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Some Nitty Gritty

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WisingUp Vol 3 Views: 531
Published: 7 years ago

Some Nitty Gritty

I got lax on raw garlic, papaya seed smoothies, ground flax seed, coconut oil.

And I had a Major Flare Up.
Coughed up blood. Hundreds of... well.. they are what they are (and just what IS that?). Actually, more than that.

Then... a heart attack. About 2:30 in the morning.
It woke me up. I have been losing lung capacity all along.
Pain in chest going up to neck and jaw.
Lots of trouble breathing.
Numbness creeping into left arm.
I thought that I might be done for.

Been here before. Except for the breathing part... the degradation of lung capacity has been an on-going process and finally got to the point that a heart attack + that could spell the End.


Now I perceive a correlation.

When I was overseas, in an Asian country, mid-2015, I was also away from my established discipline.
And suffered a Major Flare Up.
And a subsequent heart attack.

Correlation. Undeniable from my perspective and experience.

At that time, in that country, I employed garlic pills, vitamin C, 157 proof rum (solvent and worm killer, from an island off the coast of China), mebendazole, doxycycline, kyushin (toad venom) and uncoated aspirin as blood thinner, and beat it all back.

This time around, here in the states, I am employing garlic pills, cq10, L-lysine, vitamin C (l-lysine and vit c as per Pauling, for blockages), 151 proof rum (solvent and worm killer, from an island in the caribbean, Puerto Rico), mebendazole, doxycycline, kyushin, and uncoated aspirin as blood thinner.

Time released dextromethorphan to keep coughing down... don't want any _uck--rs to travel from lungs to trachea to get swallowed.
I've tracked plenty in sputum in this, "outbreak."

Yes, this portion, this part of The Thing auto-infects like a strongyloides.
No, it is not a strongyloides proper.
Microscopic examination and verification with PHDs across the U.S has confirmed that.

HOWEVER.... I would not be a bit surprised, and lean toward, SS being a part of a greater recombinant DNA complex just for its ability to auto-infect and survive in the wild without a host...

I still intend to do some experimentation with the seeming fungal/protozoal portion regarding voltages... but.

One of the things I coughed up in sputum IS.... seemingly... Both seeming nematode AND seeming fungal/protozoal....

As some exit epidermis, i.e., skin, the fresh sheets I put down are showing.... blood.

Imagine that in bloodstream... clots.

Eye floaters went off the charts with this outbreak.
Less now. Much less.

It Is a WAR.

I did sit my wife down and explained some things to her and she is coming to grips.
I don't presently have life insurance.
Maybe it is time to get some for her sake.

I am fully aware, now, that The Thing could take me out and doctors wouldn't even have a clue about what really happened.
It would be registered: Heart Failure.

I am in my 60s, retired, and this is what is presently happening in my circumstance.
Just a sharing.
As in, not an indication of what anybody or everybody could experience with The Thing.
The Thing folds in Very Nicely with Old Folks' Afflictions.
Hard to Separate.
But not so very as per the clues provided in the text above.
Convenient. Just... so.... very.... convenient.
Very Much.... Opportunistic, so it might seem...

My mother is 90. She has her own apartment, does her own shopping and it has been communicated that's how she likes it.
My grandfather on my father's side made it to 93, a robust and functioning 93.

I have an especially good genetic background.

I have a feeling... it's in my body as a whole... that I might not go that distance.
I have a feeling that... exposure, infection, continued exposure and reinfection of The Thing that was not, "there," for my mother, my grandfather, earlier on, means I may well not make it to their stature in years.

Yes, The Thing is in the lives of people in their 90s as well at this point....
But. They made it so very far without The Thing, without The Thing being introduced writ large in their environment(s).
I'm much shorter on the trail for being exposed, infected....

As is the case with so many here reading.

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