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Re: This One Is Really Good
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Published: 26 months ago
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Re: This One Is Really Good

I'm not sure why you believe this way Rainy, but you must have me mixed up with someone else because i have absolutely not ever "loved the teachings of Kenneth Hagin". I have agreed with the guy about some things just as is true with lots of other people's ideas i have read or listened to, but i have never looked upon Ken Hagin as a great teacher and i have always felt that some of his teachings are false. As well, there are lots of people whose teachings i have liked far more than Ken Hagin's.

Anyone who believes in a 100% God breathed bible including in the original writings is someone i have not agreed with in that area in 25 years and i have long believed that such individuals are caught up in a strong and massive religious delusion that was brainwashed into them by the counterfeit church system. As much as i would like to help people to get free from this delusion, i respect their free will right to remain under it's control and to express their own beliefs about this, just as i believe it is my right to express my own beliefs.

Since the false dogma of the 100% God breathed bible is so institutionalized and widely indoctrinated into people within this false religious system through the process of systematic brainwashing, i have always used actual Holy Spirit discernment (as Jesus said His true followers would do) to separate the truth from the lies in anything anybody teaches and also within the bible itself... to separate the truth within this bible from the absurdities and other false teachings as well as the false accusations of atrocities, double standards, and other inaccurate accusations of unloving and/or unwise behavior mis-ascribed against my Heavenly Father's perfect character.

What i haven't done in 25 years is automatically trust in popularized institutionalized religious system dogma including its obviously false dogma about the 100% God breathed, inerrant and infallible bible, including any of this religious dogma propagated by Ken Hagin. Allowing myself to genuinely be taught by the Holy Spirit as Lord Jesus said His true followers would be doing is also what any other true follower of the Lord does who has not traded their Holy Spirit discernment away for a misplaced trust in the false dogma of the institutionalized religious system including this system's false dogma about the bible which undiscerningly ascribes God-like characteristics to this book and makes it into an idol that the religiously deceived choose to love and trust over the Heavenly Father Himself which leads them to actually worship a book while being completely oblivious to what they are doing much the way the pharisees were 2000 years ago.

I believe the pharisees were in religious delusion as well as the catholics, the protestants, the jehova's witnesses, the mormons, and the muslims among many other institutionalized religious groups and based upon control, manipulation, domination, intimidation tactics including the use of the word "heretic" or "infidel" against non conformists, false teachings, institutionalized group think, brain washing, etc, i also believe all of these groups are actually Cults, all of which believe they have a 100% God breathed Holy book and all of which i overwhelmingly believe are in idolatry to their book.

I realize that i am speaking strong words and beliefs here Rainy against what i consider to be an extremely detrimental false teaching, religious delusion and actual idolatry surrounding the bible, but i want you to notice that i was able to state my sincerely held beliefs against institutionalized religion, its dogma, and its religiously deceived adherents as a whole without leveling a single ad hominem attack against you personally. It's completely up to you if you want to keep it this way because i will never launch into ad hominem attacks against you (or anybody else) unless you decide that those are the rules you would prefer to play by. By the way for Tansy's sake, this message is in the hopes of helping others to get free from institutionalized mainstream religious system brainwashing and to help save their souls from false dogma and idolatry so that they can more genuinely and purely worship the Heavenly Father in Spirit and in Truth. God bless.

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