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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!

I know this is old post, but am going to answer anyway.
I've often wondered that too.

There thousands of people a few yes back that were all of a sudden coming up with these bites.
Well, they actually were able to trace it back to a gall mite.
But they say this type Gall mite bite only last for a few weeks.
But what if they are wrong?
They didn't really even know about this Gall mite biting people in this fashion until this wave of bites came thru.
My theory has ALWAYS been that this is mite is a fungus trasmitted by a bite or a scratch. Fungus attracts these bugs. So it's a circle that doesn't end until u can get rid of the fungus FIRST.
Mites, spring tails walking dandruff all of these are attracted to fungus and therefore carry it.
There is a type of tree that produces this leaf Gall.
The Gall is where a leaf is kind of rolled up and over and often developed a little lump or bump on the leaf, or under the rolled up part of the leaf.
The mites are in the Gall. It's also the
There have been many many big out breaks of this is the last couple of years.
People were getting bit just from walking under these trees. Or hanging out it parks or other places where these trees grow.
They say the bites only last a few weeks.
But they don't know what they don't.
Right? Unless they really study these people. They don't know.
Plus u have to take in to account each person immune system.
I also think that the fungus SPORO SCHENKII is involved. For those of you that have lesions and r getting or have been really sick. Go to WIKI and read the WHOLE ARTICLE.
don't worry about the name rose handlers disease. It's just that they see a lot of graders that have sporotrichosis. But it's found in nature ANYWHERE.
This fungus can be found on your own pets. Infact I met a veterinarian that had it about 40 yrs ago.
Only back then it didn't mean much to me. But I never forgot about the lesions all over his hands and arms. I asked him about it. He said he got it from a dog that he was treating.
In the last year or so I really started reading about sporo. Anywhere I could find info on it.
I think this fungus and other fungus are involved.
Mites can carry this fungus.
It's found in dirt mulch plants bushes moss. Particularly spagnum moss. That kind of dry stringy light green moss u see in planter. As decoration around the base of live or plastic plants. It also grows wild in some areas.
To it only seems logical this if it's found so easily in nature it could also be found in birds nest. Which are made from sticks twigs moss things found in trees and on the ground.
If you've had bird mites and found the nest on your house somewhere , I just believe the sporo fungus is in it too. The mites from the nest that found u r also carrying the fungus. They bite u and u get infected. Right??
Also this fungus can cause the feeling of bites and stings and crawling. It causes sores that won't heal.
That's it. I hope maybe a dr or entomologist will read this and get curious. Maybe do some testing just for fun.
I hope this helps someone.

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