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Re: few questions regarding moist healing treatment.
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: few questions regarding moist healing treatment.

I don't mean to be rude here JSL, but you clearly didn't pay attention at all when you watched my video.

If you go to minute 4:00 (and back track a bit if you like) I clearly state that from January through May I didn't peel them off at all 99% of the time using the constant moisture method. That means no rubbing them off in the shower or anything. Letting them come off naturally when they are ready, by themselves.

So we got that covered. 5 ENTIRE FULL months of just putting moisture on and letting the build up come off naturally.

I really can't believe I have to watch this 29 minute video again. It's like people can't pay attention or something.

4:15 I state my lips are bigger than normal and during this 5 month period it brings them to normal size

4:40 I talk about getting a lot of sun

5:15 I talk about getting a lot of exercise

5:30 I talk about quitting a very stressful job where I talked a lot.

5:45 make sure whatever you are doing you are happy doing.

5:50 Positive attitude and enjoying life contributes to healing and health

6:00 flossing and brushing twice daily with natural toothpaste

7:05 natural lines in my lips started coming back in June, SIX MONTHS after starting moisture method

It wasn't until 7:57 where I state what you for some odd reason believe I was doing the entire time. In JULY I got a job and I couldn't have bad looking lips. However my lips were looking great at that point and barely building up. Let me say it again for you, BARELY BUILDING UP. Barely means almost nothing.

8:05 I reiterate that this is not the same thing as peeling my lips. I say this SEVERAL times.

8:10 I state my lips weren't building up enough to peel them off

8:30 I even give an example of the amount of skin I am talking about, which is almost nothing.

8:46 I state another time, it wasn't layers of skin

8:56 I go even further to say if I was peeling skin off it would make my condition a lot worse

9:05 I explain the difference is that my lips have fully built the top layer back up that a normal person has, which has those lines in it

9:15 I state it's important to do the constant moisture method, which means NO RUBBING OFF ANY DEAD SKIN, until you get those lines back.

9:25 I thought my lips were getting a little worse for the next couple MONTHS, however WHENEVER they felt worse I ALWAYS went out and got sun and they felt better

9:55 they started getting better and better.

10:05 I show my Avalon organics lip balm that I was using, which I still use to this day. And no, for the 10 MILLIONTH time, using a chapstick DOES NOT mean you have still have EC. I was trying to cure my EC Condition, not my dry lip condition.

12:13 I explain what I just wrote.

12:50 If I quit using lip balm my lips would just feel dry and uncomfortable, but would not build up skin

I know this condition is difficult, obviously. But I just can't stand the fact that you rarely give me credit for being cured and in a lot of posts deny it and talk about that girl or whoever she is, which if I remember had like one post or something. I didn't spend all of the time, effort, energy, and money hosting a site just for the fun of it. And I certainly didn't do it so you could watch twelve seconds of the middle of it and act like you saw the whole thing. Which I don't doubt you didn't watch the entire thing, I just honestly can't comprehend how you completely missed the fact that I didn't touch my lips for five entire months with the moist healing method. I just can't. I said it a million times right in the beginning of the video.

It's not like I'm some idiot who came on here, gave a cure claim, and then left into the wild like some boy on a horse. I chose to stick around and try to help out those who are struggling, but if you can't even listen to a video I made explaining EVERYTHING I did, then how is anyone going to help you?

I still get messages almost daily from people, so I know that my site is helping a lot of people. But please for the love of God pay attention when you watch and read the stuff I have posted, because 99% of the time I put a lot of effort and detail into what I posted.

What cured me? I have no idea. Was it one thing? Was it EVERYTHING? Who knows. All I know is the exact combination of everything I did combined with moving to a different climate CURED me.

And I'm still cured to this day. No issues. If you ever feel the need for proof just watch another one of my hundreds of videos or pictures online that I post every single day.

Sorry to be so blunt. But I honestly and genuinely hope this helps you and anyone else.


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