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Re: Help for never ending itching critters that have been ruining my life! Hope to helps someone
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Help for never ending itching critters that have been ruining my life! Hope to helps someone

Apologies - I almost always read entire threads many times before writing anything anywhere, but today I was so excited (and grossed out and fascinated) watching the hundreds of white 'rice-like' things crawl out of my long-tormented skin after I applied a cream called Soltana (cream version of human formula Ivermectin) that I just jumped in and replied to you after reading Your amazing post describing the exact same bizarre experience I had today, just with a different lotion/cream. The thought of suicide after 12 years of face-disfiguring torture-by-mites had crossed my mind too, so I couldn't wait to reply to you, someone who has clearly understands my desperation and pain.

If I'd read all the posts in this thread I would absolutely have included the following vital info from my hundreds of hours of research: ___________________________
1) the HARD WHITE THINGS that came out of your pours are VERY LIKELY DEMODEX MITES - aka eyelash or eyebrow mites that have gotten completely out of control probably because of a weakened immune system. (Thats exactly what came crawling out of my pores after using Ivermectin today)

2) IT IS THE POOP that the MITES LEAVE IN YOUR SKIN WHEN THEY DIE that causes the bacteria & fungus skin problems
THAT'S where some of the itching comes from and
THAT'S why your skin gets contstantly thicker & rough - your SKIN IS IRRITATED & REACTING TO THE GARBAGE IN THEIR POOP, and
THAT'S why anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments DO make your skin look & feel better (ie.essential oils have both qualities and mites HATE that stuff as you just found out)

3) BUT, since THE MITE's POOP is the cause of the skin problems THEY MUST BE KILLED to STOP THE CYCLE of misery.

4) it is NOT CLEAR THO' that anything but REGULAR use of an ANTI- parasite treatment ACTUALLY KILLS THEM.
And even That doesn't work unless you use it for at least 3 weeks to kill of demodex at all stages of development- or they start procreating cycle all over again.

5) I'm so desperate, I tried tons of anti-fungals/anti-bacterials with much success...including ESSENTIAL OILS which have been WONDERFULLY EFFECTIVE w/ bacteria & fungus, and at making Demodex 'leave the nest' . BUT THEY ALWAYS COME I DECIDED TO USE parasite KILLER in addition to the other treatments.

I am praying a billion times that the Ivermectin, used for a month, will end this nightmare.

If you haven't already, GOOGLE DEMODEX mites and also make your own 'microscope slides' using scotch tape and a 10x magnifying glass to make certain its mites you're dealing with... then I think you should GO FOR IT..(The mites are GROSS, by the way.) It's important to know the lifecycle of Demodex and several sites have really informative stuff. ignore a site called demodex solutions & one called pestkill. Appear to be commercial marketing sites posing as forums/blogs). The Acne Forum has good info as do the Rosasea sites. The ones featuring Opthomologists discussing treating eyelash mites (demodex) w/ Ivermectin are good too (although a thinly veiled attempt to build their practices)

To end with a compliment..kudos to you RealEyes for being such a creative chemist! And some inexpensive highly effective anti-bacterial/anti fungals I've been using that I'll now use in conjunction w/ Ivermectin) Been using an old fashioned nasal rinse called ALKOLOL- availble at Walgreen's only - It's been around since the late 1800's - formulated w/ many essential oils (smells wonderful... I plan to keep using it as a toner forever...even when my skin is cleared of mites). Also been using HIBICLENS soap (Excellent! used by Dr.s before surgery) a sulfer Colloidal Silver cream used for acne, and anti-fungal cream used for jock itch (although it's embarassing at the check out regularly buying several tubes of it,)
I wish you all many blessings and soft clear beautiful skin.

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