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Re: Zimecterin Gold caution
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Zimecterin Gold caution

How are you? Whatever happened to you ? Were you OK? Are you OK? Did you go to the ER, or what do you think of someone trying the zimecterin gold? I would not use it. I read up on just about everything to do with all kinds of parasites now that I have gotten rid of pinworms. A lot of different horse owners complained that their horses got extremely ill or had seizures with zimecterin gold and they think it is because of the carrier substance used. I noticed the same general consensus that ivermectin simply by itself is not really the problem, but the carrier substance is problematic. If you were anyone else reads this about ivermectin, please research carefully and know that if you ever try Ivermectin by itself, you should still make the doses very small as it is very powerful medicine and the doses are to be considered by bodyweight, never take the whole thing all at once.

Ivermectin technically is never supposed to be used by humans and is intended for horses. technically is never supposed to be used by humans and is intended for horses

Through all of my researching how to get rid of pinworms, I finally figured out how to cure myself. Pyrantel pamoate paralyzes pinworms, (at least most of them, and weakened the stronger pinworms) I'm not sure if it paralyzes other types of worms. When I took it in much larger doses than recommended I actually started having major success battling pinworms. .But I learned a lot about parasites in general and now I am hoping to make sure that I get rid of any other parasites that I'm not aware of.

I'm just now starting Lugol's liquid Iodine after reading that it can heal the body and expel unknown parasites. I am on my third day and I've already coughed up stuff like phlegm and the day before. Now my lungs feel cleaner. Coincidence? I'm not sure yet. I've also read other people stories about Iodine and other forms and a couple of research articles by professional scientists about liquid Iodine helping people. The last two nights since starting iodine I'm having more vivid dreams and sleeping in deeper rem cycles I think. Why don't the doctors tell us about all this stuff? To most doctors even know about it? I have been totally successful researching and reading other people stories, with their failures and successes, and experimenting on myself and just cured myself, without any doctor. The society has got to change. We cannot have so many innocent people suffering and paying doctors that don't even help them! Ridiculous!

After healing myself (after much struggle and research) really fantastic not being woken up by a stupid itching anymore! Apparently pinworms have been around for centuries. I read about the archaeologist that submitted samples from the Israel Essenes area and they found old pinworm. They shared a communal bath and apparently were infected with pinworms. So sad because they were people that wanted to be very clean. From what I read they must've all carry pinworm eggs from the soil they pooped in on their feet back to where they lived. It makes me paranoid about poop, I know that sounds silly but really I'm serious. From what I read they must've all carry pinworm eggs from the soil they pooped in on their feet back to where they lived. It makes me paranoid about poop, I know that sounds silly but really I'm serious.

The Essenes in ancient Israel (2,000 years ago!) also apparently had a ritual of walking around the soil area they all went to go poop in and somehow the eggs transferred to their feet back into their living and sleeping area and communal bath. How crazy. I feel so sorry for them. It's only been apparently in the last few decades that humans even knew that pinworm eggs could float in the air and being handled or float on to other objects around the home and then be reinfected again. Pinworms are really scarier than you would think.

I think people in every country need to start being educated and warned about all these different parasites! These are creatures are smarter then I realized the more I learn.

I had no idea until the last couple months that people can walk around with tapeworms, or other parasites for years and have no symptoms or just have diarrhea and the doctor tells them they have IBS.

I'm also learning about other parasites that most people have on their face called Demodex, and so now I guess I am becoming obsessed with getting rid of any and all parasites from me. I want to be me, not a zoo for the damn parasites.

I read other Turpentine success stories where they expelled really scary stuff and then no more diarrhea symptoms. I think I trust Dr. Google and Dr. Bing know more than most doctors. I had very good success with Turpentine (with honey mixed in for bait...major battles won!) and passed what I believe was a big glob of little pinworms, along with a couple of big worms along with a couple of big worms. It freaked me out but I'm glad they are dead and out of me!!

I've also learned that ivermectin can cause scattering of internal parasites, but if taken in tiny doses that can help humans pass some worms. I think you have to be so careful with ivermectin or especially zimecterin gold ( I read in some blogs of horse owners that it is because of the carrier substance and same actor in gold that causes problems in horses) that I've read, because it could cause seizures.

When I compare all the different stories I've read it seems that simpleivermectin is much safer all by itself, then zimecterin gold or anything else. Dariush wrote on here helpful experience he had.

If anyone else happens to read this please be very careful with ivermectin. Certainly do not take all of it at once, as you're not a horse!

What was your experience at the end? It looks like an older posts but hopefully you still might get this.
Thank you!!

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