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Re: Help for never ending itching critters that have been ruining my life! Hope to helps someone
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Help for never ending itching critters that have been ruining my life! Hope to helps someone

Dear RealEyes,

I'm going to be very task-oriented - I'll write nice things about you & about the damage these monstrous human facial mites (demodex) have done to my life...
...but AFTER I mention a relatively new treatment I think may be especially vital for those of us who've unknowinly harbored these disgusting creatures in our faces for Years.
It's a CREAM (tube) version of IVERMECTIN for Human beings - Its a parasite killer and the human cream form hit the market in 2014.
Lots of Dr sorts AND pharmacies didn't know anything about it (CVS said 'it doesn't exist because it's not in their database'.Huh?) So an independent pharamacy ordered it and had it for me the NEXT day - yesterday.
It had the same result as other treatments I've used that have ingredients similar to your essential oil formulation, RealEyes...hordes of the damned mites came crawling out of my facial pores..Gross but Great. But the Ivermectin isn't as irritating to the skin as essential oils for most people and it is specifically formulated to KILL the demodex mites not just force them to 'leave the nest' so to speak. The original version has been used forever by veterinarians to kill parasites on animals...particularly horses.

Maybe the essential oils kill them too, but I'm so desperate I needed something guaranteed to kill them dead -I've missed way too much work because of these mites.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I've learned however, from the hundreds of hours I've spent reading forums and research is THIS: We MUST CONTINUE TO USE WHATEVER KILLS THEM FOR AT LEAST 3 WEEKS KILL ALL ADULTS (so they can't reproduce) AND THEN...we must CONTINUE TREATING OUR SKIN UNTIL WE'VE KILLED OFF ALL THE OFFSPRING in their various stages of development..that takes at least 3 weeks of using Ivermectin or your essential oil formula or Tea Tree Oil (diluted properly to avoid burns).

I too am sharing to pay back all the caring folks who took the time to share their wisdom w/ me, and there's so much more I learned that I can't get to right now. Rats. I'm heading in to the most frantic time of year at a local college here so I can't be sure when I'll have a chance to write more shared wisdom.

Glad I at least got to share info that's most recent and most successful (so far) for me. IVERMECTIN (brand name SOLTANA (according to a writer here in 2011, you can buy verterinarian version of horse ivermectin on Amazon and carefully adjust the dosage by weight. or see if a regular or compounding pet pharmacy or supplier will help you.).
NOW for a reply to your commentary RealEyes, and some personal info.
I love your perspective on the 'mean trolls' & jerks w/ nothing better to do than mess w/ good hearted, people like you who are taking their precious time to share their experiences & sucesses waging war on some physical or mental illness w/ fellow suffering 'warriors' traveling the same challenging path. I agree w/ you 100%; There really IS evil in the world - so ya have to be vigilant to spot evil people & refuse to be disturbed by them when you when you can't avoid them. Sadly, it was learning the hard way that there 'Isn't good in everyone' that 1st weakened my immune system so those wretched demodex mites (aka:eyelash/eyebrow mites).. unchecked & unidentified, were able to reproduce by the truckload deep in my skin to torture me for 12 miserable years.

I've suffered many losses over the 12 years of (what I now know to be) infestation w/ human facial mites that turned this happy social woman into a veritable recluse spending hours each day picking and patching & trying to cover up her ripped, itchy, bumpy red face. If you've wrestled w/ these monsters, I know I don't have to write any more..You could write it for've been there, or maybe you still are.
Only people who've been tortured by human facial mites, could possibly understand how thousands of miniature spiders (mites) could almost derail a beloved career & turn an outgoing, fun, social woman into a self-conscious recluse spending hours each day picking white plugs out of her skin then patching it up & making pathetic attempts at covering up her torn, itchy, bumpy red face. Now I'm able to just blow off / ignore the jerks & evil ones...Life is too short, but I must find ways to prevent serious stressors (ie work/offspring etc) from destroying my immune system so opportunistic diseases & infections (like mites) don't ruin my future.

And a Thank you to you RealEyes, for sharing your 'formulas for success' that you used against these horrible monsters. In shear desperation, I spent hundreds of hours about 6 months ago, reading everything I could find to explain & get rid of the 'sticky white plugs' that were destroying my face and my life. My plan is to share all the (valid) research re: demodex lifecycle & treatments as soon as I can. She who has wasted 8 hours today putting various stuff plus Ivermectin on her face & watching w/ horror and fascination as hundreds of white 'rice like' things crawled out of her face is sadly way behind every vital task we all need to do to be ready for Monday. Hope my face isnt' to gross to go out in public. Gak.
I wish you all the blessing of happiness, good health and beautiful clear skin, Barbara


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