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Re: The Truth About NAR and 7 Mountain Theology
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: The Truth About NAR and 7 Mountain Theology

I don't know how much of that behavior is really from God, how much is a show of man's flesh and how much, if any, is from demons, but it is not typical. Also, you missed the lies that are being spread. I hoped you would at least catch that part so you could be more truthful going forward.

This video reminds me of a video I heard from John MacArthur a while back. He was preaching a bunch of lies about speaking in tongues and Charismatics/Pentecostals in general. In order to get people to believe his lies he posted a bunch of wild behavior, like what you posted, for people to listen to while he was preaching. I'm sure he figured that the effect of the videos would get many to believe his lies. The the words being printed on the screen about false doctrines, demonic activity and false prophets etc. during the wild behavior, also added to his effect. He was trying to get people to believe that speaking in tongues is an emotional experience among other things.

I have been to many churches where people spoke in tongues. I have never seen crazy behavior like what you posted, or what John MacArthur posted. I have never engaged in such behavior myself. You can't see that these people make lying videos in order to get you to believe false doctrine. They find some group with wild behavior and post it over and over again while they are preaching lies about something they don't know about. And these are respected theologians! There is a reason why God told us in the Bible to study to show ourselves approved unto God. Yes, we do have a right to study for ourselves. We do have a right to examine what is being taught to see if it is true whether it is from a PhD or not. Some Theologians and PhD's will be in hell. I'm sure just not going to take their words for anything without my own relationship with God, without my own seeking the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth, and without my own study of scripture.

The truth is that real speaking in tongues has nothing to do with emotion. God created us with emotions. We can get emotional when we pray whether we are speaking in tongues or not. You do not have to get emotional to speak in tongues anymore than you have to get emotional when you say the Lord's prayer or any other prayer.

Also, the video you posted has nothing to do with the lies that are being spread about what people, who have been labeled as NAR, believe. Many of these people have been lied about, including Mike Brown. Christians, such as yourself, are spreading lies about what many of these people believe. Don't you think you should at least get that part straight instead of to continue to post crazy videos with wild behavior? The wild behavior does not show what people believe. Listen to what they are saying. Oh yes, now you will go find some crazy video with someone saying something off and it is probably put together out of context to really make the person look bad. But you will not give an ear to Mike Brown who is explaining it. You really don't want to believe the truth about all of this. That's why your effort goes in one direction which is towards the lies.

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