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25 trillion inside your gut
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Published: 3 years ago

25 trillion inside your gut

The internet is slammed pack flu of scam artist in white coats----they never ever sale a real product, they just collect your $$$. The current one uses words like H. Pylori , Ghrelin, and an education on how LECTIN rich foods make you FAT…………

Naturally these harvard con men never use the word WORMS or Herbs and since their product is an herbal type product, they do not dare sell it commercially until they have milked all the $$$ they can get from the internet zombies……and naturally, these white coats can get away with the lies, they have the $$ and the colleges's protections.

These highly educated types such as the current harvard author flooding the internet DISCOVER ALLOT OF STUFF, but they always 100% avoid the fruit diet, worms and always tell you that coffee is good and most of your wrong foods are good and THIS LURES THE FAT / SICK people into the trap…..

This fellow tells you that you have 25 trillion creatures living inside your gut that tell your brain what "THEY" want to eat and naturally "THEY" demand you eat all the bad stuff, such as:

Tomatoes, Beans and Grains along with all the bad stuff such as diet pop that harms your friendly bacteria and promotes the bad bacteria.

THESE FAKES in their white coats and fabricated master degrees and endless free tax payer supplied grant $$$$ discover everything that is worthies, because they all KNOW the good stuff and all that is left is to spend time and $$$ on the endless bad stuff.

This fellow shows and explains how he too was 70 pounds too fat and how taking his supplement enabled him to be and stay a perfect 165……….white coat, harvard, eat what you want and drop 70 pounds---WHO WOULD NOT WANT to take a chance that the guy was not a liar.

Artificial sugar supplements

ARE TOXIC and if you stop consumption, you will be better off-----THAT LIST would also apply to all the other crap and poisons people consume.

"IF" you believed such doctors, you would swear all the children would have died from growing up on such horrible foods……….BUT the truth is-----many/most humans can tolerate those and endless other bad foods for upwards of 30 years….and many will not gain 1 pound of fat as a result……..proof enough the harvard quack is just that---a quack.

IT is no secret that 20 years ago companies picked tv stars and still do to this day that were fat, tell them to drop 50-100 pounds in exchange for $10 MILLION in CASH if they will ale commercials stating they lost the weight by using the product…………many a tv/movie star has done this con---actually the latest one that just returned to tv was part of such a con……only in her case, she took the 1/2 $$ down and said screw you and stayed a fat drunk.

YOU are never ever going to take a supplement and loose 70 pounds and keep your same habits---why does this M.D. specifically tell you that coffee is GOOD?
Because if you stop drinking your caffeine, you will get fat, so he dare not suggest anyone stop coffee…….

SO LETS SAY HARVARD IS CORRECT and you all have 25 trillion little microscopic monsters dictating in your gut to your brain saying FEED US………..then what about all the people that have intestines LINED WITH WORMS---------the best picture I ever took was a chunk of worms that fail from the intestinal track after someone drank some of the P/W and then did a liver flush……that picture is the best proof I have ever seen as to what the intestines really look like.

The liver/pancreas/colon often are a mess of worms and holes………….and perhaps home to 25 trillion little bastards eating you alive…….

NO human would have ever tasted a potato or a tomato if some scientist/smart person had not taken an extremely deadly plant and forced/tricked it to create an eatable vegetable……you can apply that to 95% of all vegetables---THEY ARE NOT REAL FOODS.

FRIENDLY BACTERIA ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? all 25 trillion……………………..

I have a hard time believing any of it…………………………

I do believe the best bacteria book ever printed back in 1950---why? Because the author shows/pictures chem trail navy jets in the gulf of Mexico SPRAYING DEATH on the entire state of Texas back in 1949--USA NAVY Spraying (continuing world war 2) on Americans. The Bacteriologist being an expert in the field, was asked by the gov to take a look at the chemicals and results of the state "after" the poisoning. His forecast for longevity for americans was not good, but it delighted those doing the spraying to depopulate the planet.

This expert believed there is 1 bacteria on earth, the original and that this bacteria would be the FRIENDLY BACTERIA and you can find it on the outside skins of human foods-----TREE FRUITS and that this same Bacteria can/does mutate into endless millions of variations that you can simply say is NOT FRIENDLY……the amount of oxygen/light/foods all create monsters out of the bacteria…the stuff harvard doctors create vaccines/anti-biotics to treat and fail always and this current harvard author/heart surgeon says over and over that all antibiotics create disaster that leads to obese children.

He explains that all YOUR COMMERCIAL meat supplies you with antibiotics and makes you FAT as a result.

