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The Brain

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Clarkia Extra Strong
Clarkia Tincture 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.

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Published: 5 years ago

The Brain

I have zero doubts that what we put on our head---goes through the brain. I have zero doubts that the hair we breath, goes through our brain.

Quite possible they are correct in that what we eat may be filtered from the brain, but that is very little when you consider each breath goes through the brain.

The so called smart scientist for the past 120 years have been dissecting humans and copying God's Designs to come up with their machines and theories…everything from radar to bombs has came out of the study of the human body.

Testing came from study of the human body….we humans test every breath of air, every frequency and part of our environment is analyzed by our brain….

Everything affects our brain and no wonder so many today are considered mentally off---they can not cope with all the unnatural bad things that harm their brain functions.

Those that smoke tobacco and dope and work in toxic or live in toxic environments and can still live 60 be 80 years old---is proof enough humans should be able to live to be 250 years old easily- if they wanted to as was proven by at least 1 society of people 80 years ago where the men had to kill them selves at age 250 and still looked like their young children.

be what it may or may not be---it is still this simple: the brain seems to be the hotel for tape worms, she goes to the brain to lay her egg masses…….as do many other worms.

When it comes to de-worming the human body---your not going to find 1 book on the subject that covers more than 10% of the problem and no book that has a solution…medical books have no solution--so cross them off. Old medical books understood there was a problem, but didn't have a clue how bad it was.

Think of it this way------you live in a 1 room home and you have x amount of air and x amount of food every day for your survival…….your parasites are like this: you have 100 uninvited guest living inside your 1 room home and they are starving you literally to your premature death.

They suck the life out of you!

YOU are what is for their dinner and these worms are sex addicts, they reproduce by the millions, all they have a desire in their life to do is have sex and reproduce……and eat you!

Some scientist have theorizes that parasites produce hormones that can take control of the brains of mammals and make the mammals behave in a manner that suits the needs of the parasites………..hmmmmmmmm makes ya wonder why some humans literally do act bazaar…….out of control

Maybe 18 or so years ago, I theorized that maybe alot of these elderly sickly people are more parasite than they are human and keep in mind, I based that idea on those large worms I could see with my eyes……….

Today I believe humans are so over whelmed with parasites that I am beginning to finally agree with Dr. Kenneth Sutter the Chiropractor----maybe large doses of mild de-wormer herbs are better to start with---for the fact humans are so much worms, they need to go slow. BUT, once they have slaughtered those snake like huge worms and sealed up the holes in their organs---then by all means; go stronger and stronger on your attack each new year.

Herbs externally on the body and in the air while you sleep--probably has more value than any one knows……..You can stimulate the entire brain so easily, so effortlessly and that also proves that you should never ever use perfumes, make up, toxic shampoos and never live in a sealed up house…..toxic air is bad news for the longevity of humans.

200 years ago in America, a man believed he could do most anything with 2 herbs: cayenne and lobelia. As a result, they imported cayenne from Africa and paid people up to $1,000.00 per pound to search America for Lobelia plants.

When I was a kid, my Dad obtained a small bottle of liquid from the vets that was designed to use a squirt bottle and spray on cows as they walked by and the belief it would deworm the cows…he read about the substance in the wall street journal……he obtained about an ounce and he would put a drop on his hand and then shake your hand…believing it could help your health…..naturally his little bottle did not last long and he could not get it again.

That product was probably the first time I ever seen an essential oil.

I believe it was the essential oil that medical used 100+ years ago to de-worm zoo animals.

With the human brain, the 2 easy spots ate the temples which are very precious and to be protected from harm and the top spot where you see men go bald prematurely. USING HERBS on those 2 spots shows quick results. My dad always theorized about using herbs on the belly button---

The gland behind the eyes will "SHUTTER" when you sun gaze---literally shake inside the center of your brain….anyone self-expermenting with sun gazing will experience that quickly and you should never look at the sun if you fear the sun. The sun does not harm you, your fears harm you. Your fears can kill you.

Putting herbs on your head to restore your hair or most any other reason you can think of---probably aids in the de-worming of your brain and can easily make your pituitary gland shake like a crazy man shaking the bars of his jail cell.

STIMULATION often represents LIFE, while stagnation is a sign of death.

You either use it or loose it.

I still have never taken the time to build a small room to self-experiment with water and air and herbs---but I have little doubt that people could do amazing things to their health by something that simple and if they took herbs in their mouth as well, then so much the better.

If you are never sick again---I have no doubt that you do die by your diet alone. If you experience sickness, that is proof you need to learn more about the power of your brain and maybe too many worms in it.

Just an theory.

Doctors knew a very long time ago we die as a result of the toxicity of our bedroom than any other reason when you look at all human deaths---THEY KNEW ABOUT TOXIC AIR

If you live where smog exist---you must adapt best you can, until you can get away.


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