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Stubborn Fasciolopsis Buski Infestation, Co-infection with prehistoric flatworms?

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Tapeworms, Round worms, Flukes?
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Published: 4 years ago
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Stubborn Fasciolopsis Buski Infestation, Co-infection with prehistoric flatworms?


Schistosomes come from seafood.

Most Flatworms are from seafood, like sushi, but some (Flukes) can come from animals that probably ate ... seafood at some prior time in history. These zoonotic Playhelminths are the infections we can observe in today's time. That is why infections come from what we eat, for the most part.

In prehistoric times, planet heat, extreme temperature variations, pH variation, evolved significantly resistant and hard to kill species.

Most Prehistoric parasites come from seafood !

That is why I stopped eating almost all seafood !

I suspect fish farms will increase in popularity. The space needs to be devoid from contact with birds, to stay parasite free.

Like water, there is surface water, and ground water (and of course Glacial Water that I drink).

Surface water can kill you.

This Seafood phobia/avoidance was confirmed, by discussing the subject with my doctors, dentists, that all were up to speed on this new insight.

I was in shock, seafood was supposed to be good for you !


When Land dinosaurs were killed off, many land based larger prehistoric species were eliminated.

Some Research Primers:
Evolutionary Ecology of Parasites: Second Edition

My Beliefs:

But in the sea, these parasitic species still exist, from all era's, some of them date hundreds of millions of years old.

Land parasites had die off. Look at the record of evolution, history of parasitic species.

Sea parasites had few mass extinction events.

The danger from Seafood is real.

Flatworms ~ Playhelminths, polycladid marine flatworm parasites, Planarians, Flukes, etc. can come from this era. I recall researching the Mesozoic era in depth, and then cross referenced research on specific parasites to nutraceuticals. I generated a list of naturals to test, several of these had hits in the group, at the correct dosage.

Other parasites, some of which need other meds, and are from this era are...Cestoda, Trematoda and Monogenea;

We have found that prehistoric parasites are best killed with natural herbal products, like peppermint, thyme, oregano, castor oil, ginger.

Land based tree, root, herb, leaf substances were not in the ocean, so prehistoric flatworms did not evolve DNA to deal with these.

Flatworms, the vast majority of species are sensitive to Praziquantel, with a some exceptions. I think like 85% of the species were sensitive to Praziquantel, from my prior research.

Anisakiasis is not sensitive to Praziquantel, when they researched, they determined the DNA had evolved prior in the genetic sequence, where conventional antiparasitics work. Some worms never developed the DNA that pharma antiparasitics work on.

I call these prehistoric parasites. These are unconventional infections, not cured by conventional mainstream meds like Prazi, ALB, FenBen, OxBen.

This generalization basically says, resistant parasites could be that way, because they are prehistoric, not because they are resistant to conventional meds.

I think it is far more likely that prehistoric DNA is more prevalent, or DNA produced species are DNA resistant to conventional meds are by genetic preevolution, and occurs in infections frequently (far more often).

So missed gene variation, missing conventional genes from prehistoric DNA causes resistance. Few do Genetic sequencing, and even fewer understand its implications. There are millions of species.

Who takes the time to genetically sequence a parasite to determine if it will respond to conventional medications, I guess no one.

I believe genetic resistance is frequent by design (what DNA the parasite actually has), more than it is by med resistance.

Acquired resistance occurs seldom.... DNA mutated by alteration by over use of antiparasitics is very infrequent. My reading confirmed several that believe over use occurs much less than under dosing, so acquired resistance is typically developed by under dosing.

I think mainstream parasitologists have missed this very important point.


After eliminating all my flatworm species, using conventional antiparasitics, there were quite a few, I thought I was flatworm free.

I had flat worms, flukes, tapes, Schistosomes, Gigantic Flukes, and God knows what else. It was a matter of formulation, time, and co-meds, and immune co-factors.

I used about 2 kG of Praziquantel, over several attempts, and re investigations, then finally formulated a Gigantic Fluke formula using a more conventional cocktail (LEV and Prazi).

So after such an activity, and working with a hundred other flatworm infected persons, I thought I knew everything.

I of course was wrong.

What We Found:

I was in shock when a scolex popped out, while doing prehistoric parasitic treatment.

I was fishing for worms, and found a tape (sorry for the pun)

I also hit intestinal granulomas. It is always fun when you get an unexpected kill.

...Peppermint castor oil, ginger, kills prehistoric flatworms, Worms from other eras never developed DNA that respond to Prazi is the lesson.

These Mesozoic era and prehistoric flatworms, Anisakiasis, etc are killed using naturals, not pharma.

I had another gal, treating flatworms for 2 years, and the infection was busted by adding peppermint, castor oil, and ginger root, to the flatworm formula.
She had the same result. I sent the formula out in a wider distribution.

Then several more people, killed parasites with the prehistoric peppermint formula. Six, Twelve, More .. Many had these kind of prehistoric parasites.


Conventional parasites are those we understand, and many of them are cured with antiparasitics.

Others, like prehistorics, are cured with naturals.

That is what I kind of believe today.

Take Away's:

It is understanding the geodesic time, sources of infection, and in perspective, we can design our treatment plans, formulas, and sequence, to remove these parasites from our lives.


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