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Re: My stomach feels like an alien has taken over it.
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: My stomach feels like an alien has taken over it.

I have also had severe stomach issues, no matter what I do. Went to doctors, went to naturopaths, and I just KNEW something was growing in my gut. Like you, I knew that ANYTHING I ate would likely upset my stomach. I watched people eat and drink around me all the time and wondered why I was the only one like this. I eat only organic and am considered a health nut by my family and friends. But I wasn’t getting or feeling better, only worse.

Last year, I discovered I had ropeworms. I was doing everything I could to regain my health after two rounds of the Hep A vaccine (WHY I did that I have no idea) and a trip to Antigua that got my husband and I both very sick. The next year I was on a cleansing program that included coffee enemas, and the ropes started coming out. I had huge ones and small ones, all stages it seems. I was at the end of my rope (haha) and then we were both doing the eucalyptus enemas etc but I was still feeling horrible. Saw a naturopath who has helped a lot this last year in rebuilding my system, but the stomach thing still lingered. It felt like a huge tapeworm. My hubs and I named her Large Marge. You could feel the movement. But nothing would budge it.

About two weeks ago, I started taking organic Amla juice in the morning first thing, and I noticed my poo was very gassy and I saw rope pieces. UGH. So they definitely HATE Amla juice. Good to know. But also disconcerting to know - they were still in there.

Then came my AHA moment: I realized it's most likely rope that's come up from my small intestine and roosted in my stomach. Bingo!

I remembered I had bought some Miracle-Mineral-Supplement last year when I discovered these things but was too scared to try it. Well, when it feels like your insides are being twisted and your body taken over, you'll do anything.

It has been an intense 10 days since I started using the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and I can tell you right now, it's the only thing that affected (and is still affecting) my stomach ropes. I am nearing the end. At this point I believe it hasn’t even been just a single rope. I think what this beast does (because it so resembles a fungus/mold type growth from what I understand) is it takes over the whole area. I think they look like ropes when they come out of the intestines because it takes the shape of the area, but if they're in the stomach they likely just cover it, attach and spread. It's repulsive.

The Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is amazing and life-changing but please take it slow as they recommend. I went too hard too fast and it's not worth it. It will work. I slowed down and it is still working for me. I have been doing mostly enemas/implants. I took the drops orally for a couple days but couldn't take the taste anymore. I have some of the new formula coming to me that supposedly doesn't have the taste. Taking it orally is probably the best to rid the stomach of this.

I am still in process but feeling so much better than just 7 days ago. Marge is fighting for her life, but she's on her way out. I have passed SO MANY ropes on this protocol it is staggering. A couple huge, maybe 3-4 feet? long ones. Today I passed two huge "heads" the size of my entire thumb. I think the rest of the bodies broke off and were dissolved by the MMS (that’s what it does to them).

DeeSmiles has some great posts on how she cleared her ropes. I tried it all, and the MMS is the clear winner for me. I am getting my life back. You deserve to, as well.

I hate thinking of all the people out there suffering like this and have no idea what to do. I had so many docs laugh at my symptoms.

I agree with the previous poster. It goes back to posticides (Roundup) but I will also throw in GMO's and vaccines. I think I had the first stages since childhood and then the vaccine and the Antigua illness kicked the rope proliferation into high gear. It's such a mess.

I blame greed. GMOs, vaccines, monsanto and their roundup. It's all about money.

I'm going to do a larger post this week about my process, research and personal findings.

I hope you find some relief. Life should not be so miserable. Try the MMS if you can.

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