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Morgellons Experience and Remedies!
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Published: 6 years ago
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Morgellons Experience and Remedies!

I have Morgellons and whatever symbiotic ectoparasites, internal parasites, and symbiotic organisms that parasitize my body. I believe it is an unidentified organism, very contagious, and airborne. I have very slow healing lesions, evidence of a microscopic variety of particles/flying parsitest, hat surround me, the sensations of an organism that has landed on my skin and crawls, as well as all of the psychological damage that such symptoms bring about. I am constantly fatigued and when I am in a thickly infested area, ,my body hurts. People that are within 5-10 feet of me will most likely scratch, sneeze, clear their throat, or cough due to the particles and/or flying organisms that envelope me and travel/land on them. My home is continually contaminated by these particles that come out of my body. Under 100x magnification, the white, brown, and black colored specks found on every surface turns out to me neatly bundled fibers or a biofilm substance. They both have tiny round very shiny white or black particles on them but are too small to be seen in detail with the limits of my magnification. The particles/organisms are contagious because one Iíve been in a place a number of times, I see and feel the air filled with tiny particles that are NOT dust. The wind doesnít blow it away because the ones on any surface will reproduce so quickly that the area will become reinfested again. Due to the microscopic size of these symptoms causing organisms they are hard to capture and observe. And once an environment is infested, I have yet to find anything to eradicate them. This means that they are contagious and as a result I avoid getting close to people, especially my loved ones. Unfortunately, the evidence can be easily dismissed as dust, clothing fibers, ,and miscellaneous particles. They are there. But this Morgellons and parasitic organism is there too. The will infect/infest any clothing made of cotton, carpet fibers, and paper quicker than anything else. I will feel a crawling, itchy sensation up my arms when i handle these items and feel something land on my face while it is close to me. The disgusting feeling of being parasitized, being contagious, and not being able to talk to people about this has debilitating conditions but I am not able to be diagnosed with a disability due to the lack of understanding and acknowledgement of this disease. This condition slowly kills a person and I know that Iím dying. At first I thought that they were only outside of my body and I had to get rid of everything that I own since anything that I do will not eradicate them. But I realized that they come out of me; as they come out as I move my bowels and my mouth when i talk, etc. i leave a biofilm mark on my smartphone screen, basically anything that I tough that continues the infection.

The viewable telltale signs of this condition in the environment are: 1. Massive amount of debris (usually white) (what looks like dust) in your home/car/immediate longterm inhabiting or frequenting environment. Shaking my shirt will yield massive amounts of particles that will come out into the air. 2. In the right lighting conditions (sunrise/sunset/light at an angle or overhead lights) open your car door to see if there is anything flying out in a CONTROLLED FASHION. Meaning something living flying out in almost a straight line. 3. Look at the air between your eyes and what is in the background and you will see a hazy or numerous specklike particles that seems to buzz around you. 4. People around you that seem to scratch their heads, ears, eyebrows, or cough, clear their through, or if they are women, they will flip their hair instead of scratching so often that it is undeniable. When you feel ďbuggyĒ more people seem to have these symptoms. 4. Small flies are constantly found around your living quarters. They are either attracted to the Morgellons organism, the associated flying organisms, or the chemicals emitted from you with the organisms within you. 5. Lesions that canít be explained. I donít have it as bad as others but there was an area of my left ankly that some this organism use to enter or exit my body as I feel crawling sensations up/down it as I step onto carpet. Other symptoms: It seems to begin with a lot of scalp itching/crawling activity. They seem to prefer breeding their and feel your scalp for tiny bumps. For me, they are in there. If you can afford a microscope what looks like specks are actually blobs with shiny nodes or neat bundles of tiny fibers with shiny round nodes on them. Unfortunately i dontí have the medical/scientific/ or equipment to see what those nodes are. For me, they seem to be white and flourescent, esp under a black light.

