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Regarding Endometrial Cancer
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Published: 7 years ago

Regarding Endometrial Cancer

HI, I'm new here.

My 27 year old girlfriend was diagnosed with stage 2 endometrial cancer with squamous cell differentiation in September. She had Breast Cancer in 2012 which we got rid of with a modified Gerson, Budwig, essiac, Bill Henderson protocol. She never did enemas though, which I'm seeing now was a irresponsible decision.

Now I have her drinking a 32 oz carrot/beet/ginger/apple juice everyday, have her on some Poke Root, Helonias tinctures. She is taking DIM, Maca, Turmeric with bioperine. Essiac. She drinks Agaricus Blazei extract powder tea every morning.She has been doing coffee enemas on and off but not consistent enough. She's still working 9 hour days which is not helping her at all.

She will be quitting on January 16 and I will be the sole provider after that.

She doesn't have insurance, we've been using Planned Parenthood and have been avoiding seeing any oncologists or Allopathic doctors.

I've discovered Dr. Schulze 's programs, and managed to find his Save Your Life manual and plan on starting her on that once she quits. I'm going to make all the tinctures and formulas myself. She also plans on doing the vaginal bolus's. and I want her to douche with some white pond lily decoction.

She has always had a history of hormone issues, having been on the birth control pill starting at 14. She has had abdominal surgery at the same age to place ureter stints in her kidneys because she was born with extra ureter tubes and it was causing UTI's frequently. She has always had ery heavy periods, but in August she had to take an abortion pill which really set her off course in terms of her health.

She began menstruating VERY frequently (every 2 weeks) and it would last for 10 days. Needless to say she was losing a lot of blood. We went to Planned Parenthood and had ca-125 and ca 15-3 blood tests done, as well as laproscopy and a biopsy, as well as a ultrasound. She did have 'fibroids' show up and the biopsy confirmed an Estrogen sensitive stage 2 type 2 endometrial cancer. The CA-125 was 62, and the CA-15-3 was 45. White blood cell count- 3.1

Since the week before that 'