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the truth about parasites being demons

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TruthWillSetUsFree Views: 1,276
Published: 4 years ago

the truth about parasites being demons

the truth about parasites is that they are alien invaders. this truth is mentioned by Jesus in the gospel of the essene the gospel of Peace. where he goes on to answer the question of the sick who suffer greatly with all manners of plague, ailments and mysterious symptoms in their body. his answer was that the body is a temple and many years man has left the 'holy law' of love for others! animals! and of cleanliness unto the body and added "sin upon sin' to his own body eating 'the dead flesh of slein beasts' causing

'worms that are an abomination to have their habitation there' thusly these worms and their nests can cause all manners of ailments (arthritis, fever, bloating, pain, numbness, sight loss, hair loss, obesity, itching, inflammations, diseases, wounds...) mysterious ailments, including mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, psychosis, 'possession' and schizophrenic hallucinations to name a Few.

he added that these worms are the 'demons they cast out' of people who even cause small children to mame themselves, convulsive with seizures and become frail and sickly near to death.

there is also ancient texts referring to these parasitic demons as 'beazulbub' In the article

it doesn't matter if you believe in Jesus or anything of the church, what matters is he was a real messenger in some way and this was one of the main most important parts of his message that the early church covered up. why? because these parasites keep people enslaved from the inside out. as we say 'possessed'

so the real question seems to be why is everyone infected with parasites. its not normal natural or healthy, its an ancient curse of man who chose the wrong path, as it states 'to eat from the tree of death=dead animals'. as a carcas decays so does worms also decay it, and as one continually eats the dead so does a worm kingdom grow there. yes vegetarians have them too.... but originally eating meat was more prevalent than being vegetarian on this planet and most of us who are vegetarian did come from eating meat and changed our ways and still have paid dearly for it with round worms, Tapeworms and all manners of maggot like grub worms that infect the entire body in nests. look up human worms from eating meat and see for yourself. it seems to me pretty obvious that these invaders have totally infiltrated the human race so deeply engraining themselves in our very brains and maybe even dna. look at all the bacon everywhere for tapeworms, and late night fast food to 'curb the craving' of these parasites With dirty egg filled meats to contract them, bread glue to get trapped in the bowels to build the nests and Sugar and alcohol to feed their colonies. PIZZA BURGERS AND PASTA are a staple diet of this enslaved country. some bodies are mansions for these things. then building entire food types that are not meant for consumption by humans at all!!!! but the parasites themselves. the zombie foods in Walmart for one example.

as people say there ARE many possible ways to contract the parasites but what we are focusing on here is a very common and heavily ignored one, the consumption of meats as it is stated 'under cooked meat gives parasites' I believe it is the consumption of most meats in general regardless of it being cooked or not. and look how common meat eating is on the planet and compare it to all the large distended guts and bowels nests of worms in the people. so if someone says eating meat is healthy and nessicary id say think again and look around at the carnivorous world we live in where most of us are very sick because of it. as stated in the scriptures ' the table of demons'

the truth is if you look at the people who truly eat animals like dogs, cats, rats, and even small screaming monkeys ... go on look up some images and videos if you'd like.... you may cry or scream saying this is an outrage as the animals are screaming for their lives as they are being boiled, dismembered, caged trapped and other types of things that are grotesque vile and harmful, but to their people its just a simple way of eating, can they not see or feel the emotion or sensitivity any more for another being in their grasp literally crying with real tears and real feelings? well id ask the very same about Americans who 'love animals' but have no feelings of the poor lambs, sheep, pigs and cows who too have feelings and are in deep trauma and suffering in the factory farms all across this country. watch some videos please perhaps the one from Joaquin Phoenix about factory farms, and see with your eyes how this meat in the markets is ill gotten no wonder it causes all manners of disease! how do we literally celebrate the torture of animals with bbq for the 4th of July. please watch with your own eyes an animal being slaughtered and the cold eyes someone has while doing it with their large tummy filled with the worms that I dare say are controlling their mind.

people may come back at this post with all amounts of rebuttal for the consumption of meat but it will never change the truth. its crystal clear.

many christians are so far gone from the truth they believe Jesus was a meat eater. that he ate fish, you must know the texts have been adulterated to hide these facts that are present in the gospel of the essene the truth teachings of the Jesus of nazarene. healing the sick and curing demonic possession was their specialty. they did not eat or catch fish, rather this was a type of sea weed. he was a shepherd I doubt that those beautiful pictures of Jesus with the lamb and the staff that he has a knife in his pocket about to stab it to bloody death.

also to further prove my point clear as day and night just to quote from the very book they follow... did God not prefer Ables gift at the altar of the fruit and vegetables he grew with burning insence from the tree sap and shunned Cains which was a slaughter baby animal?


true people may get infected from vegetables too but this isn't just simply you get worms from the lettuce, its usually because the lettuce is fertilized with contaminated animal waste and like many states and countries now in the use... human feces waste known as 'bio solids'

so back to the real question 'when we realize our body is filled with worms, what do we do?"

and the other real fear is as much as we are all trying to remedy it though we may relieve the symptoms theses things are almost impossible to eradicate......except by one thing........


as it is stated in the gospels of the essene the people fasted by a river for 7 days on water, did enemas and expelled their demons in the forms of parasitic worms.

so with all these treatments we are doing, lest we fast and pray or meditate we may never be saved (HEALED)

may we all find peace and go back to the orrignal ways without 'SIN' (acts of harm) TO OURSELVES AND WORLD AROUND US.

REGARDLESS of ones religion or faith, in fact they are all fruits of the same tree, lets not focus on the symbols or forms of the imagery but the messages themselves,

in the hindu texts it states 'eat of the beast and become a beast" literally devolve.

lets just ask our self too do we not have love and compassion for other creatures and species? if we know its unnessicary and harm ful why are we purchasing these violent meats in the markets of poor creatures?

we should ask ourselves 'is our body a temple or a tomb" and choose wisely.

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