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Ropeworm Infection outside of gi tract in blood and Skin in desperate need of help
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Published: 4 years ago

Ropeworm Infection outside of gi tract in blood and Skin in desperate need of help

i really need your feed back and help before i start any treatment. i believe i might have a early stage of ropeworm infection on my skin and all over my body in blood. i know people usually find out there infected with ropeworms from thier stool. in my case when i started getting really sick and getting fatigue and brain fog and sores i i went to the dr. i did not mention parasites or worms i just told them my sumptoms and they put me on predisone at first i thought i was cured was healed symptom free after 2 weeks but aftre i stoped taking predisone my symptoms came back and with a fury. i started again with feeling fatigue and brain fog couldn not concentrate i started to break out all over the body with blister and sores that would form into cyst due to some type of thin hair like worm that would form around the lession and blister it kind of behaved liked a ring worm but it was not a ring room but a actual worm that woud fest and grow big if not pulled out. pulling these worwms that would stretch very long was very painful but with a good pair of fine tweezers i was able to pull it out from the spot that was infected and it would heal and go away. i would be very careful to not pull out anything else but that fine string of worm which after wound would heal leaving no visable scar but a slight red that would eventually go away after a few weeks. i would try to present these worms to my doctor all i got was ignored and told not to pick at myself and not to go online lol. i was told by doctors to stop colidal silver and apple cider vinegar. my dermatologist had me on tropical steroid Fluocinonide which instead of heal my calcified lessions it would make them alive. i was unsure of what parasite was causing my heath problems. i went through stages thinking maybe moregelons, maybe tape worm, maybe stronlynoides. i have spent countless hours doing research reading trying to find out a cure,and answers to my health problems. i have been sick going on my 2nd year i am unable to work and my disability is about to end. at first i had things under control i would take colidal silver, use aromatherpoy with oils, use neem, teatree in shampoo and as carrier oil. i was expelling these worms in my nose i know it was working but after trying to do things correctly and following dr recommendation am more sick now than when i first went to the doctor for help.

i am with my back against the wall, both stool and skin biopsy came back negative. i have tried 5 diff doctors. 2 who have helped in a way by ordering stool test and ordering dermatologist referal and 3 who look at me like if im crazy and on drugs. i have gone through 2 dermatologist, 1 who refused to perform a skin biopsy and was trying to brainwash me that parasites are not real and we dont get them in america. she even had the audacity to tell me not to go on this website when i tried to explain about how i have gone through countless post and i am not alone and there are many people like me who are suffering and have the same story symptoms pictures as in my case. she told me users on here are liars and just want to give bad information and to trust her keep using the steroid cream. which did more damage to my skin than good. it is bad to use steroid cream for long periods of time which i would of known that from the get go. the 2nd specialist i saw strait up told me i need an infectious disease referal but she was not authorised to give me a referal only my medical primary doctor can. since i came back negative on stool test my primary physitian refused to give me a referal to infectious desease dr. this dermatologist what a bit understanding but all she chould do was perform a skin biopsy which they just sliced a thin layer of a dried up lesesion which proved negative and result contact dermatitis/drug reaction,. i have basically been thrown to behavioral health. i will not be fooled to take sleping pills or phyc meds. if i go see her i might just go there for fun and release stress and tell her what i think about the doctors at that facility, dematologist and health care system. i know 2 wrong dont do no right but i feel like i have to release some anger and maybe that can be a fun and productive way to do so. i have lost faith in my doctors, dermatologist and health system it has failed me. im about ready to give up. but i know i cant i have to keep on fighting. quiting and giving up is not an option. there has been times were i would just want to die have suicidal thought but i would quickly check myself and tell myself i am stronger than this i can overcome this. i am not sure if this is curable but i want to at least get this infection under contrrol were i can start working and and provide for my lil girls and gf. i have 2 baby girls who need there father ages 1 and 2 and a gf has put up through alot and has become more undrestading now that my health has deteroirated. i am scared to get them sick or infectd i am very careful and clean everything. i have my own house but they are not staying with me they are with her parents which if they did not did like me before they totaly hate me now lol. its hard for people and familyh to understand parasite infections and how they can affect all aspects of your life. my gf was very skeptical and would be not be supportive at first but with symptoms more visable, occring more often she would come with me to my dr appointment. she is witnessing for herself how they ignor me my symptoms. she is starting to believe me and will read and research on topics on this foru mwith me glad she started coming with me to the dr because the drs were trying to act like if i have problems at home and that is why im sick but i think i hit a neve this last time when i started lecturing them on how the test they performed did not and will not detect what i have. i told them what ever i have is in a cyst dont you see the calsification it is protected in a immune free zone were it will not get detected by the blood test and the stool test parasites do not lay eggs 247. and my symptoms are not in my stomach they are in my skin in my blood in cyst and lump only way you will be able to detect that is through xray mri you will see the calsified cyst lumps or what ever they are i even try to show her the information from medical website that said that and she comepletly ignored me and would not would not hear my request about xray on my cysts and was like that why i send u to dermatologist. and i told her the dermatologist are cluseless they are as ignorant as you are lol. these dr are a joke and they think helping me is by drugging me up on zoloft and sleeping pills. im glad and blessed by god to to have curezone to help me along the way with out you guys i dont think i would be here today.

