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Re: Nice try but my Thyroid is fine and it recovered
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Published: 3 years ago
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Re: Nice try but my Thyroid is fine and it recovered

Have you been diagnosed with a goiter or do you just notice it yourself?

Yes, I have a multinodular goiter. 1 which is several cm. Not biopsied. Diagnosed in September 2016. Cut back on gluten and dairy but not fully. Had a green tea smoothie a couple weeks back that haid dairy, soy and I asked fpr double matcha which made it a lil bigger. Started having esophageal reflux.

When did you start doing the Iodine and how long did you do it for?

Began in 2016 when I first noticed the goiter. Didn't notice cold hands and feet. Though I am always cold. Very thin.Stopped after awhile when nothing changed. Nodule noticed on left side first. Applied clay with hot and cold compress, castor oil and other stuff. Left side went down right side inflamed.

What type of Iodine was it? To be clear you said 2% so was it Lugols?

Yes. And kelp occasionally at first. Stopped. After the smoothie, ate alot of seafood, took kelp, Iodine drops and painted a heck of a lot of Lugols on neck. Then began getting cold with every form mentioned.

Besides feeling cold what other symptoms are you having?

Had brain fog which subsided with salt loading. Had fibromyalgia in 2016 which also subsided with salt loading.

What are you currently taking? I found the following post:

I'm taking all the supps Vit c 5gm
I add a 1/4 tsp baking soda to make it ascorbate. And a lil sunflower lecithin on it also. Made own vit c with dehydrated grapefruit peels add a pinch in vit c For liver...I must say I've had a lil liver pain. Took milk thistle but it was a combination with methionine which I was told isn't good for you. I believe pain is from too much supps. It has subsided. Take beets to help with that
selenium 400 mcg mag citrate 800, NAC 600 mcg, ALA, B 12 5000 mcg. salt loading

I also take Ashwagandha, Siberian Ginseng and Cayenne

You are most likely taking ascorbic acid Vitamin C which is not good and if they are high doses then stop it. Stick with natural sources like eating kiwi and papaya or herbal such as acerola cherry, amla berry and rose hips.


I would stop the selenium as well. You natural sources such as eat two BRAZIL NUTS a day.


Magnesium Citrate is good and Magensium Malate is best. Check your bottle and make sure there is no Magnesium Oxide in it. If it is throw it away. If not lower the dose to 300 mg twice a day if possible.

What is NAC and ALA?

N Acetyl Cysteine good for liver
Alpha Lipoic Acid same

Also what form of B-12 are you taking?
methylcobalamin 5000mcg was a vegetarian but stopped for fear of not enough protein but still take 5000mcg

Too much or too little B-12 can have an effect on goiters. Also stop the salt flushes. All they do is push excess
Iodine out of you but if you have not really taken it I would stop it.

Ok. I will try. But it seems to help

I never had a goiter but the herbs that really helped me were nettle leaf (tea and powder), Ashwaganhda powder, and now that I know more Coleus Forskohlii, and kelp though Black-Walnut hull has been shown to be very helpful with goiters.

I saw the dulse and kelp you took in a post and those are good sources of iodine but you said you had a reaction and it made you freeze. How much did you take and how often in a day?

I made a soup with a tspn of kelp and tsp dulse in it. FROZE 1 time. Took a protein drink that had iodine and Black-Walnut from BE WELL cleanse, FROZE. Took wheatgrass powder in a smoothie, froze. Decided to stay off all forms of iodine for awhile and try back in 2 wks

Was it just once a day? Was the reaction the same day or the next day?

Same day takes about a day off to get rid of cold with salt loading but occasionally still get cold hands and feet

Focusing on the adrenals and herbs to support the thyroid are mostly likely the best way to go about this (that is what worked for me). But give me some more info please.

Yes. I believe your right. I used to take Stress Care by Himalayan for years while teaching. Noticed slight pain in liver. I was very dehydrated as I rarely drink a lot of water. That has changed now. Anyway, lots of adrenal stuff in there. Oh yeah, About 13 years ago, I had a miscarriage which required a blood transfusion. I refused. Ever since I had chest pains. Went to doctor several times...took stress test...couldnt find anything. Had high blood pressure a couple of times. Heart palpitations but it stopped about 4 years ago. Managed the chest pains with cayenne whenever it was bad. Chest pains and biting pinky Anyway it stopped. But I also stopped teaching fulltime so that could be it also. I'm a chronic supp taker. Way too much in my cabinet. I did drink alcohol but slowed down in fact don't drink at all anymore. I'm fairly thin but exercised heavily and ate very lil until recently and can't get rid of belly weight. Felt really fatigued about a month back prior to the smoothie king issue. Felt alarmingly exhausted and couldn't figure out why. The day I had the smoothie with the double shot of matcha, I felt GREAT. Hadn't had that much energy in awhile. Sad it made matters worst. But don't feel too bad right now. Just want to get rid of goiter. Every doctor wants to biopsy and I get it but I don't eant to remove thyroid, nor take RAI, nor be on meds all my life so why bother. Sorry for the length and typos. Typing on my phone. Thanks for your help.


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