet? Avoiding certain foods or textures (nuts)?
* Have you tried stopping any of the medications one at a time? If so, did the symptoms worsen, improve or no change?
* Thoroughly describe the situation when the symptoms started - leading up to the symptoms and during onset.

Get a notebook and answer these questions, and others, for yourself.
Then, a more precise and accurate assessment and healing plan can be determined.
Also, if you see a better practitioner this information (diary, questions) will be very helpful to them in making a diagnosis and successfully treating you.

This is how a proper diagnosis is made with regards to your symptoms.

Symptoms - severe, chronic and worsening stomach and sometimes intestinal pain:

Gastroenterologist had patient complete exhaustive history forms and grilled her with questions (this is the most important part of an exam, called patient history - often diagnostic by itself).
Then, Doc performed complete physical assessment of abdomen, chest and throat.
Then, doc ordered: Endoscopy, Barium swallow, MRI, Stomach Emptying tests, blood tests.

Based on patient history, Doctor determined main cause for the patient's intense stomach/abdominal pain (much worse when eating and sometimes drinking) was they had taken in some type of stomach irritant (heavy metal, chemical, poison ...).

In addition, doctor also found a small hiatal hernia (which can also cause many of the symptoms) and severe inflammation in parts of the stomach, esophagus and at the intestinal ileocecal junction.

Patient took proton pump meds for no longer than 3-4 weeks along with bland diet.
This type of condition generally requires two years for the stomach/intestines to heal.

Patient also saw a holistic practitioner who performed the stomach acid test which determined patient was producing adequate stomach acid. This doctor also put her on stomach/intestinal soothing & healing herbal formulations with additional diet & nutritional tips.

The patient did the following: it took 2 years of eating a very bland diet, drinking distilled water with minerals, taking various supplements (quality probiotics, special aloe vera product, ALA, Quercetin, Digestive Enzymes, Stomach soothing herbs, vitamins/minerals, etc...) and following the book, "Patient Heal Thyself" and "The Makers Diet" by Jordan Rubin, until ALL stomach/intestinal symptoms resolved. Taking HCL, eating raw foods, any spices, any acidic foods (citrus, coffee), fried foods, etc.. created intense pain for this patient and it would last for weeks to months after each offending food or drink was taken.

Patient religiously followed the rules of proper eating: chew slowly and VERY well, do not speak while chewing, do not drink during meals (or, very little), do not over eat or over drink, stop eating just until you reach the feeling of "full" .
They took enzymes after meals; avoided all alcohol/coffee/black teas/sugars/gmos/most grains/fried foods/chocolate/...; ate lots of organic cooked vegetables, soups/broths, porridge with cooked nuts & fruit, etc..; home made super smoothies or juices; avoided restaurants; properly sanitized all produce; etc...

After about 20+ months into treatment (after inflammation & pain had significantly improved & nutritional reserves were built up) patient independently followed Dr Clarke's protocols for successful parasite cleansing (e.g.: black walnut green hull - liquid must be green, wormwood, fresh ground cloves and anti-parasite essential oil blend; frequent daily bowel movements/laxative if needed; fiber; 1/2 body weight in water daily; proper hygiene; used clean body & household products and procedures; etc...).

Patient cured.


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