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Amalgams out

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Published: 5 years ago

Amalgams out

My 6 Amalgams are out. I've had them for 12 years and exactly a year ago I thought I would have taken them to the grave with me - no kidding

But then I discovered the dangers of having them in our mouths

I never got a real diagnosis, except for a hair mineral test analysis which showed low levels of all essential minerals and mercury causes deranged mineral transportation. I have symptoms of overactive adrenals, hypothyroidism, mercury toxicity and copper bio-unavailability. I may not be mercury toxic but am I glad they are out!

This was pretty risky because all 6 fillings were super close to the root of the tooth. My conventional dentist didn't want to do it for that risk but after talking to some people in this forum I decided it was worth the risk. Keeping in mind all the really bad things I've read about root canal. (Spoilers alert - I ended up loosing a tooth but oh well)

this is what I did.

1. I found a semi-biological dentist who followed the IAOMT protocol

2. Loaded with selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C (except for 1 day before the removal as it interferes with the anesthesia), NAC for a week before and after each removal.

3. I've been doing coffee enemas for about 4 months already and did a few Liver Flushes to make sure my liver is somewhat functioning. Colon Cleanses as well. This way I know my detox pathways will be able to handle some mercury re-circulation and dump.

4. I removed them by quadrant. A total of 4 visits done within a 1 month period.

That's about it! a couple of my teeth are still pretty sensitive. at first, I couldn't even bite on them without having a sharp pain but this sharp pain subsided.

My back molar though became extremely sensitive to hot, cold, even room temperatures and later discovered this condition that doesn't get better is called irreversible pulpits - the pain was so excruciating(temple headache, earache, throat ache, and of course toothache) that OTC medications wouldn't do the trick and even touching the tooth with my tongue would make me jump! My dentist told me it's either root canal or extraction. Since it's the back molar, I got it extracted. The extraction was pretty smooth actually and hey - all the pain was gone! haha

I hope all sensitivity on my other 2 teeth will eventually subside

I haven't experienced any benefits from removing them yet, knowing this is juts the first step as most mercury is buried deep in my cells and organs, but I also haven't felt anything bad, except for some unusual anger - I get angrier at things that I normally don't care about and I've also became more anti-social/not caring or not wanting to spend too much energy with just people at work. I have a feeling this might be due to detox. Brain fog is bad too atm

What's next?

1.I'm doing a nutritional balancing program which focuses on restoring a body's biochemistry with targeted supplementation/HMTA to detox from all toxic metals.

2. After 3 months I might experiment with ALA. Won't take DMSA as I know NB is a healthier (but slower) choice and copper is an issue for me too.

3. Will keep Liver Flushing and maybe start a parasite cleanse.

There is one thing I wonder about. Does anyone know if mercury screws up with a person's will power. I try to incorporate a healthy diet/stop alcohol but the lack of will power always kicks me back in the ass...I got back to some unhealthy habits and try to quit again. it's a vicious cycle which is mentally exhausting.

Either way, I think I'm on the right path to restoring my healthy - This post was mostly just to share my experience and maybe motivate people to get this poison out of their bodies - I suggest you do tons of research on the subject before even thinking about removing them though!

Any suggestions will be appreciated :)

I'll keep you posted if anything changes.


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