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Pork toxins,looking younger after detox
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Published: 4 years ago

Pork toxins,looking younger after detox

The last time I had pork, I had a huge rash across my forehead and around my eyes.

I've eaten whole pieces of meat (pork chop, steak, or chicken thigh) only a hand full of times in my adult life.

However, I've had it many times inside foods. Like this time, it was pork dumplings.

I've always been grossed out by pork ever since I saw a pig eat a dead mouse when I was a child.

After I got married and started cooking meat for my hubby, I realized how much stink comes off of pork.

When I researched factory farming, the meat industry will disgusted me, and made me cry.

Pigs are kept in cages no bigger than if they were in their own coffin. They have to sleep on concrete which must hurt every joint in their body.

I remember always feeling sorry for the pigs on our farm. The cows had a great life. They would spend all spring through fall in the pasture, only coming to the barn, once or twice a day to be milked. It was beautiful, clean and fragrant in those lush pastures.

I remember asking my Dad why the pigs had to be in a pen, that was always muddy and stinky. He said that if you let pigs go to pasture, they would never come back... haha.

It made me sad knowing that they were always in a prison (their pen), but also that they had better sense of smell than me and must have choked on the stink of their pen. Imagine what we would think of a human that has spent his whole life walking and sleeping in their own poo!

But the pigs on our farm were relatively healthy compared to factory farmed. The amount of toxins in that meat must be sky high from Antibiotics because of their filthy prison conditions, the stink, the stress...I feel so sorry for them.

Eating that filthy pork showed up on my face. The rash on my forehead represents the large and small intestine. And the rash by my eyes are on the kidney meridians. All these digestive organs hated these toxins in the pork.

My eye whites turned yellow/grey, compared to how white they are now. and there was an indent under my eyes. This shows my endocrine system was also stressed.

It reminds mes of cause and effect. Everything we put in our mouths effects our health. Our body is telling us what it loves and what it hates.

My body cannot deal with pork! It reminds me that my detox journey is ever improving, and not to take steps backwards!

On the upside, when I feel amazing, I get lots of compliments!

In this last year, I've been delighted with people telling me that I look like the picture of health. And after looking old for my age, I felt so grateful to look my age, because 40 isn't exactly old. It's still too young to have much sagging, so my face looks pretty good.

I just came back from a party, where I hadn't seen people for a long time. Four different people told me that I looked young for my age. It suddenly hit me. This could become addictive. Looking young, could mean that I look 35. So what has changed in my face between looking 25 and 35?

Except for a few wrinkles, the shape of my face hasn't really changed. What does add to my age is still the slight puffiness down the side of my nose, above my nasio-labial lines This puffiness is related to the endocrine system. So my body is still dealing with some infection, parasites, or lymphatic issues.

I bring this issue up because of a few remarks I've read on raw food sites. Some people are under the impression that some of us are more interested in becoming beautiful than getting healthy.

Beauty and health are the same thing. When I wake up and open my eyes, based on how I feel, I already know what my PH is, and what my face looks like.

If I wake up tired from detox, I know my PH is low (health issue) and that my face has this puffiness, making me look old (beauty). I can't look great, if I don't feel great.

And when I feel fantastic, I NEVER look old and tired!

This is also a great reminder for me that this puffiness means energy is still being used to heal. When my face no longer has any puffiness, I will look even younger, but more importantly, that extra energy will be mine to enjoy life even more! :)

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