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Re: Unknown odor
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Unknown odor


Hair Odors--hair may have low porosity, cuticles not opening. Use a clarifying/moisturizing shampoo, rubbing hairs up and down between fingers to force shampoo into the strands. You'll know when all buildup is gone as well. Use a moisturizing conditioner, follow same process. Force the products to attack the root of the odor. when your hair dries quickly, you did it right. Better results if you deep condition for a few hours with a hot oil treatment.

Armpits Odors: Deep condition with hot coconut oil and baking soda. Rub hairs between fingers as best as you can. Not able to hold hair tight and moisturize with other hand if hairs aren't long enough. Rinse hours later. Or shower. Don't use any more anti-prespirants.

Teeth and Gum Odors: Floss daily with toothpaste on it. Use an instrument with a rubber tip that allows you to clean between gum and teeth,using toothpaste on the tip. Brush daily. And swish with coconut oil for 20 minutes. Kills all mouth odors.

Tonsil Stone Odors: reach into your mouth and rub your tonsils on each side. ***Fecal odor can be found here as well***. Try to press the lump you fell and squeeze out the debris. If it's embedded deep inside, too big to move or if you need a temporary solution to go out, get a curved dental syringe--fill it with a 1/3 of ALKALOL mint rinse, water, and a portion of a saline solution packet. go through process of elimination to find which crypt opening or fold is the source of the odor. Don't squirt too hard, go slowly. You may cause bleeding. Some persons notice this when they use a WaterPik for this procedure. After this, do the nasal rinse/flush.

Nasal Odors: Use saline nasal rinse packet, and 4 teaspoons of a product called ALKALOL(has different mints and other good stuff) in a Netipot. ***Close one nostril***. Insert into nose, lean head to side and allow to dissolve mucus buildup until passages are clear. Repeat other side and back again until rinse is spent. ***Fecal odor can be discovered through this process.*** If so add a teaspoon of colodial silver to rinses.

Face odor: Use a daily face scrub to prep the skin. If cleaning before going to bed, use coconut oil on skin--it's antimicrobial and won't clog pores. If going out during the day, use a surgical scrub called Hibiclens. If face still has odor--it's your eyebrows. Get a cleansing pad with clarifying/moisturizing shampoo, rub wet eyebrows until odor fades. Apply surgical scrub to hold it off while on your travels.

Fingernail Odors: Nails may need moisturizing. Rub them with coconut oil. Rub off excess. Wipe fingertips with damp napkin

All Else: Check behind ears, wash your neck, make sure you get the back or anywhere that sweats a lot, wash your front and rear down below, wash feet.

***Apply coconut oil anywhere to neutralize or deep condition

***Try to use purified bile salts/acids if you have a fatty, sluggish liver or gall bladder. Helps process fat and nutrients in foods and helps to get digestion moving. Weight loss is expected.

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