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Re: Help!!! Threadworms getting ever more active despite passing them in their thousands!!!!!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Help!!! Threadworms getting ever more active despite passing them in their thousands!!!!!

Ok, you have multiple infestations. There are some things you do for pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis) that are specific. The last post was specific primarily to pinworms. Here are a couple of additional ideas. I am relying on textbooks and research for this info. as I did not suffer from pinworms. Adult female pinworms are 7 to 13 mm long. As Mattk3 said, you may have another type of worm or worms. Pinworms usually are characterised by anal itching at night.

Pinworm eggs may survive in the environment (think bed clothes, dust bunnies, underwear) for several weeks at moderate temperature with high humidity. So some recommend that you get a dehumidifier to lower the humidity. You can then also try heating your house to 95 degrees F. I would try this after vacuuming like a madman.

Textbook says that once an egg is ingested, maturation to the adult stage occurs in the intestine after about 1 month. This is why you have to keep up treatment for months.

I used the frozen cod liver oil capsules almost daily. They were a key to eliminating the larger parasites that I had. Probably one of the most effective things I did. May or may not be effective for pinworms.

I wouldn't use the mebendazole in an enema. I believe that it is absorbed well only in the presence of fat. So eat a fatty meal when you take it orally or with coconut butter as a suppository.

If you had a garlic colonic that was painful, I wouldn't repeat it. Pain is a strong signal that something is wrong. Do plain colonics. They reach higher in the colon than enemas. They were expensive so I could only afford them about once a week but highly, highly effective. But with pinworms, daily flushing is best, so enemas are mandatory. Buy some enemas in the drugstore until your kit arrives. They are cheap and disposable.

There are many opinions about washing produce. My Naturopath recommended bleach and water. I will have to look up his specific recommendations. I didn't do it.I just tried to get the cleanest organic produce possible and then I either scrubbed it well and rinsed or for lettuces, etc. I did a soak and then a rinse. Every veggie was washed separately so I used a lot of water. Because parasites are so prevalant in our environment, you just have to resign yourself to doing a cleanse on a regular basis. Dr. Kalcker recommends every 3 months.

Juicing is great but it removes a lot of the fiber that will help with constipation. So if you can eat the beets and pineapple whole, do so. I also think the longer the food is in the intestines, the better. It takes longer to digest the fiber in the whole foods. YOu can cook the beets, shred them and eat them raw in salads or juice them. You can eat garlic cloves raw by putting them between slices of apple. Or you can get garlic pills. You can take cloves and soak them in water overnight and then drink the tea. Some people have reported a lot of success with pinworms by ingesting apple cider vinegar on a regular basis. You can buy it in capsules or in liquid form. Just add one new item to your protocol at a time and track reactions for at least the next 48 hrs.

Experiment, keep a journal and track what seems to get results for you.

So here is some bad news that I came across in the textbook:
It is thought that the intestinal flagellate Dientamoeba fragilis may be transmitted in the ova of certain helminths (worms), including E. vermicularis ( pinworms) and Ascaris lumbricoides.( large roundworms) This hypothesis, not yet proven, is based on the frequency of finding D. fragilis in patients infected with these helminths, as well as the detection by electron microscopy of structures resembling pinworm eggs containing D. fragilis. Simultaneous infections with both D. fragilis and E. vermicularis have frequently been reported.

I will have to do some more research on D. fragilis. Not sure what it is. But it just reinforces the notion that multiple infestations are very common.
I am out of time today.

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