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Re: Alternative to getting rid of parasites.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Alternative to getting rid of parasites.

If you starve the parasites of food, in my opinion they will just start eating your innards. How do you know that parasites won't start flourishing on your blood if there is no easier food? parasites are highly adapted and highly adaptive. Humans have had histories of famines. The parasites have persisted thru the famines.
Fleas for example, only need to suck your blood once every six months to survive. Fleas are a parasitic insect.
In order for your doctors to do all of the colonoscopies, etc. you must have had to clean out your colon. You possibly may have flushed out parasites that were adults. Others may have buried themselves in the villi lining the intestine. Many parasites have stages where they reside in the lungs or other organs when immature. Look at the life cycle of roundworms. So if you flushed out the adults but the babies mature weeks or months later and move back into your intestines, you are still infested. This is why parasite cleanses must last for months.
You said you did a course of albendazole. You probably did three days worth of meds. That is the standard prescription. Can you be sure that the meds were able to get the babies in the lungs as well as the adults in the intestines? I wish someone would check the original human trials on albendazole and see if they biopsied lung tissue for dead immature roundworms or checked back three months later to see if there were still parasites. Most on this forum think three days of treatment is a cruel joke. Google Dr. Andreas Kalcker and look at his protocol. It uses mebendazole for months. Mebendazole mysteriously disappeared off of the market in the US in 2012 only to be replaced by the super expensive albendazole. I have bought mebendazole for as little as about $1 per pill. Albendazole typically costs $100/pill. Big Pharma screws us any way it can.
Many parasites reside outside of the intestines. A classic is the liver fluke. There is a video on YouTube showing a liver fluke being surgically removed from the liver. The camera does not lie.
My belief is that there are parasites that have adapted to live in every organ. Heartworms can affect humans as well as animals. Worms can get into the lungs. There are parasites that live in blood and can travel throughout your system. There are parasites that show up in your urine and in your salvia. Did you get those tests?
Humans sometimes unintentionally get infected with animal parasites. It is called a zoonotic infection. Parasites are everywhere and are just a fact of life. Our medical doctors were never taught that. They are generally ignorant and can't think outside the box. They are a waste of time and money and if you persist in talking about parasites, they will label you psychotic and either give you meds or lock you up.
Some parasitologists order stool samples to be done on at least 3 separate days and that it should be done during essentially a purge ie on the 4th or 5th bowel movement in a day. Did you get that kind of testing?
Here's the challenge test that gets recommended on CureZone. Buy a bottle of Reese's Pinworm medication over the counter at the drugstore. Take as directed and then in about 12 hours, take a strong laxative. Search all bowel movements with a plastic fork for the next 24-36 hours for parasites. Squish the stool against the side of the toilet and remove anything that does not dissolve into liquid. Clean it and put it on a white paper plate and use at least a magnifying glass on it. Parasites can come out whole or partially digested in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
You can also add to this protocol, a dozen frozen cod liver oil capsules. Take them first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. They will suffocate some parasites that seem to reside in the cecum. It is questionable if Reese's is effective that far down the digestive system.
I have no idea what this will do with a case of SIBO. The bottom line is you have to become your own healer.
Look into the GAPS diet or an Elimination Diet and understand that all food and drink absolutely have to be organic. We are being poisoned on a massive scale by the pesticide industry. They have turned the chemical weapons of war into insecticides and herbicides and it is all traveling up the food chain. We accumulate it in our bodies and it disrupts the normal functioning of our gut. Our babies are being born pre-polluted from all of the chemicals. At the last count it was 287 chemicals in umbilical cord blood.
Sorry for the rant but too many of my friends/family are sick, dying and dead.

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