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Re: Looking for help to heal from low cortisol levels, and high anxiety and extreme weakness. Any advice would mean so much to me!!
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Looking for help to heal from low cortisol levels, and high anxiety and extreme weakness. Any advice would mean so much to me!!

I'm sorry to hear about your apparent adrenal insufficiency and the clueless doctors; however, we've heard it all before on numerous occasions. You are certainly not alone.

Getting sick is a stressor. You'll need more adrenal support at such times.

People with AI often benefit from learning to "stress dose." Unfortunately I've heard from smart people with advanced degrees in one thing or another who are suffering from AI that it can be difficult for a person with AI to know when they need extra support.

My friend with AI has on my occasions been grateful when I suggested that she might need more support. We've been doing this for four years so I can often hear the difference in her voice over the phone.

I heard a doctor in person say that he does not need HC daily, but occasionally the stressors pile up and he needs to stress dose.

In some countries including USA, low dose pregnenolone might take the edge off of the problem. It is upstream from cortisol.

You might get that tested in blood and try to replace so you are not in the bottom third of the normal range.

Then when you are in stressful situations you'll know to take extra preg and other adrenal support for a couple of days or more.

You still might need some HC but at least it might be a lower dose with lower side effects.

That has been my friend's experience. She promptly and strangely gained 15 lbs around the middle while she was ramping up to 15mg HC daily after her 4x saliva cortisol reported low levels most of the day.

5-7.5mg HC daily plus preg & other types of support have worked rather well. I'll usually catch her during stressful periods before she gets too low. She'll take extra support and things won't get bad. She's doing much better. There's no comparison with her decades of PTSD.

Hopefully you understand that hypoglycemia is a symptom of AI. Cortisol is a glucocorticoid. Look it up. My friend and I both had it and still have to be careful.

Her's was the more classic type, whereas mine was more of the reactive type of hypoglycemia. I was on an energy roller coaster all day : (

Her mood would deteriorate and she would become emotional and somewhat irrational if she had not eaten in a few hours.

We both learned to eat smaller meals and take healthy snacks with us when out of the house.

This might not work for everyone but glutamine has been so wonderful for her. I also keep some handy when situations at work become too stressful. A coworker can see the change in my mood and reminds me to take it : )

Glutamine can be brain fuel when glucose is low. It is upstream from the body's production of its natural antianxiety chemical GABA. B6 may help it to convert towards GABA.

Glutamine is good for muscles, healing the lining of the gut and is needed for production of the uber important liver detox chemical, glutathione.

Remember also that aldosterone, one of the adrenal cortex hormones, is involved in regulation of sodium and potassium. I'd be surprised if you don't need more sodium. You might benefit from more potassium but that is tricky.

Do you urinate more than most people? For example, do you always have to get up at night?

If the anger is just when someone confronts you about something and when you have not eaten in a few hours, maybe AI is mostly responsible. However if it is not limited to those situations, you might get a hair test looking for very low lithium. This is often seen in the members of heavy metal detox groups, including my friend and especially me.

I really liked a couple mg of Li from Li orotate or similar for my formerly intense, competitive mood. It along with other things helped to chill me out. I was really impressed.

Btw. If you also can say that your intellectual ability has declined, you have more food and or chemical sensitivities and a couple other strange symptoms, mercury might be the underlying cause of all of the symptoms. You might check out the symptom lists under the 1000+ hair tests at this site used by detox group members.

Mercury tends to cause a long list of strange, seemingly unrelated symptoms in a person who is sick enough to be struggling to work full-time. It seems that mood problems, stress intolerance and reduced intellectual ability are always involved since related systems are so vulnerable to Hg.

Dr Mark Hyman provides his very long list of symptoms when he was disabled with Hg, etc while still a relatively young doctor.

The digestive enzyme, DPP-IV, responsible for breaking down gluten, soy, casein, is one that is very vulnerable to mercury. It is not surprising that parents of kids with autism report gains from both heavy metal detox (chelation), gluten free and low Sugar diets.

Autism Research Institute treatment parent ratings 2009
"Detox. (chelation)" 74% report "got better", 3% report "got worse", 23% report "no effect"
The 74% rating is the best of the many dozens of listed interventions.

Please don't expect a quick fix, but a nice combination of diet, supplements, maybe with a little medication can help to stabilize you while you look for underlying causes.

My friend and I wish we had groups like this when we were your age. We had to suffer for over 15 years before learning about this in similar groups. You likely have an opportunity for a fairly normal life that we did not have.

Please update us on your progress so others can benefit.

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