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Re: The Truth About NAR and 7 Mountain Theology
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: The Truth About NAR and 7 Mountain Theology

Thank you Loquat and i agree with you :),

To expand upon this a bit, A very significant emphasis of Chuck Pierce and of his following who pay yearly dues of about $600 to become so called apostles within his business organization, is "you need to be in submission under us" and "you need to be under our covering". To me another word for covering the way they mean it is Lordship which actually belongs in full to Lord Jesus and not to these so called apostles. Within Chuck Pierce's structured institutionalized heirarchy, the people in the video accurately compared him to being like the Pope. Unfortunately paying $600 to Chuck Pierce does not really make anybody an apostle, but that doesn't stop these people who paid it from calling themselves by that title and believing it to be so. If all anybody needed to do to become a real apostle of Jesus was to pay $600 to Chuck Pierce, that seems like a really convenient and amazing shortcut : ). But alas Chuck Pierce has merely found a way to very creatively fortify and expand his power and control and that of others... and as an added perk he has made lot of extra money for himself along the way. In his cleverness he has added a special twist to the pre-existing counterfeit institutionalized church system.

As a side note and as a diversion from making it obvious that this appointment to the position of institutionalized apostle is purely about paying $600 per year to Chuck Pierce, it is also required that an aspiring apostle have another like minded supporter of this business model as a reference who themselves paid the $600 to Chuck Pierce.

In this way it is much like a country club where one can only become a new member when an existing member puts in a good word for the aspiring new member, saying, "for he's a jolly good fellow"... "He is completely on board with your business model Chuck Pierce, he is one of us and just the kind of guy you are looking for, someone who is willing to go along with whatever you say".

Of course what i am referring to here is only a sub portion of what is referred to as nar. In reality Chuck Pierce with his "apostolic" business model is the pope only of the portion of the nar movement that he created and institutionalized. He thus created his very own special sub-cult, emphasizing power and control, specifically in the form of preaching submission under him and under his due paying underling "apostles".

The ultimate message here is that followers of Lord Jesus need to Let Jesus fully be their Lord, their foundation and covering in Living relationship with Him and to not allow any business institution called a church, whether nar or otherwise, to take up any portion of Jesus' Lordship in their hearts. The Chuck Pierce submission, covering, and money changer model exaggerates and intensifies what other church system models are also doing, so it's important to be aware not only of Chuck Pierce and nar, but also of other counterfeit, popularized religion as well, institutionalized entities and leaders which also seek power and control, from the catholic church system to the protestant and other non-catholic church systems. It's important with a soft and open heart to very honestly compare what Lord Jesus taught and emphasized against what the mainstream religious system today teaches, emphasizes and presents itself as.

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