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Re: cured by a post from a while ago! go read it!
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: cured by a post from a while ago! go read it!

A probiotic is a probiotic. I would be very wary about the OP here as he's come out of no where with the usual product placement claims we see here often. Companies are accustomed to scouring the web for sick and hopeless people whom they target specicially to make money off of.

Keep in mind why you are taking a probiotic : to improve your gut flora. On what basis? Well if the bodies digestion is sub-optimal or out of sync, you see disease develop in the form of autoimmune diseases which manifest such things as dermatitis, efoliative chelitis, psoriasis, etc etc etc.... So forget probiotics as some kind of magic pill, they are not. It takes a hollistic approach and involves eliminating foods which are also killing the good gut flora, harming the lining of the gut, and causing the immune system to over-react.

Probiotics contain friendly bacteria that can be found in a whole host of whole foods.

I am vegan, so a good source for me would be :

''Many cultures consume fermented vegetables, such as fermented cabbage and other vegetables found in Korean kimchi, sauerkraut and pickled vegetables. Fermented vegetables that have not been subjected to manufacturing processes that kill the lactobacilli they contain can have probiotic effects. Miso, tempeh, umeboshi, which is a type of pickled plum, and pickles along with a number of other fermented vegetables, can contain active cultures of lactobacilli, but only if they're not pasteurized or subjected to high heat. Commercially produced fermented vegetables in the United States are generally pasteurized.''

Just enter into a search engine all the other bacterias listed as ingredients on your average probiotic and you can find whole food sources which are cheaper and better for you.

I very much doubt the claims probiotics companies make about their products being a superior source of friendly bacteria seeing as the bacteria itself has to withstand the processing, manfacture, transportation and storage (many months-years in some cases) before it reaches the mouth of a person - then, it has to survive without being wipped out by the acidity of the stomach before being able to be put to much use.

If you ask me probotics are bullshit, and you are better off getting friendly bacteria from eating whole foods.

Earth's pearl probiotics are on average 3-4 times as expensive as their competetives. So I wouldn't be surpised to see shills coming on here trying to up sales. Most likely they are not selling as the company would like. If you look on amazon they are one of the most expensive and most poorly rated, so if you must insist on buying a probiotic at least look around for a better deal.

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