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Re: EXTREME pain at night in hands arthritis Cures?

Tapeworms, Round worms, Flukes?
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Published: 25 months ago
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Re: EXTREME pain at night in hands arthritis Cures?

Pain in the hands when you are not moving your fingers or wrist, is not arthritis.

Reds cause hand pain, there are a range of families.

Strongyles, Small Strongyles, Filarial, Rhabditiform, and Nano's. We think Nano's are filarial L1 stage but there is no proof yet. Nano's are symbiotic infections, and make other red species mad, real mad.

These Red worm infections, can contain other members. Once you get enzymes from one member, the whole family comes to nest, once a portion of your immune system is wiped.

Reds travel anywhere they want, hide in bones after they drill tunnels. They can spit nitric acid when provoked. They can burn scars, destroy tissue, and a lot worse. Don't piss them off by dosing certain meds to high. If they blow a hole in your ear, corner of mouth, accessible location, rub CQ10 on the spot, it will magically disappear. I actually did a lot of things wrong while I was learning, they blew apart 4 teeth, scars up and down right leg, and blew holes in face, shoulder, ear.

The body heals, just amazing. Do like I say, not like I did.

They destroy endocrine system, Vision, Nerves, Joints.

A Hyper RED infection can cause hernia's, embolisms, heart attacks, strokes.

Reds contain many of the hardest species to eliminate.

The test for Nano's is a drop of essential oil say 10 drops, around the body each day, to get an idea of where larger red worm nests are. Oils like Clove bud, Oregano Vulgare, Thymus Vulgaris can be used.

One drop on a finger, rubbed out creates a napalm like burning that can only be put out using pyrantel paste.

Pyrantel can put them to sleep when testing on the skin.

If you have a milder red worm, like strongyloides, they are best tested using neem oil, which clears an area.

If you put a drop of oregano or thyme on your arm, neck, top of head, and you get oil out of your tear ducts, sinus, tongue, then you have a more aggressive strongyle, or filarial stage.

Garlic is sulfur, and when crushed and put under the tongue for 10 minutes at noon, say 1/4 clove, you get 153 sulfur compounds that tell the body dna, minerals, immune system to re calibrate. The effect is not everlasting.

Magnesium Sulfate, other sulfates, MSM, Onions, all are forms of Sulfur that maintain Sulfur chemistry, against the nitrogen chemistry of parasites.

People low in Sulfur, usually are low in Selenium.

Flat worms and White worms like Ascaris, trash your health PDQ, so challenge test Flat and White meds.

Red worms do not trash your minerals, or metals much. They do a lot of damage though.

The main Red Meds are:

Fenbendazole 5% or 10% Paste or powder
Albendazole Co-Med 113mg/ml liquid
Invermectin Paste, Liquid, 1.87% typical, Do not Overdose. 1X or 2X is standard, depending on infection days can be skipped.
Praziquantel liquid 50mg/kg
Oxfendazole liquid, 22% strength, very small doses.
Thyme Vulgaris leaf (internal), More than a few caps per day and you may need a zapper to keep them out of your face, head.
Red Pine Needle oil (shop this one 9 dollars bottle stuff)
Wild Oregano oil caps (internal).
Moxidectin (difficult to get dosing pattern explained, 20 day half-life.
Levamisole is touchy to dose, takes a lot of education, can cause a stroke if dosed to quickly or too much. Stay away from this one till you are educated.

Co-Meds like peppermint oil and Castor oil caps can be useful.
Ginger root, etc can help.
Liver flush, kidney KGP flush, natural piperazine, and so many other things in perspective.

There may be a few more.
There is a lot to know, measure twice, dose safely.
Get a mentor, and educate.

Join Some Groups, or Clicks. There is strength in numbers.

There are a few other things, to look out for.
Say one hand shakes, not the other, called focal deficit. System changes or repeating pattern of a single leg or side of body can be bad pork tape worm, rare.

Transitory neural state changes are common with reds.

The learning curve of how to start, phases to go through, and formulas to use is kind of long.
The most important thing to start with is a pH tongue test, to eliminate acidosis.
Thereafter, a hair analysis of essential minerals and metals, to identify any health concerns or issues.

Minimum startup is potassium citrate 99mg, Magnesium Citrate 133mg, Magnesium Sulfate 500 - 1000 mg depending on weight, Maybe have on hand emergency meds like CQ10, L Carnitine, ALA.

MSM, Non-Aluminum Baking soda, Distilled water, and Vitamin E help the membrane stress.

Challenge a single med at a time, meds that work will make you feel bad after 3 day dose pattern.
Invermectin breaks the rule, makes you feel better.

Verify you do not have flats, or whites, (challenge test not described herein) before undergoing a REDS routine. Liver stress, enzymes, out of whack blood should be checked with a physical. Complicated parasitic infections take a more careful course to navigate the clearing and curing process.

While toxo catus or canis is possible, few have bad infections.
Ascaris can also get intense when population increase is high, but symptoms are more like death itself.

Trypanosomes are common since they are endemic, and the medical community is still asleep on this one. These are too small to be felt.

Nano's are too small to be seen, takes 45X power, blood scoping can be used, or dermal scrape.

Giardia is a microscopic parasite that causes the diarrheal illness known as giardiasis. It can effect thinking.

Try either Invermectin paste in the ears, face, to gently convince worms to move.
Invermectin can be used internally and externally, very safe when not overdosed.

Pyrantel paste is also safe external, a few crystals of thymol work great on most REDS species, to convince worms to move.

Oregano oil few drops, with few drops of castor oil can be used in and around ears, face, to directly assault nesting areas.

It may take weeks or months to clear a nest area. Nests in the head are the area one usually does first, Armpits, Groin can also be areas to check.

There are other DMSO skin applications, and other body treatments that can help.
Never use Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and DMSO together. Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is safest when applied to the skin when diluted.

Again, Pyrantel puts them to sleep, so both Invermectin paste, and Pyrantel can be used inside the ear canal, to save your hearing.


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