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Re: Not sure I am making progress, still can't tollerate much antifungals after 2 months
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Not sure I am making progress, still can't tollerate much antifungals after 2 months

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me, you are a very kind person!
I think I understand better now and that I have done one particular thing incorect.

* You welcome..

I thought that I could kill candida and then it stayed less than before if I didn't eat a lot of carbs and then I could fill in with a lot of probiotics after I had killed it for a couple of days or weeks but now I see that I should first and foremost take probiotics and when I can tolerate it take some antifungals also.


*Yes you want to filter the candida and bacteria out of the intestines while supporting your immune system. Too many carbs not only feed dysbiosis but too many carbs are stressful on the body.

I did start with a probiotic supplement I was gonna take everyday but that had maltodextrin in it so I stopped with it and after that I mostly killed candida with antifungals and eating a little saurkraut now and then. I just made new saurkraut and I will buy a better probiotic suplement first thing today.

*Yes alot of supplements have a little dextrin and other inactive ingredients and if it bothers you, you should choose a  supplement without the additives. Personally, it doesnt bother me very much. The amounts are very small.

If glutathione is very important isn't it best to take glutathione supplement directly?

* Glutathione is known for poor absorption in the gut thats why ppl take the whey protein. Now that i think of it, if your sensitive to dairy you could also just take the amino acid formulas to make glutathione too to avoid the dairy sensitivity.

The b-complex I take now conatins Pyridoxin, is that 5p5?
*No, that is the regular b6 you need the activated form pyridoxal 5 phosphate.
Start the imune protocol, do you mean taking vitmains and minerals to support the imunesystem?

* Yes the immune system uses amino acids, vitamins and minerals to function.

I also have glycin at home also if that could be helpful.

* You could actually just take a amino formula(cheaper than whey) that way you dont have to take them individually.

I wonder did you try to get better without chelation and enemas at first and not succeed or did you decide to do everthing just to make sure to treat it as effective as possible?

*I mean you can get better without chelation if your not heavy metal poisoned. Most people who have chronic, chronic candida have either copper or mercury poisoning and chelation can help. The methylation supplements detox heavy metals slowly so those supplements can help also. Enemas are good for dumping debris, metals and toxins out of the body. Without enemas I would probably be alot sicker. Enemas remove parasites, candida, and anything else hiding in the intestines.

I have read about people who are really halfasing things who get better and people who do really extreme things and are still having problems after years, that seems scary, I hope I can get better with just diet, vitamins/minerals, probiotics, antifungals and psylium husk and maybe cloves or something to disolve possible biofilms.

*Well you have to solve the reason why you have candida I would think. Some people hit the geneitc lottery and dont have to do very much to get candida out of the their body because of their immune response. Once you have had candida before you can activate candida again. Just eat right, keep glutathione up and address the methylation cycle. Alot of people dont get methylation testing. Its only $100 bucks. You can get testing from "23andme". Getting testing will also let you know if you have cancer genes too. If the methylation defects arent addressed you will have low glutathione and low t cells that fight candida and other disease so thats one of the reasons why people get sick again. All of the immune system has to be addressed to stay healed in the long run.

I have started taking psylium husk on an empty stomach (with water) about once per day, do you know if that is suposed to be helping wtih getting rid of candida or toxins or disolving biofilms or something?

*Psyllium Husk is good for washing debris from the intestines. I usually take it after a cleanse or during a cleanse to keep things washed out. It doesnt remove bioflims unless its mixed with bentonite clay. I typically dont use bentonite clay though because of its alluminum content. Bacteria likes to use alluminum to create biofilms so I stay away from it.




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