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Re: DEC diethylcarbamazine, Albendazole, Moxidectin, SSKI, Methylene Blue, morg lesions
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: DEC diethylcarbamazine, Albendazole, Moxidectin, SSKI, Methylene Blue, morg lesions

I was doing a search on DEC and filariasis and came across this old post of mine. Amazing how much of this stuff I had forgotten.

I went for 18 months without taking any antipasitics. I was focusing on the morgellon-like lesions I had left on the top of my feet.
I took SSKI (super saturated potassium chloride) and used it topically on the lesions for seven months.

I was left with one lesion on my left foot that would not clear up.

I used the SSKI as I felt sure I had killed all of the mites with Alben and/or Moxi rotated but felt strongly I was left with an overall fungal problem.

So I targeted that by following a guy called Charles Henry who own Morgellons Direct. He dosed with SSKI in the same regime as to treat Sporototrichosis.

I did 3mls twice a day for seven months. I also did 3mls twice a day of Methylene Blue which is an antifungal used in aquariums and was used to kill off malaria in WW2. (0r 1, can't remember)

My liver is fine after all this but as I got such high level of Iodine in my blood my doc made me promise to stop. I had no ill effects from it though. No hypothyroidism. Nothing.

Well, it seems to me that my problem has been in stages.. Mites ...then morg-like lesions with fibres n all that shit...then fungus with the thick hard impenetrable film on my feet. The SSKI cleared the lesions apart from one within 3 weeks. I brushed it on with a pastry brush 50/50 dilution with water, and paced and swore for at least five solid minutes. Scraping off the tops of lesions each day.

I think the reason the last one did not go yet was that it had an area much larger under the lesion than the lesion appeared to be.

I soaked it with a pad of eucalyptus oil and covered it with waterproof tape and the weird skin showed up white. I think this is skin and film build up. Once it is scraped or cut off the topical treatment can work. I am at that stage now with that last lesion.

I think the next stage to look at is the presence of Agrobacterium which is apparently present in all (morg patients) I dont do a capitol as to me it is just a bunch of sympoms and I dont want to encourage the nanobot Conspiracy theorists. One major player in the morgellons seminar circuit has been miraculously cured, yet neglects to share the information on what did so. Another major morg sufferrer turned doctor has stated that the base problem is a gram negative bacteria, (all without naming it as Agrobcacterium)

Agrobacterium is the thing that is used in Genetic modification of food and causes tumours in plants. Plants that we eat. Yikes. I wont go there. I just want to be sure I dont grow any tumours.

Treatment is 6 weeks of Cefuroxime 500mg twice a day. With pulsing Flagyl that whole time 4 days on 3 days off. To bust open an possible encysted spirochetes. Also Doxycycline to clean up any other bacteria released. But the Cefuroxime/Ceftin is to kill the agrobacterium.

I asked my doctor for two courses of Cefuroxime to treat long term sinus infections and told him I had read of this drug clearing it up. I then doctor-shopped and got two more weeks worth, then was sent two weeks worth from a friend in Czechoslovakia.

I recently found this document and spoke to this doctor who says she has had a cure by using DEC alone for two years and is 3 years without remission of any kind.

Three weeks ago I began to get the 'popping' sensation on my legs again and after talking with Sharkman was persuaded to think of it as Strongyloides. Who knows if I had this all along.

So I did 7 days of Albendazole 5mls twice a day. Then 7 days of Fenbendazole 5mls twice a day. I pulsed Flagyl 4 days on 3 days off to bust any encysted thingies. Then started on DEC 200mg twice a day. After reading of the doctor using DEC long term I am going to do that too. I should have followed my last post which stated that intent. It is too easy to get into a false sense of security.

I also have a colleague in Europe with filariasis who was given Ivermectin for two weeks by the hospital then another two weeks and then put on DEC. I am not sure for how long. But this give this regime more credibility as he is being treated in Europe as an outpatient.

PS The popping sensation stopped within five days of starting all of this treatment. I am now only on DEC and Doxy, so I willl use any return of popping as an alert to start either Alben or Moxi or both intermittently again.

I am inclined to do so long term regardless as it seems we cannot relax treatment. Maybe we can disperse treatment times for longer and longer periods. EG: A week of Alben plus one dose of Moxi four times a year reducing to twice a day with daily DEC for two years.

PS I also had to do something about wahtever the hell was left in my sinuses (I think biofilm). I make up a 1 part peroxide to 8 part saline water and squirt it up my nose twice a day. After five days I got out clumps of bloody something and it is clear now with no swampy smell which I would get every time I treated with something that worked.

I hope this helps someone in some way.

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