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Re: Will you defend the religious system's false doctrines. or..
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Published: 33 months ago
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Re: Will you defend the religious system's false doctrines. or..

steve: good one, ed. lol ...

ed: Thank you :). Would you care to clarify as to which part or parts you are referring? : ).

steve: what helped my understanding of the bible itself was learning some basics about the languages and doing some translating myself

ed: i agree that this provides a helpful piece of the puzzle.

steve: i use the king james, not because i am worshipful of it (its actually horrible in parts)but because it is the most universally accepted form.

ed: happy to hear that you are not a worshiper of the King James and that you acknowledge that it is horrible in parts :). I also believe that a higher percentage of readers are moving away from that version due to the antiquated language.

steve: and in some places it is some of the most beautiful words i have ever heard.

ed: i agree that the shakesphearean language can be aesthetically pleasing, while also for the most part for me being a distraction :).

ed: i propose at least as a possibility to contemplate that the nationalistic writings of various israelites which proclaimed that God wanted them to conquor lands and wipe out every man, woman, child and beast was not necessarily God's heart or His justice. I suggest it's far more likely that evil people wanted to justify their evil deeds and how better to do so than to say "God told us to do it"?. As a means of perspective, i want to pose the question, does this seem to be in alignment with the character of Jesus and the Heavenly Father He described with His own words? I would say that either God grew up and matured a whole lot (i am being facetious), or that He was falsely and slanderously depicted throughout much of the old testament.

If we are to be very honest with ourselves, these deeds of israel are very similar to the deeds of al Quaida and isis who will also point to their "also inerrant holy book" as justification. I propose that someone living in a largely christian area (like the usa) who has become a fundamentalist inerrant bible christian and who supports all of the genocide in the bible as ascribed to God has such a mentality that they are very likely to have been a fundamentalist muslim had they been born in iran or Saudi arabia, believing with equal zealousness and fanaticism that their religion and their book are the right ones and 100% true and that everybody else is dead wrong. I would also suggest that this was the mentality that existed within the Roman Catholic Church during the crusades and the inquisition.

steve: ah, yes, the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

ed: i enjoy this expression :). I left my comment in place to which you made this response. I could speculate, but instead can you please clarify which parts of my words and which concept or concepts in these two paragraphs to which you are specifically referring? :)

steve: both jew and goy.

ed: i also enjoy the word "goy", hehe :).

steve: there is nothing new under the sun.

ed: i thought of and almost used this same quote in my previous post. Pertaining to multiple religions using their gods and/or their religious texts to justify the horrific atrocities they commit.

steve: thanks for the conversation.

ed: and you also, be blessed :).

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