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Re: Oranges by MH
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: Oranges by MH

God is all glorious! Your family is one very well blessed family MH.. This very post is your finest hour to date. Without doubt. It contains the results of the labour of love that you and Brenda have expended faithfully over the past two decades, in raising the next generation of true, honest, and honourable human beings. I doubt there are 3 other such young men on the face of the earth, as are yours. I pray that at least one of them will eventually have an interest in filling your giant boots. It is likely that no where on the face of the earth at this time, is there a perfect match for any of your young men. It will be interesting to see what kind of mates they will be attracted to.

I know you sometimes shy away from my positive posts about you and your family. I speak not a single word to gain favour with you MH. I just speak the truth, as I see it. I know I am the only person on this forum who has read every single word you have ever written. I have been with you since day one. Some things are irrefutable MH. Your wisdom in the area of weeding and feeding the human temple of the soul, is in that class. Your wisdom is self inflicted actually. You know what you know because of independent investigation of truth, and self experimentation. I sure as hell would not wanted to have been yourself on the day your legs turned black, although I am alive today because of your sharing with me privately about several life threatening issues that you were able to walk me through.

I, much like your self, am an independent soul. I am by no means a part of the herd or the crowd, just like your son found out when he visited the city school. I have chosen a path that is first and foremost directed by God. Most people are close to Godless these days. God comes first in my life MH. He is the Be All and the End All. As to the weeding and feeding of the human temple of the soul (the body), I actually am pretty much that "vegan" that you do not believe exists. Everyone who knows me, is well aware of this. I do not shy away from it, and seldom ever make exceptions. Almost 30 years ago, a piece of meat entered my system. And only because a friend offered to donate $1000 to the Baha'i Faith, which we both belong to. He did not think I would accept. He was wrong. He built a monster 3 patty hamburger. I got it all down, but 45 seconds later, it all came back up again. He honoured his word and donated $1000. Butter, eggs, milk, yougert, ice cream, ect, I never use. My desire is to eventually go fruitarian only. You will see this to be true through your own eyes, in the not to distant future MH. You have seen my pictures of my fridge, and also stacked berry boxes and empty pineapple juice containers a few years back.

There is so much I could, and would like to write about you and Brenda, so as to share with those who are recently new to your Curezone missives. But I will pass on that for now... although someday I will write a book about you and Brenda. For now, however, I would like to make a little public declaration MH. One I am not proud of, but let's call this my one "spill your guts" comment about your good self. Much of the past decade has been a hand to mouth existence on my end. Not having two cents to rub together. Always wanting to purchase your wonderful products, but not having funds. (Thank God those days are almost over, as my business deal in Hong Kong is finally winding up.)Then of course you had to shut down out of country sales. I thus became somewhat jealous of the people you shared free products with. They were for the most part often people who would never have paid for product to start with, but they were delighted to continue getting the free goodies when they found out how well they worked. And by the gallon too. You are a kind and generous soul MH, as is Brenda. I breaks my heart that I have never seen you book because you no longer do out of country orders because of possible "Big Brother" reactions. So now you know my little "spill your guts" secret. It feels good to get that off of my chest, so to speak.

One thing I know for certain MH. I have shared your wisdom and knowledge with many people. Those who did exactly what I told them to do (which was what you taught me) just never shut up about it. I would be delighted to introduce you some of these folks. Indeed the world is a better place with your sweet soul in it. I just wish every month could be January... because the information flow just never ends while you are fasting. Have you thought about a 108 day fast at all?

Oh, and thanks so much for the exact Cosco routine that you follow. Guess who is going to be the first to do this 100% like your good self if the products are actually there.

Create a nice day MH,
Prayervoice (Mr. 108)

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