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My story. Am I on the right forum?
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Published: 6 years ago

My story. Am I on the right forum?

Hello All,

New to this forum. I spent some time over in Iodine world though. I am wondering if adrenal fatigue is going on with me. I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

Symptoms that have been around for several years:

-- Frequent urination -- This is kind of in the rhythm of life. I don't need to urinate at night typically (unless I drink right before bed). Days where life is quite different from the norm are usually fine too.

-- High Cholesterol -- Low HDL, High LDL. Western doc wants me on meds. I'm 165-170lbs. I eat plenty of raw vegetables and get moderate fats like avacados, nuts, and coconut oil, so I don't think it's diet. However, I have a sedentary job so daily exercise "could" be the issue, but I'm skeptical.

-- Low D -- in the 20's. Can't get it up on 5000iu/day (although I miss days). I do supplement with a formula that includes the K's.

-- A few instances of hemorrhoids over the years -- Usually after a period of physical strain (standing on a ladder and painting over my head for several hours a few days in a row...)

-- feel normal if I skip breakfast, but if I eat it I feel like I need to eat sooner -- I think this is the minor symptom of what came severely later (hypoglycemic symptoms).

Symptoms that have been around ~2 years (some started minor and eased in to more severe or noticeable levels):

-- post nasal drip --

-- forgetfulness/fogginess? -- Best described as randomly not being able to think of what something is called in normal conversation. It can take me a couple of seconds to come up with it, or if it's with my wife I lead her on and let her come up with it. e.g. " know, the ice...cold...thing." ('s happening right now). The Cooler! Duh. Arrg. Sometimes names of people I know well escape me too.

-- severe spring/summer allergies -- during the April-August months in New England (May-July are the worst), I have gotten severely ill the last two years with:
- allergy induced asthma (no breathing trouble any other times). I resist pharma if I can, but I took inhalers. Never did that before.
- significant weight loss (185 to 170 the first year, then 175 to 160 the second).
- fatigue
- highly emotional and fearful over what was going on
- insomnia

Then this last year (the second year of a severe allergy season), new things happened:

-- hypoglycemic symptoms -- (it's possible it happened the first year and I just didn't realize). Western doc poo-pooed it after a glucose tolerance test, but I dropped below my fasting after 3 hrs. It was over damped.

-- stomach pain --

OK, I'm sure I missed some stuff, but let me quickly tell you what I've done so far...

-- Someone pointed me to Oil of Oregano and that also led to me wondering if all this was connected to poor gut health (any combination of SIBO, leaky gut, Candida, stress induced, etc...), so I also started adding probiotics and digestive enzymes. The abdominal pain went away pretty well. It comes and goes occasionally, but I'm feeling pretty decent most of the time, though more gassy.

-- Once I learned of the possible hypoglycemia there was a spark of hope. At my worst and desperate point I had severe muscle pain and fatigue all over the body for several days. I'm pretty sure this was my body munching on itself, but with a medical friend assuring me that my doc was wrong and I was dealing with hypoglycemic symptoms, I began a diet of next to no sugar, eating a little every 2 hrs kind of thing, and things improved. Weight came back. I felt a little more stable, but oh so precarious.

-- Someone pointed me to "low iodine." I started taking Iodine (I think bobbing up eventually to around 24mg/day) for a couple months (along with the co-supplements discussed in said forum) then had a 24hr loading test done through an independent lab and was excreting in the mid 50% range. Meaning I was probably in the 40s to begin with and supposedly it should be closer to 90%. I didn't feel good on the Iodine until I was up around 75mg/day. Suffice it to say, the hypoglycemic symptoms went away. (I think it was the iodine, but I don't want to completely rule out the fact that my improvement also correlated with the end of the allergy season).

Overall, it feels like low iodine was DEFINITELY a factor and much has improved from it, but I feel like the low iodine itself was a symptom too.

Well, that's a good bit of the story. Hopefully not too long. Right now I feel really well relative to when I was at my worst, but I still just don't feel the level of health I once did. It just kind of feels like something is wrong in there and it becomes kind of all encompassing.

So, long story short, am I in the right forum?

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