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Remedies that work
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Published: 8 years ago

Remedies that work

I havent posted in here for awhile and my lasts posts reflected my will to end my life. Im here and my life since my stomach problems has been a struggle but i have gained key insight on how to manage and even cure this problem.

Many gp's and primary care doctors are unaware of this ailment and the root causes of it.

My gp performed a rectal exam and noticed a loose anus, possibly a result of frequent strainging and enemas.

1.It is most likely structural.

thats an article on palatus anus, written in 1912 and it references loose anus and its effects. He notes that it can make people miserable and is usually caused by sphincter defects. The internal sphincter is a muscle we dont control but the external one is. They can get out of tune and cause dysfunction.

He also notes that he see's this issue in delirous people and hypochondriacs, which i am, and i developed this issue during a stressful period of time.

2. It usually coincides with frequent bowel movements and messy cleanups.

How do you manage this?
Shave your anal area, it needs to be completely shaven. this prevents bm's from staining your pubic regions hair, and releasing a scent when sweating.


This article is a scientific study in reducing the odor involved with incontinence and ibs/chrones gastritis and the whole bunch.

CURE: pepto bismol 4 times a day at 526mg: was found to reduce the odor of gas and bm's by nearly 98% as it binds with the sulfur oderants. Another mentioned method is activated charcoal underwear(shreddies) 15 dollars a pair which have a charcoal filter.

They also mention probitics a specfic species for reducing volume.

These cheap methods. 1 dollar a day or less for the pepto and the shreddies will significantly if not totally wipe out your odor problems.

Implement these methods until a doctor who knows about these issues can either help to regain sphincter function or identify a stomach issue. Which many of us know is a long shot in todays medical world.

IN the mean time. Working on utilizing your new found freedom in building freindships, finding a better job. Finding couseling or a significant other. Focus on a healthy lifestyle and a good diet. below is a kegel routine for strengthing your sphincter(external) to build greater control and better bowel movements. With a better diet, less stress, and excercise you can identify and treat the root cause of your anal mishaps. Its usually stress with minor food intolerances which can exploit a susceptible person.

1. lie down or sit with knees apart. Squeeze the rectum as tight as you can for 5-10 seconds. Relax for 10
do 5 times 10 times a day

2.pull the muscles half as tight and hold for as long as you can, relax for 10
do 5 times 10 times a day
3.rapidly tighten the muscles then release. do until tired.
do as many as you can 10 times a day

Ive come from a dark few years, i got my ged and got into a decent university. Mentally i am scarred like many of you, i avoid social settings and ive come to be accustmed to being alone.


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