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What I've learned from Raw Foodies
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Published: 4 years ago

What I've learned from Raw Foodies

In my 1st year, I basically recovered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Then at about 1.5 years, I felt like I was 20 again. But now, I realize that, I wasn't in that great of health, even at that age. My energy, stamina and mental clarity could have been so much better. Now it is!

I stopped wearing foundation and concealer to cover my dark circles almost a year ago. I don't need it because I don't have rosacea anymore. And my whites are crazy white!

I want to thank all those people who have taken this health journey ahead of me.

Tonya Zavasta: If Tonya didn't look 20 years younger (not all raw foodies do), I wouldn't have been convinced to go raw. Her proof of anti-aging gave me that gut feeling that my chronic fatigue would not only go away, but all my organs would get younger, including my face.

Anne Wigmore: Taught us why sprouting gave us access to live foods! She helped people with every imaginable disease with rejuvelac (fermented grains high in probiotics), and energy soups made with raw fresh picked greens. I eat sprouts every day!

Victoria Boutenko: Gave us the green smoothie! She stresses the importance of a minimum of 7 different greens throughout the week. Plus, we learned how we need to exercise our jaw muscles to have strong, white teeth. I chew a cinnamon stick until my jaw is sore, every day!

Dr. Robert Lockhart: Inspired me to do handstands! He talks about the importance of going against gravity. It moves your lymph, improves your posture, smooths wrinkles, and makes your hair grow. I can now do a 30 second handstand, (pretty good for someone who was bedridden less than 2 years ago).

David Wolfe: Taught us about ormus, minerals not on the periodic table of elements. The higher the ormus in plants, the healthier they are for us. We are just at the beginning of our understanding of what really is so special about raw plants. I'm also very interested in 'BRIX'. It measures the minerals in fruits & veggies. The higher the minerals, the sweeter and more healthy the plant is for you. These plants can keep living when others plants would freeze, and also once picked, have an extremely long shelf life. However, putting minerals back in the soil is a Science in itself.

Doug Graham: Taught us to lower our fat from nuts, avocado and coconut. If there is too much fat in the blood stream, you can't absorb all the Sugar you ate. Then candida will bloom. It helps us to not go into Sugar shock. It's part of our immunity, our buddies! I also experimented with fruit mono-meals, and my digestion got even better.

Markus Rothkranz: Stresses the importance of sulfur in our raw diet. Raw garlic and onions hurt my stomach. Eventually, I started making kimchi, and I LOVE it! Surprisingly, my digestion got even better (along with my immunity!) After seeing him chomping on dandelion flowers, I tried them too! During spring, summer and fall, I eat much less greens from the store because my beloved weeds are so much denser in nutrition (and just picked!)

Mimi Kirk: Amazing hair and teeth in her 70's. Proof, that when you go raw, you can feel and look as beautiful as ever!

Annette Larkins: Inspires me to grow my own food. She is stunning, talented, and a beautiful example of long term results on the raw food diet.

I have spent the last 2 years researching and experimenting on myself.

I just keep learning and don't really follow anyone. I believe everyone has SOME of the answers, and no one has ALL the answers. Even those many years into the raw lifestyle are learning and tweeking to see even better results.

I am SO grateful to these raw foodies that came before me! What if they weren't there? What if no one started raw yet? I would never have recovered, and I would probably have cancer (my PH was 4.5!)

There are different opinions about many things in the raw community, such as calorie percentages.
I personally eat 1500 calories a day. This is considered too low for many who recommend 2000-2500.
But I'm not counting calories, I'm just eating until I'm full. Eating more would make me feel sick, stuffed, bloated, and purposely stretch my stomach.

The difference may be how much greens I eat, which are so low in calories. I eat 50/50 fruit/greens.
The longer I eat this way, the more I listen to what my body craves. I look forward to going to my wholesaler every two weeks. I really just buy what I crave!

How active we are also plays a role. Daily, I take about 10,000 steps (3 miles) in my regular daily activities But if I was running long distances, I probably would be more hungry.

It's also interesting that I've been following the CRON way of eating for anti-aging (calorie restriction with optimal nutrition). I'm not doing it on purpose, it just fell into place for the last 2 years.

Many calorie restriction practicers admit to often being hungry. (They may be eating many calories in non-vegan foods). But I'm never hungry. I do a weekly 24 hour dry fast, and I'm still not hungry.

I have also been the same weight for 1 year and 3 months. I'm not losing weight, so I am getting enough calories and nutrition.

Just quickly, I'll list what I ate today:

1st breakfast:
whole baby watermelon

2nd breakfast:
blueberry mono-meal

soaked prunes, nuts&seeds

warm dehydrated yam & coconut oil
seaweed & kimchi
sprouted chick peas

persimmon mono-meal

early supper (3pm):
1.25 Liter green smoothie (sometimes I save some for the next morning)

I've been high raw (95-99%) all this time. I have tried to drop some of the treats I craved
(icecream, bread and butter, skor chocolate) many times.

I would be 100% raw, then every 3 or 4th day, I would have a treat. This was partially psychological.
For most of my adult life, I would control my weight by eating 'clean', then having a treat 2x/week.
So I just carried over that habit to raw.

There is a definite relationship between mucus and dairy
(my sinuses get stuffy).
And dropping chocolate and icecream means the last of the Sugar in my diet is gone! This helps improve immunity, wrinkles, and over-all anti-aging. This week, I've also dropped caffeine from tea.

I still have much detox ahead, but I look forward to it. I've gone through zits, rashes, stink, burning,
and a bunch of other things.

Many days, I look like I'm a healthy 30 year old. I want to stay there, but get even better skin, hair, flexibility, anti-aging, longer eyelashes, indigo eyes, young hands, a 28" waist, no bunions, non-stop energy...

I want it all!!!

I can't wait to see what my 3 year anniversary brings!

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