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Re: The Trinity in the Old Testament
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Published: 29 months ago
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Re: The Trinity in the Old Testament

Hi Refreshed.

Well i was seeking to stay out of the trinity debate - because i see the 100% God breathed bible debate as being quite sufficiently contentious enough and actually in my opinion quite a bit more significant, substantial and important as far as how people choose to believe and to live out their faith in many ways, including in the way they choose to seek and to interact with the Living God - but since you are specifically asking, i will speak my heart on the matter.

Once again, i am stating what i believe only because i very deeply and sincerely believe this way and i have not come to these conclusions without both sincere seeking of God's heart and without sincere studying into the issue. I know that a lot of people have deeply ingrained beliefs to the contrary and it is not my intention to hurt any feelings. As well and as far as i am concerned, people are free to believe whatever they choose and my intention is to treat people with kindness, respect and honor regardless of whatever differences in opinion we may have. So the following is my position...

My God is the God of Jesus.

My sincere interpretation of what the bible actually says - and with innumerable verses to substantiate this - is that Jesus' God is and always was a 1 person God, the Heavenly Father alone, not a 3 person God. The three person trinity God is not the God of the bible and is not the God Jesus spoke of when He referred to His God or when He prayed to His God. When Jesus said, "My God why have you forsaken me?", He was talking to His Father and His father alone, not to a triune 3 person God. Jesus is referred to in the bible as "the Son of God" about 50 times and never with the trinitarian description of "God the Son", the latter of which i see as an agenda driven religiously institutionalized man-made false doctrinal creation.

I believe based upon what the bible actually says that Jesus is the virgin born perfect, sinless, risen, Savior who takes away the sin of the world, that He is the Messiah and the Lord, the Human Son of God who was placed in charge, but not "God the Son". I believe He was given all authority in Heaven and on Earth as a man who had God's Spirit within Him, not as God... and that He was promoted to the right hand of His Heavenly Father, His God as a man, not as the 2nd member of a triune Godhead... and that all of the pure and perfect alignment He has with His Father's heart - and the immense and miraculous power He has - is the result of His pure surrender to His Father and to His Father's Holy Spirit within Him, the same Holy Spirit that lives within each of those who are the Lord's true followers today, those who are part of His Ecclesia, His true church... and i believe that this Holy Spirit is simply a part of God the Father, not a separate "3rd person of God".

As well, if the trinity were true and if the Holy Spirit were actually a separate person of God, "the third person of God", then the Holy Spirit would be Jesus' Father since it is the Holy Spirit who overshadowed Mary into conception. Since the Heavenly Father is actually Jesus' Father, rather than the Holy Spirit being Jesus' Father, then this can only make sense if the Holy Spirit is simply God the Father's Spirit and a part of this one and only "person of God" who is the Father, not a separate "third person of God".

I believe that a trinity, a "3 person God" would mean that there are 3 separate persons / 3 unique and separate beings who are God, which in spite of the attempted illusion by trinitarians would mean that God would not be one being, but three. I know how trinitarians speak of this as "a mystery that can't be comprehended", and i do understand the concept of how in various ways two or more individuals could be of the same essence, of the same mind, of the same heart, but i do not see this 3 person God doctrine in the overall and abundant body of scripture when read without a preconceived notion of a trinity God being forced into the interpretation.

The bible refers to God as a singular being, a "He" not a "They" about 8000 times, not as a 3 part, 3 person, "triune" being or triune godhead. The trinity is not at all biblical unless one seeks to force this viewpoint with few and far between scriptures dishonestly interpreted in a certain way which preconceives this trinity doctrine while ignoring thousands of other verses and the essence of the overall scriptures. If one was to very honestly read the bible never having heard of the institutionalized religious system's trinity doctrine, one would be exceedingly hard pressed to imagine a 3 person triune God into the 8000 verses where God is mentioned as a singular being. For every verse the trinitarian wants to imagine and interpret in such a way which "apparently" supports the idea of a 3 person triune God, there are hundreds of other verses to contend against it which "apparently" support the idea of a one person God.

If God really was a trinity, the bible had 8000 opportunities to clarify this (ie to clearly state along the way: "God is a 3 person triune God, consisting of God the Father, God the Son who is Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit", "the three person God created the Heavens and the Earth...", "the triune God spoke to Abraham", etc, but instead and in contrast made it seem abundantly clear throughout thousands of verses from Genesis through Revelation that God was and is a one person God, God the Father alone, who is the God of Jesus. If God is not a God of confusion, and if the bible is to be believed at face value, then based upon 8000 bible verses, God is a one person God, not a trinity. i believe that carnal religious men and institutionalized religion of man came along to confuse things later.

As well, for those who believe in a 100% God breathed bible, i see the following as one verse among many that is distinctly anti-trinitarian: "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;" 1 Tim 2:5. This verse is explicitly distinguishing Jesus as being a man (not "God" and not a person of the "one God" mentioned) and is explicitly distinguishing Him as being the mediator as a man (the holiest man of all) between men and God, not as being God Himself or part of a three person triune God.

Obviously much more could be said on this topic. I feel "The Trinity Delusion" is an excellent channel of Spirit and Truth which exposes many aspects of how and why the trinity doctrine is not only false, but is a highly popularized institutionalized religious delusion.

By the way, i think it's important to note that part of what institutionalized religion has always done to pressure, bully, manipulate, dominate, intimidate and control people into believing in their false and unbiblical doctrine of the trinity (among other false doctrines) is by telling people that unless they believe their way, they are not Christians. In other words, if you don't believe their false doctrine of the trinity, their false doctrine of the infallibility of the pope or of Mary as the co-redemptrix, or other false doctrines, that counterfeit system and its false leaders are going to accuse you of being the one who is false, the heretic, the apostate, etc.

I overwhelmingly believe that Lord Jesus and His Father see this quite differently. The more deeply people place their trust and faith in this counterfeit, institutionalized false religious system and its various false doctrines, both the original Catholic wolf in sheep's clothing and its also deeply corrupted protestant offspring which inherited many of the same lies and which continues to propagate them, the further these people are from purely following the Lord Jesus and the Heavenly Father in Spirit and in Truth.

I also believe that salvation is not based upon correct theology, that God forgives doctrinal mistakes and that many sincere children of God who love Him and who end up dying under various forms of institutionalized religious delusion will by all means make it into Heaven.

Blessings to all.

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