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Please help, tonsil stones and white tiny bumps on lips!
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Published: 4 years ago

Please help, tonsil stones and white tiny bumps on lips!

Okay for the past three years I have been having the weirdest symptoms. It all started when (don't judge me) I had a fling with a guy I met at a bar we had unprotected sex and oral sex, I didn't know he didn't have a condom until we were getting ready to get busy and he said he was clean! Well when we were having sex I felt myself get a little more watery than usual and not really in a good way. I was just really watery and that's never happened before. When I got home that night I didn't really feel different but literally by the next day changes were happening. The first things I noticed were changes in my lips, my top lip literally would burn around the edges and get red. I kept taking pictures and it looked like there was a red bump but there wasn't and my lips were veryyyy dry all of a sudden. I have never had dry lips ever! By day two or three I looked at my throat and I had little red bumps on the roof of my mouth and to make things worse where my top lip meets the bottom lip was covered in tiny white bumps they were even in the bottom corners of my mouth. But the worse of them all and this will sound weird but with all these symptoms I started to look face literally changed and I didn't and still don't look like myself. My boyfriend even said the same thing. Yeah I didn't mention I had a boyfriend at the time of all this :( well everything on me literally started changing as if my face wasn't enough my skin changed too, I remember putting a black mask on my face and literally all my pores were wide open it was the nastiest sight. That freaked me out not only were my pores open but my skin is extremely dry now no matter what I do when I put makeup on it just sits on my face it doesn't blend and it looks flakey and nasty! I thought that everything would get better in some years but it's been three and everything is getting worse. Around the one year mark or maybe a little before that I started to get tonsil stones and nasty breath and my saliva is thick now. My face just keeps getting bigger I don't recognize myself and nobody else does either. I've gotten really big but only in my stomach, shoulders, neck, and face and no matter what I do I can't lose it! I look like a football player and I have always been small my entire life weighing 125 now I am 155. Down there has a smell that just won't go away and sometimes it's itchy as well as my bum. You guys I need help I just want my old life back! I've been to multiple doctors and an Ent the ent was worthless he looked in my mouth and said my tonsils are unhealthy as if I didn't know that but didn't tell me why he didn't even try to figure out why. I went to a family doctor and he prescribed me amoxicillin, z pack and nothing. I think that they might have helped for a few days but I'm sad to say I think my boyfriend has contracted whatever it is I have just not as bad. I also got a shot of something and that really helped it seems like that took it away but once I had sex with my bf it came back. So I found a family doctor to treat us both and obviously it didn't work again so we are back at square one. I know I can't be the only one going through this. Please someone help what do you think this could be or what can I do to get it gone!! I just want to look and feel like myself again! I want these lip bumps and tonsil stones gone! And I want my face to look like my face! My face is moon facies, google it if you aren't familiar but I don't have any of the diseases that cause it because I've been checked for them. I'm thinking whatever this is that I have from sex is knocking my immune system out of balance and it's just affecting my whole body but what can I do to get rid of it for once and for all!? I know it's something I contracted from sex but what? I was thinking hpv cause I got a wart on my face but no where else. Maybe the little bumps on my lips are warts but they don't look like it. Someone please please help me!! Also my eczema started acting up as soon as this started and after three years I think my thick saliva is causing my teeth to rot because they are turning brown and yellow!

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