You would think my chemical/drug free animals would be worth a FORTUNE, but the opposite is the truth, humans today only want commercial meats--loaded with antibiotics and hormones that really do make them FAT. The fatty GMO pig and cows are designed by the scientist to be FAT and FAT PRODUCING……..

This fellows video is all over the internet and he ends it showing how many PEOPLE he has working for him and how high the demand is for his product and he clearly states, you may not loose 1 pound and actually, you will not, but he like many before him, will make MILLIONS $$$$$$$$$

I can see no common sense in the "friendly" bacteria theory---to me, it is all #########

REAL FOOD is taken up into your bold stream within a few minutes of consumption….and within 15 minutes, it has been used and on its way to disposal out your skin, your breath and down the toilet-----some will be collected into the lymph glands and spend 1-2 years there and eventually go out the skin and down the toilet.

They have cut out people's stomachs to some degree, cut out intestines to some degree and the best example is a AMA fighter that had allot of it all cut out and yet---he lives and can fight for a living………..

THE INTESTINES is a dump because people eat wrong foods……..PERIOD, so if there are 25 trillion + bacteria and hundreds of thousands of worms and millions of lymes all living there------THEN THEY ARE GARBAGE MEN was Dr. John R. Christopher's opinion….so if people eat wrong, then this harvard man is some what right, but even more he is WRONG, because they never tell the truth about how humans live, have life, how they function and avoid the truth always.

YOU have a mess of creatures living inside you----do you need 25 trillion to survive? HARVARD believes so……………….

I personally think they are 100% wrong and there is no such thing as a beneficial bacteria inside our gut.

YES, we may need bacteria externally because we are dirty creatures, but if we ate correct, I bet we would need less bacteria /creatures on our skin as well.

THESE TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS internal and external creatures are living on your WASTE that created from your wrong diet…………PERIOD.

YOU STINK inside and outside because of your WASTE trapped in you…….these creatures thrive on your waste.

YOU DIE BECAUSE YOU ROTTED FOR YEARS to the point you list enough circulation that life could not continue….

The internet and book printers enable all these crooks to take your $$$$, your life from you.

YES, we all could write 10,000 books on why bad foods make you sick---WHO CARES, you should read 1 book that tells you the real diet…..that is why I call that book---BOOK I and what do the average readers do with book 1? They skip the education and go to the back of the book where doctor's staff created COMBINATION DIETS that poisoned you less, because they knew you would return to your bad habits and bad diets….

TRUE HUMAN HEALTH is very simple and children can understand it, but adults have a hard time.

YES, we can eat meats with no antibiotics, but that does not mean we can digest the meats at all………..such subjects are worthless and yet, thousands have been written, creating endless FAKE DIETS….trying to defy NATURE.

WHY do these 25 trillion little bastards live in your GUT?

?????????????? and this is my POINT

They live there because they are HIDING FROM YOUR BLOOD-----which suggest to me, they are THE ENEMY

Even this current harvard/heart surgeon admits his solution that is making him millions is a blend of 5 herbs, but he dare not use that word "herb" or harvard would hang him from the nearest tall herb called a TREE.

Herbs can do miracles, but they will never me more than 1/6th of the solution ever……they will not allow you to wallow in coffee and slop for food.

There is a way that you can attack these 25 trillion invaders and even the late dr. clark explored it in her last books…..but I do not think she knew what all would result and she could not get her hands on the 2 real herbs of choice, so she picked 10 others…….

When you use highly concentrated herbs direct in the stomach, I assume a little can make it to the intestines and naturally there are ways you can flush the herbs out of the stomach and into the intestines before the blood picks all the herbs up----and some herbs can/will kill on contact instantly and still be picked up by the blood and used again------but the blood can not get to the worms/bacteria inside your gut..

TAKE YOUR PANCREAS for an example

The pancreatic duct is home to a few hundred adult liver fluke worms in my opinion who are having sex none stop your entire lifetime and spewing out thousands of eggs every hour your entire lifetime that flow out into your gallbladder and down into your intestines……BECAUSE NO BLOOD flows in that pancreatic duct.

SAME WITH YOUR CLEAR FLUIDS-----no blood, so the worms swim FREELY

BUT, you have medical/harvard educating you that you need these creatures to live----I DISAGREE, I believe they are the enemy within. HIDING and yes, you feed them. Can they tell you what to feed them? Harvard believes so. WHO CARES if you believe/trust/experiment the HAY WAY and Harvard by 1950 proved Dr. Hay was correct, that the orange juice fast and diet correction was the cure for all known diseases at that time….I BELIEVE herbs can make the HAY WAY 10x easier and 10x better.

It is not complicated---WORMS are BAD
Creatures living with in are up to NO GOOD

They exist because we have a wrong diet. THAT is what Hay and Harvard proved before corruption took over all medical.


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