i honestly know think what i have in the pictures is early stages of rope worm infection which went like crazy with predisone and left my gi trackt and went all over my head arms legs face. you might wonder were did this worm from the pictures come from well right above my eyebrow i had a lession that would not heal and just like many i couldnt resist to pick it out so it can heal correctly so by doing this i manged to get hold of that thin worm and pulled it with all my might and i just started bleeing like mass crazy for 5 minutes strait non stop a plethora of worms flukes all this nasty stuff started drainging in the sink i was lucky to have a soap dish on my sink which saved good samaples without me knowing :) . at first i though it was just bloobs of blood but no it came aparant they was some type of worm. what ever that worm was in the pictures after i bleed out i felt so much better, i havn't felt this good in months. i think this ropeworm is related to fungus and candida maybe some type of mutation. i will admit there was a point in time when i thought i had morgellons, i had all this wierd white stuff floating near my swiming pool and yard at night. i did have fibers and see them and they would infect all my clothes but i eliminated it with kleen green, kleen free and taking baths with borax and sulfur soap. i even bought this fooger called cedarcide foged and sprayed my house. i think i eliminated the morgellons but it made me so weak were i was infected by other parasites.

im taking trying to eat a healthy its hard bieng limited on income, i am taking colideal silver regularly which i know is buying me time. i have read the protocals for candida and rope worm, also for tapeworm. i am getting my herbs and medication ready for war, i am not looking foward to enems but will do them knowing its for my own good, for my health and for me to try to have a normal life again and be there and provide for my daughters and gf. it has been hard these last 2 yrs i can only imagine those of you who have been suffering for 5 10 20 yrs. i hope i am as strong as you guys are. even though i dont know forum members on here i have been reading everyone posts and you are like family the only family members who has my back and who has given me courage, confidnce and peace of mind.

i know this post is a little bit long but i thought it is important to point out. 6 yrs ago i had a bad fungus infection in my nail on my thumb no creams or medication dr would give me would work and they did not want to give me lamisil. my nail would not grow correctly and would fall of. in the nail bed i had fungus. i was like that for a whole yr until my mom brought me lamisil pills from mexico. i was completly cured after taking 2 weeks worth of pills even the fungus on my toes were gone. im curious if anyone have tried taking lamisil pills for ropeworms? i am willing to test it out before starting any protocal or treatment. could it be possible this thin worm is a morgellons fungus fiber which morphs into candida fungus. this thing does behave like a ring worm i have gotten blood from my lession on my fingers and this thing would quicky inbed itself in my nail and it would be a nightmare to remove it. i read a post on here about how i cant remember if the person mentioneed if it was a morgellons fiber or ropeworm but they pointed out in pictures they posted that if looked at closely the parasites are emitting electriticty. i have looked back at many pictures on my phone that i have taken though these last couple of months and i do ssee some strange white currnts of light and its not the reflection from camera or light in the room. could it be possible this morgellons worm is a gmo worm fungus that is bieng used as a weapon to get us sick or a gmo in the food supply that has gone rouge? i found this intresting article online awhile back which talked about how nasa was creating a self exploding drone made out of genetically modified fungus that would conduct electricity via a bio degradabl circuit made out of silver nano particles. were in a point of time were anything is possible. if scientist and the liars at nasa can create a drone made out of fungus which has living circuit board that creates electricity and then self explodes to avoid detection then than maybe there is a slight chance this parasite is not evolution and something normal maybe it could be some kind of man made gmo worm fungus that wrecks havoc in the digestive tract but in rare casues all throughout the body if it gets irritated and bothered like how i was with predisone steroid pills.

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