The remedies thus far are baths and medication bought from India without a prescriptions since US doctors donít believe that parasites exist in the United States. I have gone to multiple doctors and they donít have answers except for the existing popular ailments of scabies, acne, etc. And they donít examine the rashes, lesions, bumps, etc closely prior to diagnosising. What has helped are baths with 1. 2 packets of Japanese bath salts, 2-3 cups of epsom salt, 2 cups of box, 2 dropperfuls of Oil of Oregano, 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, and 2 capfuls of debriding soap. I use a Backjoy accupressure stick to squeeze my skin and white particles come out. I then thave to scrub the tub afterwards to get rid of them; rinsing doesnít do it. I have to use a semi-hard bristled brush to get them off of my skin since they cling on very very tightly. Cleaning frequently to remove particles from surfaces, sleeping on a vinyl cover bed and pillow (so that they are wipable), cleaning my car 2+ times per week to not feel things jumping onto me while in my car, buying and washing a washable keyboard, ziplock bagging things that canít be washed, and having minimal belongings help the most be giving them less places to thrive and hide. Taking Diethylcarbamazide 300 mg 2x day is the most helpful remedy that Iíve found. In combination with Doxycycline and Ivermectin keep them at bay but have not been a complete cures since people still feel things around me and scratch/sneeze, etc. I went on EarthClinic and they suggested mixing Tetrasodium EDTA with Ammonium Chloride but it just ticked them off and they multiplied in numbers. I canít kill them all in my clothes unless I use 40% hydrogen peroxide, soaking clothes in at least 3-4 cups per top loader load for at least an hour prior to washing but I donít have time for it. Plus it gets too expensive. Nothing else gets them out of my clothes. I buy t-shirts, underwear, and socks, wear them 2 days at most and toss. I exchange all my clothes at stores that have easy return policies. I have no choice.

This/theses organisms are very very hardy. Iíve used chemical store bought insecticides to not avail, only to have them become more active and feel more activity then ever. In fact, they get angry and bite. The only thing that seems to calm things down and not cause them to become more active are enzyme cleaners such as Kleen Green , Kleen Free, Tweetmint, etc. But unfortunately, after fogging the entire apartment, they come back a few days later. I used to clean endlessly but realized that they came right back onto me when I clean. I can only try to find a happy balance with the cleaning. HEPA air filtration doesnít work for more than 3 days as they collect in the filter and multiply. Before you know if, the air purifier is blowing out more debris and becomes a polluter. I have carpet and they canít be gotten out of itÖ.it is necessary to have as little fibrous material in your home as possible. Iíve moved 5 times in the last 3 years and have infested them fully. I feel pain knowing that I have infested my motherís place who doesnít believe they exist. Luckily some people donít present any symptom s and I hope itís due to immunity. I used to pressure cook (yes, pressure cook) my clothes 99 minutes to minimize activity when i wear the clothes but since they come out of me, by dayís end, they become fully infested. Between cleaning, work, and the rigors of life, there is not time left to do anything. I donít feel like getting close in proximity to anyone and I know that Iím the ďweirdĒ one at work. I fact I infested the carpet at my feel at work and canít do much about it since cleaning it would be deemed abnormal. I secretly spray enzyme cleaners when i get the chance but doesnít eradicate them. My whole office has them but since the air space is big, they arenít that concentrated. Iíve boiled clothes but they survive. Yes, they jump onto my face when I lift them out of the pot.

I think that I got these from my cat; one time I let her out and when she came back, I petter her, feeling a feathery sensation crawl up my arms. It could also be my next door neighbor that I found out hasnít cleaned in years and owns 2 chihuahuas. Or the mice that I got as pets temporarily. I donít know. Soon after I had let the cat out, she was losing hair and i notices white particles EVERYWHERE in the apartment. I vacuumed and cleaned and by the next day, the things were back. The my clothes became infected, followed by itching crawling scalp activity. The adapt very quickly to changing conditions. If I use an insecticide, they die down a little and come back with a vengeance. Itís almost like they are a new organism that are microscopic, hence airborne.

Do you have them? Have you overcome them and are symptom free? How did you do it?. Please share so others and I can get more help. By the way you can buy the Diethylcarbamazide on alldaychemist or globaldiscountdrugs. Keep in mind they are in India and shipping takes 3 weeks with constant debit/credit card declines necessitating e-check transfers or mailing a money order.

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