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Just venting threw some stuff out there on my ec
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Published: 6 years ago

Just venting threw some stuff out there on my ec

I posted on here once like a year ago I was at a point where I was about to over come this problem

I was only using Vaseline at the time ended up changing up what I was using and this tore my lips apart back to the begining stages raw inflamed and miserable all I know is this is shit is the worst thing that's ever happened to me I'd I'm going on 2 1/2 or three years idk anymore just feel lost in life I can't leave my lips alone even if I wanted to cause they would start to stick and just messes everything up I apply Vaseline every single day idk 5 plus times have to have this ducking Vaseline on me every where life is pretty miserable I have my goods days I'll be up and kinda happy but then there's thoughs times your alone and just start thinking what a piece of shit my life has become I think if I can just over come this life would be the most amazing thing in this world to smile and laugh and be free never have to apply anything life would be great I guess I'm just venting idk I'm just lost anymore everyday 24/7 my lips are on my mind I feel like I just feel like my lips are trapped also I'm 21 prob going to a derm idk if it will help or not but I went to him once before and he actually told me he had seen this and cured it before he gave me a steroid and antibodies don't know if these did anything or not I applied the steroid for a month 3 times a day stopped after that left my lips completely alone only apply Vaseline after three months actually this was on Christmas day I got in my car going to are family Christmas dinner thing lips peeled that same day I was kinda happy got in the car and they looked pretty red I thought anyways applied Vaseline then in meh car before I left the house I got there and my lips redness just disappeared anyways I was pretty happy and started to notice my lips felt really great actually for the first time in almost a year then in April pr so I seen this stupid f***ing post on Facebook of all thing and it was this Chapstick said it was for ec anyways I was wow maybe it will help my lips to stop peeling faster it had pics of lips and everything idk I was nieave I guess anyways seen they had it at krogers of all places I got it i actually don't remeber the name haven't tried to search it or anything anyways idk maybe few days or a week later I was with my dad we went to deans party mania but idk anyways I smiled and bam my lip skin f***ing ripped and it freakin hurt I instantly stopped using but idk what happened went back to Vaseline right away but was to late idk how they could get f***ed up that fast after they had felt so great and I was pretty happy then anyways that ended fell back into a dotes soon I guess idk this is like 8 month later to this day my lips are still jacked not as bad as when they first got messed up from that stupid Chapstick stick there kinda raw I have good days and bad ones morning are the worst I think for me I hate taking a shower anymore cause of the white bull shit everyday

I did recently get with someone surprisingly.

I wondered how she looked past my lips but she hasn't seen them at there worst now though.

After being with her I feel like I just put too much thought into my lips Iike think they look super bad but then I look closer and I'm like well there.

It really that bad looking but these are mainly days after they have peeled when I see her I have been kinda lucky.

I guess kissing though is weird cause one night I went to pick her up and my lips felt pretty raw and kinda swollen to me but when we got back to my place and started kissing my lips seemed to start to feel better this was odd to me anyways I'm usually too afraid to kiss a crap load cause sometimes im like oh is my lips skin coming of and stupid shit like this you know bull shit but during sex intercorse which ever you prefer I seem to get a white mucus like build up in my inner lips and it will stretch from my top to bottom lip it's pretty strange but is very similar to idk say your snot or but more consistint anyways i ended wrighting a lot more than I thought I was going to so I'll to look to your replys and see if anyone els has had that kinda build during intercorse I do breath heavy usually from my mouth try not to but oh well this is the only life we get and Im tired of living like a freakin snail in my damn shell lol okay thanks yuh to who ever replys I started out typing this in a down mood but now I feel more peppy idk it's wierd lol having some mood swing or something lmao enjoy and any advice that anyways has I gretaly appreciate as long as it is positive if not don't even reply thanks guys also if seen Daniels lips while back when I first got this but I see he is healed now any positive feed would be great though

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