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Dietary Tools and Weapons
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Published: 7 years ago

Dietary Tools and Weapons

Hello folks, hope you’re all feeling well and keeping it positive!

Even though I no longer have FBO, the things I’ve experienced will stay with me for the rest of my life… How can we forget being rejected by our friends and family? Losing jobs? Being relentlessly mocked by our classmates and teachers, or missing out on possible relationships?

It’s a lonely life, hard to make any real friends, but by default you make a lot of enemies. The thing is, when you have a terrible odor, no matter where you are, you’re usually the center of attention… and a negative one at that. Can’t really say I blame people, as humans we are naturally conditioned to detect foul odors and stay away from them.
And stay away they did… friends, family, opportunities, everyone, everything.

haha, you may be wondering why I went from “keep positive” to being a total f***ing downer.

Well, it’s true that experiences are the mold that shapes us, but our reactions to them are equally important in determining who and what we are. Although past experiences with FBO will forever be a part of me, they’re no longer in control. They are only a symbol of lost ideals, the world’s darker side, the true value of a person, and what it means to live.

If it wasn’t for FBO, I would’ve never had the strength to become the person I want to be. Although I’m still not that person - and probably never will be – I have clear goals in mind and I strive to reach them every day. I no longer fool myself, I’m much happier (especially with being unhappy), and I have no reservations when I say expectations can go to hell. f*** expectations, f*** ‘social norms’ (the hell does that even mean really?), f*** everyone, f*** everything. The only thing that matters is YOU.

YOU are the center and most important thing in YOUR world. Nobody has the obligation to like you, love you, and accept you, only YOU! YOU are faced with the difficult reality of FBO… while for others it’s just another day at work, for YOU it’s another day of disrespect and subtle insults. YOU are dealing with so much, yet here you are again, playing the cards life has dealt you.
Realize that you are beyond a doubt living a unique experience. Never compare yourself to others, or subject yourself to their standards. NEVER. Not just in terms of smell… in all parts of life. Only you can judge yourself, only your actions/reactions really have the power to influence your emotions. Fight. Speak up. Do what you want to do. Be who you want to be.

This is a weird little exercise:

…Take everything you've been through that gets you down, meditate on it, let it kill you, juice those memories for every oz of emotion they contain, let the pain seep into you like poison… and at that moment, in your lowest of lows, know that you've reached rock bottom and have emotionally died. You are now dead.

Get up. Everything that happens from that point on is extra, a gift to yourself. Now, isn't there something you wanted to say to someone? Something you wanted to do? Time you wanted to spend in peace and happiness?

Are you going to let bad Body Odor stop you this time?


Wow that got dark and weird there for a bit! Sorry folks,

Anyway, on to the foods!

Cucumbers / Bell Peppers– This is a response to a previous question.

Cucumbers are pretty much devoid of macromolecules and nutrients and therefore serve little purpose in fighting FBO… right? I certainly used to think so, until investigating a little further:

“ Cucumber has a cleansing action within the body by removing accumulated pockets of old waste materials and chemical toxins ... The fruit is refrigerant, haemostatic, tonic and useful in hyperdipsia, thermoplegia etc. The seeds also have a cooling effect on the body and they are used to prevent constipation.” (Phytochemical and therapeutic potential of cucumber; study)

Wow, removes “pockets of old waste material and chemical toxins” from the body? That sounds… like exactly the thing we’re looking for! I recommend people add cucumber to their salads or green smoothies.

Bell Peppers are to be used carefully, as they are an allergen. Yes! You can have a food sensitivity to bell peppers and not even know about it… it is far less common than lactose or gluten intolerance though. They are also a little sugary, but this isn’t generally a problem unless you are gobbling them down. So what’s the upside to bell peppers? Nothing special really, they contain carotenoids which have slight Antibiotic and moderate antioxidant activity, but nothing to phone home about.

I recommend using bell peppers as a substitute for fruit. Indulge in a large sweet pepper when you’d otherwise eat an apple or a peach.

Onion / Garlic –

Ah the onion! It has a love/hate relationship with us odor sufferers ;) On one hand its antibacterial/antifungal, on the other, it adds to our reek!! So is it worth it?

“In this study, the focus was on the antibacterial activity of onions. This study researched the activities of onion extracts on Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus… The results showed that the onion extracts possess an effect on all test bacterial strains…and the effects were bactericidal against cultured and resting bacterial cells. The activity of the onion extracts was stable even after 48 hours in the culture medium…However, activity significantly decreased with alkali treatment. Grated onion left to stand at 37 degrees C for 48 hours did not show antibacterial activity. Also, activity of steam treated (100 degrees C, 10 min.) onion was not observed.” (Anti-bacterial action of onion (Allium cepa L.) extracts against oral pathogenic bacteria; study).

So this means that onions do kill bacteria and continue to do so for a while inside your body. However, they must be eaten raw, freshly chopped. They will not work if heated. So if you’re adding onions to your vegetable soup hoping it’ll help, you might want to save yourself the trouble.

Take a gander at this interesting bit:

“Aqueous extracts of garlic (Allium sativum) and onion (Allium cepa) were tested for activity against Gram-positive organisms, Gram-negative organisms and fungi. A significant growth inhibition was shown by most of the organisms, tested at random. A quantitative assessment of the activity was carried out by determining the minimum bacteriostatic and bactericidal concentrations of the extracts against Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms. Garlic extract showed greater activity as compared to the extract of onion. The activity of the garlic extract on the mouth flora of volunteers was then investigated. A mouth wash containing 10% garlic in quarter Ringer solution produced a drastic reduction in the number of oral bacteria” (The antimicrobial activity of garlic and onion extracts).

So Garlic is a stronger bactericide, no surprise there. I learned from reading this site a while back (different forum, I’ll look for a link) that like onions, the active substance in garlic is destroyed with heat and acidity (like in your stomach ;). So again, if you are heating your garlic in any way before consuming, save yourself the trouble bud! Because its doing zilch…
Bruising the garlic clove does causes it to create more allicin though, so the absolute best way to consume garlic internally is to crush a clove, let it sit for about ten or twenty minutes, then chew it to a pulp and swallow. Other people have different ideas about it, I’ll definitely look for that link as soon as I’m done here as there is some VERY valuable info on that forum thread. Some of you veterans might remember seeing it…

Anyway, I used to apply garlic topically with great results (way better results than coconut oil) against yeast. In my worst moments I had recurring athlete’s foot and a smelly, yeasty scalp (on top of all the other sources of Body Odor ! Breath, swamp crotch, etc. I was a walking petri dish!).
I would do crushed garlic in the morning, anti-fungal cream in the afternoons, back to garlic in the morning, and so on. This works very well for skin infections (the thing about chronic skin infections is that they will keep coming back until the internal cause is taken care of)

And folks, I’m a little tired after a long day so I’m going to cut this one short. Part 2 tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, stay strong, and smile : )

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