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Re: Not sure I am making progress, still can't tollerate much antifungals after 2 months
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Not sure I am making progress, still can't tollerate much antifungals after 2 months

Thank you so much again!


*Hey no problem.

You probably know this allready but I have read that molybdenum can lead to copper deficiency so taking a lot of molybdenum might help if you have to much copper in your body.

*I like that MolyB chelates copper. When your adrenals are fatigued we tend to have too much copper. I use vitamin c and molyB to keep copper down. Copper excess causes candida overgrowth.

Do you know what food you can eat to get those versions of b6 5p5 and methyl b12?
I ask beacuse after having treated candida I want to be able to get most of things I need from food rather than suplements.

*You can get methylb12 from chlorella but thats all I know of. B6 is found in almost everything except it has to be converted by the body to p5p. When your body isnt in good shape it typically dosent convert b12 to methylb12 nor does it conver b6 to p5p either. Candida inhibits methylation and b6 to p5p conversions. So thats why its good to pop a supplement to help out.

I searched for Douglas labs ultra preventive 3 multivitamin and found this,

and it apears to have b12 methyl?

* I would actually take the "Ultra Preventitive 3" without copper unless you want copper. The one you linked has methylb12 in it, but also has copper. The one I get has only methylfolate and no methylb12 or copper. I dont like copper at all. I already have too much copper I have to chelate daily. I take a $10 bottle of methlb12 I picked up from Jarrow along with the "Ultra Prevenititve 3 vitamin" . Its 400mcg, its cheap.

So this suplement and TMG and Taurin and whey + chlorella and charcoal and guggul only or and the ones I allready take also?


*Well it depends ill explain what they do...

~TMG breaks down protein and helps the liver. So if you eat alot of protein the TMG will help the proteins become cysteine from homocysteine. Homocysteine is a by product of protein and can cause disease and heart attacks. TMG prevents that from happening. TMG also helps form DNA,Tcells and assist glutathione by making more cysteine from the proteins. Kinda complicated but you'll understand over time. TMG is cheap and I take it every other day. It depends how much you want your methylation cycle amped up.


~Taurine is a must because it makes bile and taking taurine saves the body energy(methyl groups) by not having to create taurine. Taurine is made through the methylation cycle and it uses methyl groups to create itself. Taurine is also good for the nervous system and helps with brain connectivity and assist in the elemination of brain fog.


~Whey or amino acids make glutathione and also modulate the immune system immunoglobulins to fight infections. Without amino acids your cant beat any infections in your body. Amino acids and whey also rebuild damaged tissues/organs ect... Its a must have. Like I said, if your sensitive to dairy opt for amino acids..


~I personally just buy a boat load of chlorella from for binding toxins... I tried the charcoal and it constipated me a bit. Theres also bentonite clay but I dont like the aluminum and it can cause constipation too so I choose chlorella. Try these out as see which one works for you. People say that chlorella is contaminated with heavy metals, but in actuality almost everything you put in your body including food has heavy metals. It depends on how good your detox systems are.


*So in all you can choose what you need... I bet you will see results quickly by building the immune system. When I first started fighting candida I didnt know about immune supplements and I lost alot of time so try it out and see how you feel. Also coffee enemas increase glutathione while your on the whey and supplements. Its a good way to recover faster.


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