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Night terrors...
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Published: 5 years ago

Night terrors...

Hey guys Iím new here just wanted to share an experience and get some feedback or similar stories shared.
Iíve always felt more spiritual than others but Iíve never been able to tap into anything. It mostly started around the age of 10-11 and before bed I would randomly see faces in my head and very detailed. It would scare me sometimes and would be random people ive never seen before. I started getting really into detective/murder books which turned into watching lots of paranormal movies and getting into that sort of thing. Thatís what showed me that whole other side and I couldnít help but be so drawn to it. And thatís around the time I had my first night terror (back when I was 15)
I woke up randomly in the night shortly after 3. And I was almost back asleep when I realized I couldnít move my arms. They felt held down above my head and I couldnít see anyone but I also couldnít talk or move. I tried screaming for my parents at the top of my lungs but nothing would come out. It was terrifying. I remember for some reason seeing black wolves or black dogs? Was a quick and brief (but a scary feeling deep inside my stomach) and then my arms were ďreleasedĒ and I was able to move and sit up.
I never had anymore instances like this that stick out to me until a few years later.
I was putting my daughter to sleep (I was aged 22 or so now) and I dozed off with her in her bed. I woke up next to her still asleep and I couldnít move or talk. I could see my daughter next to me but I have such bad vision without my glasses I couldnít see anything else until I looked in the corner of her room and I seen a little demon man!!! He was quite short and looked like a monster. It was horrifying. I tried screaming and nothing came out but anytime I stopped trying to scream he would move closer and closer to me. I seen my phone next to me and I tried to type in ďmomĒ so I could call her. I couldnít get it to work because my body was still asleep I couldnít move. He was half way across the room and I ďsnapped out of itĒ (for lack of better word)
When I put my glasses on I could see a bag hanging up in the corner so I figured thatís all I seen. I thought I had a bad dream until I went to check my phone and I seen ďmoĒ typed on the screen.
It was really scary.
I havenít had much else other than those experiences that really stick out to me until my grandma passed away. Thereís not very many people I love in my life, I feel very different than others and alone, but I loved my grandma. I had a hard time and to make things worse, I hold my feelings and emotions In. I rarely ever cry or express myself to people and so I pretended like I wasnít bothered.
But one night I slept in her bed (she was living with us and she passed in her bedroom in her bed from cancer) and I broke down. I remember being kind of mad and I asked her out loud why she would die when I needed her so bad. And thatís when I seen my first spirit.
I seen my grandma.
I canít explain the feeling I got. Iíd only ever expierienced scary feelings. This was amazing. It was so calm so peaceful so loving. And it was my grandma how I remember her as a child. She had brown hair and didnít look sick.
She didnít say anything. She just laid beside me on top of the blankets and held me and itís all I needed. I fell right asleep and felt so loved and comforted.
A few years later I seen another spirit. This time of my husbands grandmas mother who Iíve never met. His grandma wasnít feeling well so I went over to help with some things and I seen her mother in the basement. She was just standing there. It spooked me out because it was some old woman Iíve never seen before and I could tell was from a different time from how she looked.
Like I mentioned, I do not open up to people. But I decided to tell my husbands grandma what I had seen. She showed me a picture of her mom and it made my hair stand up. It was definitely her. His grandma didnít say much, but she did end up going to the dr that day and found out she had a pretty serious kidney infection. Sheís ok now but I canít help but wonder what if I never seen her or told her about it, would she have even gone to the dr?
I had some health scares recently of my own. I thought I was going to die and I have two amazing kids. I finally broke down and had a much needed cry. I asked out loud for my grandma and my great grandma who has also passed if they could help me.
Soon after, I found this website and learned about parasites and did a cleanse on my family and I. Turns out our health problems were because of parasites. I canít help but feel like they brought me here.
So now I am here, opening up again (Iím finding it helps)
Anyone know how I can tap into this more? Or what it is Iím experiencing? Iím alone in this and I donít have many resources. Thank you

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