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Re: Liver flush - unknowingness or even lie?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Liver flush - unknowingness or even lie?

You're right, it is a joke.

When I first read over the conventional medical curriculum, I asked the person providing it to me where the rest of the pages were, because all of the critical, most relevant and important information regarding human health was missing.

There was literally only several days worth of nutrition studies involved, where nutrients and minerals were demonized, and the rest of the relevant information that would enable a practitioner to keep a human healthy was missing all together.

Doctors study disease, death and pharmaceutical intervention. The philosophy on disease provided to them sure do serve the best interests of the major drug and medical device companies, but are absent in common sense and ignore everything we have learned about the true nature of the human body.

They have labeled over 1400 symptoms as diseases, most of which are supposedly "genetic dispositions" or mistakes made on the body's part. This then makes the use of drugs sound more reasonable. If your body is destined for failure and there's nothing you can do about it, then taking chemicals into your body doesn't sound so bad.

Every cell in the body carries out over 6 trillion actions per second and even tracks the movement of the stars in the milky way galaxy. Every single one of those actions is to promote survival. There is not one suicidal species on this planet. The body isn't predispositioned to become faulty or die, it is predispositioned to survive.

Although the body is extremely sophisticated, if it's not given the tools and resources it needs to carry out these functions, it is forced to make undesirable sacrifices. If the bile ducts are blocked and the body can't intake it's resources and excrete it's waste materials properly, you can't possibly expect the body to perform at it's best.

To blame the complications that arise from this lack of maintenance and poor nutrition on the body by saying that it's a genetic dispositioned disease out to kill the person is absurd, unscientific, and unethical.

Everything the body does is an attempt at preventing death and prolonging survival. Even cancer, MS, diabetes and Arthritis are survival responses where the body has been left with no other choice but to carry out extraordinary measures in order to survive.

We all know that carcinogens cause cancer, so wouldn't blocked elimination channels like the bile ducts trap these cancer causing agents inside the body? And because bile is required for digestion, wouldn't blocked bile output channels prevent the body from taking in new resources?

The cancer tumor is mere a holding sac and storage device for all the toxicity, acidity, half dead, mutated cells that haven't been able to escape via the excretion pathways, to keep them away from vital organs to at least give the body a second chance.

All the natural (original) health practitioners I have reviewed and physically visited who address bile duct congestion as their primary healing response have told me that every cancer patient they have seen was suffering from severely blocked elimination channels. When the body cannot excrete it's toxicity, including carcinogens, what do you expect it to do?

It has a healing response for every scenario, but according to conventional medicine, when the body has no way of eliminating this cancer-causing acidity and toxicity, it decides to turn suicidal and kill itself, rather than the logical and more scientific hypothesis that the body is simply creating a temporary holding sac to store this material in until the owner hopefully flushes these blockages from it's excretory system.

Despite all the doubt they have instilled into us, most cancer cells certainly are anaerobic. Thousands of studies and Nobel prize winners have proven that when a cell is deprived of 30% of it's oxygen, it is likely to mutate into cancer.

When cells are trapped within all this waste material that cannot exit through the bile ducts, resulting in extreme lymphatic and interstitial congestion, they have no other choice but to mutate into a form that can derive it's energy from this waste material, rather than oxygen that has now become unavailable due to congestion.

Cancer cells can derive glucose from the acidic waste they are surrounded by, both serving as a way of survival, and also helping to clean up this mess.

Is it just a coincidence that as soon as the body's elimination system is decongested and nutrient absorption is repaired by flushing the liver that cancer decides not to kill the person and retreats? (The result in most patients who take this route)

Without even investigating all possible root causes like bile duct congestion, lymphatic blockages, artery thickening and hardening, nutritional deficiencies, colon congestion etc, conventional medicine seems to already know through superhero white lab coat powers that the body is deficient in mustard gas (chemo therapy), nukes or knives.

Scientific studies published in mainstream cancer journals conclusively prove that attacking tumors causes them to become more aggressive and widespread.

Every single part of the body assists in the development of a tumor. I guess it does this because it's hell bent on becoming a slug and parasite infested, rotting carcass six feet under rather than maintaining itself as a beautiful, sophisticated human being.

Tumors absorb and hold huge volumes of toxic acids, mutated cells and other waste materials. It takes a huge stress load off the body. If it wanted to kill the person, it would simply open itself up and spill it's contents into the body.

I watched my Grandfather suffocate to death on his own lung fluid shortly after being poisoned with chemotherapy (mustard gas derivative).

My Grandfather suffered immensely and died prematurely because a network of "professionals" wanted to make a pile of money to buy themselves a new Mercedes rather than open their mind and read the intent of nature and treat accordingly.

Anyone who is out to discredit Liver Flushing without being willing to carry out 50 flushes on yourself to know absolutely for sure, without a hesitation of a doubt, is not a die hard health provider, and has no place in discouraging people from carrying out this healing protocol on themselves.

Those who have flushes thousands of hardened clumps of bile, sand, gravel, parasites, chaff and flukes from their liver know for a fact, through first hand experience and blood sweat and tears that this is the most powerful healing modality one can carry out on themselves.

The liver is the organ that produces the bile in the first place. I don't know how anyone could believe that only it's storage device (gallbladder) could develop stones and not the miles of bile ducts throughout the liver through which it travels. Even ten stones is enough to cause major complications and even cancer in a person.

Those who are truly committed to helping people are the ones willing to chug down the olive oil every three weeks for at least a year. Without first hand experience through the dramatic changes that occur from releasing such serious congestion, we can all sit here and debate for years on end while our friends and family become diseased, dosed with mustard gas and die around us.

Each and every one of you on here has the power and opportunity right here and now to discover a self-healing protocol with the potential to cure your family members of serious diseases and prolong their lives by decades.

"True healing is achieved by addressing root causes, not by removing surfaced symptoms"


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