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switching form herbs to Rx - help appreciated
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Published: 7 years ago

switching form herbs to Rx - help appreciated

This is a group I do not want to be a part of but grateful for at the same time. I have, like most of you I'm sure, spent hours pouring over CZ posts trying to put together a plan, a protocol. My story is long but I will try to only include the important details. I became ill last summer with many strange and concerning symptoms: extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain, electrical sensations in extremities, muscles twitching everywhere but mostly in legs, brain fog, mental confusion, less frequent bowel movements. Doctor did labs, told me I was worn out, low in iron and B and to change my diet to vegan. I wasn't convinced. These symptoms did not happen gradually. I went from being an energetic, healthy adult to sickly in a matter of weeks. Symptoms increased. Doctor referred me to a neurologist. Had MRI and nerve conduction study to rule out MS and ALS. Also more lab work to check for just about everything...except parasites! All lamb results came back good. The neurologist referred me to a rhumetologist. I said, "no more!", and went on my own search to help myself. Homeopathic practitioner diagnosed me with lymes: borellia, and coinfections babesia and bartonella. I've been taking homeopathic droppers and nosodes since last fall and my symptoms have decreased by 75%. I am thankful for this. I wanted to step it up a notch so found a naturopath who, through muscle testing, told me I was not going to get better from lymes until I treated for parasites. He went on to tell me my load severe. I was unsure of his diagnosis but I immediately started the herbal protocol and immediately started passing visible worms and "things". For six weeks I faithfully treated and for six weeks I continued to see them, every day, every time I used the bathroom. I started to feel like I was going to lose this battle so I changed my diet, stopped consuming meat, dairy, wheat and Sugar AND doubled my herbs. This is when I started to feel them inside of me, and the lymes symptoms that had gotten better, increased. Much to my surprise, my natural doctor told me what I was battling was chronic and recommended I stop the herbs and see a doc for a Rx. I shared my story with the doc. She told me she has never heard of anything like it before and tried to prescribe be Flagyl. I asked for Vermox. She was not familiar but said she would but only a 3 day script. No thanks. I've already done a good job at stirring the pot and doubling their army. So, here I am. I am unsure of exactly what I have, wish I had taken pics. But I can describe what I have seen and find similar pics on the web to attach. I'm pretty sure ascariasis and roundworm, but probably others too.
Other things I have added over the course of this journey and stuck with are : continue with diet mentioned, juicing greens several days a week, coffee enemas several times weekly (I have been doing this since lymes diagnosis so not new to protocol), one liver flush...more to come, added fulvic minerals, ionic copper and Colloidal Silver , coral calcium and magnesium, ozonated water, D3, was taking DE but dropped that.
I am slightly concerned with my weight. I have always maintained close to 135 lbs, even after having a baby. When I got sick last summer I dropped down under 130, now on my healthy diet, I am under 120. But I'm 5'7" so I know I need to gain. But healthy food isn't making me gain it and I don't want to eat junk.
Currently I am trying to make my next plan, which will include prescriptions. I really like what mattk3 has to say about working on health and ph first before starting meds. ICU seems to have a nicely detailed list of what to take once you know what you have.
I would appreciate any help, suggestions, ideas..anything. I will answer any questions that any of you would have. Thank you!

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