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Re: The Truth About NAR and 7 Mountain Theology
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: The Truth About NAR and 7 Mountain Theology

Okay Rainy, I've watched at least half of Michael Brown's program now, but there is no point in listening to more for me. I'm sorry, he can yap all he wants about all this, but I'm just going to sit here shaking my head knowing what I know. I've just seen way too much and I've been documenting at least a small portion of what I've seen on here for years now. It may not all be organized in a way that can be easily gone through, but it's still there.

I know there is nothing I can say to do justice to all that the NAR movement is about and it's crazy for me to hear Michael Brown call those like me who have been following all this for years and witnessing with our own eyes all the alarming stuff that has come out of this movement, "conspiracy theorists". But I suppose that is a good tactic to keep people in ignorance about it all, and no doubt many will listen to him and believe that, but the truth is out there for anyone who wants to start piecing it all together.

But just think about this one point amongst a sea of thousands more I could make. Michael Brown endorses Bill Johnson, who he was assuring us in that video, is not an NAR leader. Now that claim is so laughable it's not even funny, and I'm not even sure where to begin with the insanity of Bill Johnson, whose church made famous gold glitter coming out of the vents known as "glory clouds" supposedly produced by the Holy Spirit. Bill Johnson, who preached a sermon one Easter Sunday called "I tried!" because he said he never can think of what to preach on Easter Sunday, he just goes blank, so the "I tried!" sermon ended up being about a bunch of miracles he himself had performed, raising the dead and stuff, in some foreign country somewhere, and the whole church cheered. Bill Johnson who says about Jesus, "He laid his divinity aside" while on earth. Bill Johnson, who says he refuses to believe in a gospel that allows for sickness because it's always God's will to heal, yet his own son is deaf. He and his wife have both had their share of health issues too, but his congregation is told they should never allow for any sickness. Bill Johnson, whose church made famous "fire tunnels" and the necromancy practice of "grave sucking". Bill Johnson, whose daughter-in-law teaches the Holy Spirit is like a blue genie and Jesus has a mirror under his armpit, and Bill Johnson approves of these kinds of teachings. Bill Johnson, who constantly does conferences non-stop around the world with all the other NAR leaders, and yes, you can find out who these NAR leaders are. It's really not a Conspiracy at all, it's right out in the open for everyone to see who wants to see. Bill Johnson, who was at the Azusa street revival cheering on Lou Engle as he kissed the representative of the Pope's feet and wept in repentance for rebelling against the Catholic Church. And then they all cheered as they cried out, "We will fly united!" meaning Protestants and Catholics will join together as one. Bill Johnson, who has endorsed Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, and countless other dangerous false prophets and teachers. This is all just off of the top of my head. There is so much more I could get into considering Bill Johnson's theology is filled with blatant heresies and his church is also known for rampant witchcraft.

And yet Micheal Brown will endorse him and defend him and all the others like him and deny those who he endorses are part of the NAR, which is again laughable if it wasn't so serious.

Rainy you are certainly free to believe whatever you wish about the NAR, but you can't ever say you weren't warned because you definitely have been.


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