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Hair & Minerals
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Published: 4 years ago

Hair & Minerals

I officially have the longest hair of my life! I actually have 'fairytale ends' hanging in the small of my back! First time ever!

My hair only grew the average .5 inch this month. However, it feels thicker. I really believe that the scalp looks for equilibrium. My shorter pieces are catching up to my longer lengths.

Before, my longest 'tail piece' is less than the thickness of a pencil. After, it's much thicker.

This is a very interesting experiment. I've been on long hair websites for years. I was personally biased toward mid-back length (about 27 inches). I always wondered why women liked it longer. But, wow, I am really liking it this long! But it's because it's SO much thicker! My pony tail is 4" circumference. I'm pretty sure it was 3.5" when I first learned to measure my hair, years ago.

I believe directly have contributed to my hair going from thin, slow growing, to what it is now.

plant based minerals

I used to take a prenatal, which helps hair grow. There are 8 minerals in it.

But here is just some of the 77-90 minerals if it comes from fossilized plants:

aluminum hydroxide

Ok, your reaction is the same as mine was. Arsenic, are you crazy?

My reasoning went like this. I already knew than supplements made in the lab were worthless to me. My body just wasn't absorbing them. I could take pills with iron in them, feel sick from them, and still have iron issues. But juicing green veggies has leveled out my iron. So I absorb so much better straight from the plant.

What the plant absorbed, is what the soil had. Plants today can't absorb these minerals because they have been stripped. The only time they have them, is when they are growing in soil polluted by man made chemicals.

What I think is fascinating about this is what a hair analysis would look like. My friend who is also electr-magnetically sensitive, is in a study to see why some people feel this way.

She's been told, hair analysis show's that people with these issues have much higher metals in our bodies, thus in our hair. However the lead in my body was not from plants absorbing it from natural minerals. I would have got it from paint chips I ate as a kid, metal fillings, cheap jewelry ect.

But it would be interesting in the future to get one done. The technician would say, "Where in the world did you get dysprosium, iridium, scandium, and thorium from?" haha


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