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Re: Hashimoto's treatment explained - Dr Haskell
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Hashimoto's treatment explained - Dr Haskell

I asked our resident Guru Violien to comment on this interesting video.

I was very suspicious because he was recommending thyroid drugs, and all of my research indicates that drugs are not needed. Violien confirmed my suspicions.

Here are Violien's comments:
"Hashimoto's developes when there's a deficiency of glutathione. If just one building block of glutatione is lacking then Hashimoto's will happen. The building block that is most often lacking is selenium. That's why selenium is so important to supplement when you're taking iodine.

I mention the building blocks for glutathione here:

In the video he says that you should treat people with Hashimoto's differently from those with hypothyroidism. Well, there's a problem there. Someone can be both hypothyroid and have Hashimoto's. Someone can have Hashimoto's and NOT be hypothyroid (although he soon will be because of the TPO antibodies). Besides, what is hypothyroid exactly? Low T4? That can happen from low tyrosine, low Iodine or other reasons. Is there enough T3? They almost never look at T3 which is very important for energy levels and a feeling of well being. By not fixing the underlying problem but giving T4 they allow the Hashimoto's to get worse.

If you're hypothyroid with low T4 and high TSH then you might carefully (if the person has not been on Iodine in the recent year) assume that there's about enough selenium.

He says with Hashimoto's there's sudden bursts of T4. Yes that's true. That's because of the inflammation that's happening within the thyroid. He says that if docs put patients on full T4 medication (what stupid doc would do that, well, mine did!) then, when you also have a surge of T4 from the thyroid you have a problem. Yes you have a problem because you're trying to take over from the body. Just add selenium and Iodine and the body will heal its thyroid. The body is much smarter than us and far too complicated for us to understand.

But why make a simple thing so difficult? Why make those distinctions between "kinds" of thyroid problems? What everyone needs is both selenium and iodine. I know why alopathic docs do that:
- giving selenium to a person with Hashimoto's can give rise to a goiter. This simply means that the person is not just selenium deficient but also iodine deficient. But what docs conclude from this is that the selenium is making the thyroid worse. So that's why docs don't like giving selenium to a person with Hashimoto's. So basically they're blocking the only route back to health.
- giving iodine to a person with Hashimoto's makes the Hashimoto's worse. Yes that's true. But then, you should have given this poor sole his selenium also, or even started selenium a month or so before starting the iodine.
- docs are scared to give iodine because they still believe that iodine will shut down the thyroid if they give "too much". Exactly or even approximately what "too much" is, they don't know. They are just that scared of iodine. Some time ago I posted the research that proves that this is not the case. The thyroid simply takes a 50 hours timeout to reset it systems. Then it starts up again. Actual people who have taken iodine (you, me, this whole forum, ..) have NEVER experiences their thyroid shutting down. Quite the opposite actually.

So in stead of repairing the thyroid they try to take over. They don't understand the working of the thyroid (and they never will with all their prejudices) so they simply ignore it. They give the patient T4 in the hope that that will make up for the shortage. This will work a little bit; you will get some energy back. But the thyroid problem is not resolved so will get worse. Also what the body does is "steal" iodine from this T4 to make up for iodine deficiencies in the rest of the body. So (haha) in fact he IS supplementing iodine if he's giving T4. The doc just doesn't realize this.

All these different kinds of thyroid problems are merely different nutrient deficiencies and also different stages (severities) of nutrient deficiencies.

I do sometimes take a natural thyroid hormone (never T4 alone or any other synthetic hormone). When I'm ill or so very tired that my body just needs a little. It is a typical fatigue you get from hypothyroidism: it is not relieved by sleep. Also I get cold. I think I had my Hashimoti's for so long that my thyroid is damaged. It works fine when I'm healthy. But it is not well enough when I get under the weather. Just my reasoning. My Hashimoto's itself is completely resolved with selenium: it's that simple. It's just that I have residual damage.

I watched about 3/4 of the video. Sorry, it just annoys me too much. He says other docs don't know what they're talking about. But really he doesn't either. He makes it all far too complicated. But then docs still think that what you eat has no bearing on your health.

Sorry Grizz but I don't think you're doing anyone a service by referring to this video."

We sincerely thank Violien for helping us get to the truth on a complex subject,


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