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PBS, CBS, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Lilly Promote Killer "Vaccinations"
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Published: 6 years ago

PBS, CBS, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Lilly Promote Killer "Vaccinations"

PBS, CBS, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Lilly Promote Killer "Vaccinations"


Wikileaks has exposed Pfizer's sttrong arm tactics to cover up the deaths of innocent children. *5 From Mercola dot com comes

"Pfizer hired investigators to find evidence of corruption against Nigeria's attorney general, in an effort to convince him to drop legal action against the company.

Pfizer was sued for $2 billion over testing of the meningitis drug Trovan. Nigerian authorities said the tests killed 11 children and left dozens disabled. Pfizer eventually agreed to a $75 million settlement."

Africans fear that international drug companies are involved in depopulation schemes.


Sergeant Robert Bales was forced in Afghanistan by the Army to take Lariam (mefloquine) after which he shot 16 civilians. Roche's Lariam (Donald Rumsfeld is invested in Roche and has the US distribution rights to Tamiflu).
Lariam has caused many violent instances. 3 Marines killed their wives after taking it. It is said to be an antimalarial drug. *6

The Army considers soldiers the property of the US Government. Soldiers' bodies are expendable.
Many soldiers have not had an information on the shots they are given. "Informed consent" is virtually absent.

Dick Wolf of Law and Order focused a program on the lethal side effects of Lariam. In order to avoid lawsuit, writers changed its name to quinium in the program.

International drug cartel operatives in the Washington, Oregon and California legislatures are attempting to make religious belief or personal belief exemptions to mandatory vaccinations more difficult.


As PBS and CBS continue to promote the trillions of dollars industry of killer 'vaccines' of Merck, Lilly, Pfizer, Glaxo and others, it is interesting to note that cervical cancer is a disease of prostitution and that Merck's 'vaccine' doesn't prevent any form of cancer while it has killed many. The Texas legislature prevented Republican governor Rick Perry from forcing every teen to be forced to take it. Meanwhile the health department of Republican governor John Kasich of Ohio has been pushing it in socalled public service spots.

Deaths From Merck's Gardasil *7

George Merck, founder of Merck, was also a bioterror weapons developer for the US Army. After decades his latent weapons were said to have been destroyed at Ft Meade in Maryland.

PBS' Nova did an hour long commercial for international drug companies' vaccines in which not a single anti vaccine activist was interviewed.

There was no mention of eggs, which cause half of the millions of incidents of food poisoning in the US, as a developing medium for vaccines.

The fact that many vaccines contain memory destroying mercury was lightly passed over.


Many vaccines need to be refrigerated. Improper refrigeration occurs in trucks, warehouses, hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, and drug store chains such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Drug Mart.

Vaccines as well often become ineffective after time.


was the majority leader of the Senate under G W Bush and passed legislation exempting Lilly and other drug companies from any liability over the deaths their vaccines cause. This was the same Senator Frist who mentioned in his autobiography that while at Harvard Medical School he had gone to a Boston animal shelter disguised as an adoptive parent and had instead taken the cat to be vivisected (researched upon and then killed) at Harvard.


AIDS spread around the world through World Health Organization's "smallpox vaccine". Among the tens of thousands of articles on this is one from Pearce Wright, Science editor of the London Times. *1

Because of the past and present power of the trillion dollar industry of butcher billionaire meatmongers, cow pox or kine pox is now called smallpox. There are no programs by the CDC, NIH, USDA, FDA or other pawns of the trillion dollar butcher industries to educate the public about the dangers of eating pieces of rotting cadavers. Animal and fish flesh and products cause over 90% of the food poisoning fatalities annually, yet these federal and state agencies are silent. *2

None of these vaccine promoters mention that smallpox is derived from cows, or that chicken pox comes from chickens.

There have been some victories. The oral polio 'vaccine' of Sabin containing live cells which caused countless instances of polio was finally replaced in 2000. *3

While researcher prostitutes of the drug industry claim that seizures immediately after vaccines are caused not by the injections but by inherited epilepsy, lawyers continue to prove in court that vaccines caused the seizures. #4

Japanese encephalitis vaccines in the 1940's caused temperatures of 107 degrees and are correlated to the high rate of US soldiers stationed in Asia who developed Parkinson's after the vaccine.

Andrew Wakefield, a British physician, was crucified for his publication of an article on the relationship of MMR (measles mumps rubella) vaccines to autism. Wikipedia, allegedly a democratic online encyclopedia which readers can edit, allows no editing of its biased article.

While Senator Rand Paul and Governor Chris Christie (who brought back bear murder to New Jersey) want to protect parental rights to refuse vaccines, needlenazi Senators Feinstein and Boxer in California want more mandatory vaccines.

(Senator Feinstein while the Intelligence Committee chairwoman, funneled over 1 billlion in insider trading contracts to her husband Richard Blum. She also worked to sell naval property on the California coast to a Chinese company connected to the Chinese army. She has stated that she had a previous life in China.)

17 countries receiving most
'smallpox' vaccine matched exactly in order 17 countries which after vaccinations began to develop AIDS

* 1

Smallpox is kine pox





*6 Three Marines kill wives at Ft Bragg under influence of Roche's drug Lariam

*7 Deaths From Gardasil

Pictures of some of those dead from Merck's Gardasil

*8 Improper storage of already lethal vaccines

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