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Re: Candida/ fungus ?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Candida/ fungus ?

You pretty much have the same symptoms of the majority of people on curezone.

Heres some links that have the same issues as you.



If your looking for a cheap doctor in the Bay area I would go to Dr, Duplain because his prices are cheap compared to the city prices for a naturopath. City prices for the first visit is something like $400 bucks I think. I think my visit to Duplain was 200 maybe? forgot. But he's very affordable.

I believe I've had candida overgrowth for a while---because of nail fungus and recurrent yeast infections. But things got worse for me after I believe I infected myself from the outside in. I have fungus on my fingernails which I've been trying to treat. I was being careless and scratched the inside of my ear and I believe it spread there- no pain now but at first there was and I feel a fullness in my ear. I also put my finger in my mouth (super dumb- I know) and about a day after that I got thrush really badly- nasty taste in my mouth and a feeling of congestion in my nose and sometimes my voice gets hoarse and it feels like I have phlegm so I think it spread to my esophagus, possibly my stomach? I also have insomnia which slowly began and worsened a week after i got thrush.

-Insomnia can be a heavy metal symptom or you have excessive parasites keeping you up at night.
parasite stimulate the adrenal glands to release cortisol and cortisol aint good for sleeping.

The doctors i've seen refuse to test me for candida overgrowth (because its "not real") although I did get a prescription for fluconazole (mainly because they gave me Antibiotics for a uti and then said I might get a yeast infection afterward) but it's only for a week and I'm scared to take it and have everything come back worse. At this point Im not sure I can afford a naturopathic doctor but if anyone knows of a good one in the SF bay area please let me know.

-Dont use fluconazole. Candida is caused weak adrenal glands and heavy metal toxicity. You'll need a hair toxic metal/ essential elements test. here's a example;

Also regular doctors don't test for candida. Regular Mds only treat acute disease and not chronic illness.

I have been feeling super slow lately, it's difficult to articulate my thoughts, even simple decisions have become difficult, I keep obsessing over things, bad memory, i've been socially awkward

- Socially awkward is a adrenal and heavy metal issue. Stimulated adrenals cause anxiety and socializing doesn't do well with weak adrenal glands. Heavy metals also cause brain fog, obsession, bad memory and chronic social phobia.

I have been depressed in the past but it never came on so suddenly before and I've never suffered insomnia. I was doing quite well all summer possibly because I was taking this Colon Cleanse supplement everyday- maybe it was keeping the yeast in check all along- until I ran out about a month before all this started. The supplement is intestinal cleanse by green lifestyle market- with cape aloe, barberry root, cascara sagrada, garlic bulb, senna leaf, turkey rhubarb, Black-Walnut hulls, clove bud, ginger root, Wormwood , cayenne pepper...

The worst part of this is the insomnia, its really taking a toll on me.

- Go take a $60 heavy metal test to rule out heavy metals. If your heavy metals are high not matter what you do; you wont get well.

My question is this: where to go from here? I've read multiple things on candida diets but they are all so different and there are all these different treatment plans and products... All these different opinions. I feel very overwhelmed. Has anyone healed fully from this? Am i treating candida or fungus from my nail? I know my immune system is pretty low since I haven't been able to fight any of this but I'm not sure how to figure out the cause of my immune system being this low.

-I've contained my candida. My candida only activates when I'm cleansing heavy metals which is reasonable. Diets for candida don't really matter I'd say. only thing that could play a factor is a high carb diet. High carb diets will weaken the already exhausted adrenal glands and weak adrenals glands cause candida.

Has anyone done the modern herbalist plan?
Only herbs I use is the ones for the adrenal glands, milk thistle, goldenseal ect... I dont use chinese or Indian herbs they could contain a lot of heavy metals.

I know this is very scattered but it's the best I could do.

-So much more could be said....


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