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Re: body odor, depression, anxiety and self harm
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: body odor, depression, anxiety and self harm

Hi guys, thank you all so much for taking your time to reply. Well no I haven't been tested for tmau, I live in the dominican republic and Idk maybe doctors here don't even know abou it(? This last week I changed my deodorant again lady speed stick with aloe and the I applied cornstarch with baking soda and applied acv before my shower. It kinda worked like the two first days but then my smell appeared again. So I decided to go to the vitamin shop and take my savings again to buy zinc (nature's bounty brand) vitamin b2 50 mg solgar. Since saturday I'm taking 3 vitamin b2 pills a day, then 1 pill of zinc, overdosed with kal acidophilus probiotic (4 pills) and sunny green chlorophyll but I still smell terrible. I haven't been eating a lot to see if that could make a difference but no. Changing my diet is going to be hard because I'm pobre lol and that low choline sounds like a nightmare because I eat lots of beans, chicken, eggs etc. I'm really tired I do't wanna go back to school bc people hate me even the guy that used to like me looks at me with disgust, I remember a couple of months ago someone drop me a paper at class Idk who it was and told me "you're kinda cute and you're smart but your disgusting odor fcks it all up" you know the "pretty girls" of the classes bully me and talk a lot behind my back even my "friends" drop me hints like I don't even freaking know that I smell they don't know what I do everyday I only shower twice a day because college It's sorta far from my house, but I remember before when I was 10/11 I could spend the whole day without showering and had no smell (There were times without water here so...) I remember when I was 12 I didn't have any kind of odor except that when I peed my urine smelled like onion/garbage. I also got constipation problems since I was a child, I only went to the bathroom from 2 or 3 days a week and I thought it was normal.Idk I'm thinking I have tmau :( My armpit odor is like sour/onions/acid and my groin area odor is like dead animal/rotten/garbagefishy sometimes. I'm thinking about going to an endocrinologist I have never been to one but I remember they referred me to one but I couldn't go because when I turned 18 my insurance got inactivated. I don't have lots of money but I have 200 usd saved, that may not be a fortune but it's useful, an average doctor charges about 60 dollars here so I could probably go to 3 or 2 times. I sometimes don't feel like going to the endo because what if he doesn't help? What if he doesn't care and just want to take the money like it usually to us suffering from this condition? I'm really tired, I don't know how to defend myself I sometimes want to stand in front of everyone and open up about my problem but it's hard I'm shy person and they probably wouldn't care about my problem and mock me. I pray a lot but I feel like my faith isn't strong enough like I pray to God to heal me but when I go out I still think I'm going to smell, this life is hard. I have skipped a lot of things because of this, I don't feel like I have developed myself and have enjoyed my life, I have lost a lot of opportunities *sigh*I'm sorry if I talk too much but this is a place where I feel someone actually understands what I'm going through, you know I can't even speak with my parents or siblings because they always say like "you should shower more" or "use this deodorant". I'm gonna see and try the Colon Cleanse this weekend since I don't have classes, and If I don't see improvement I'm gonna go to the endo this monday. I'm gonna keep you updated guys, wish me succes please, I'm praying for every single one of us.

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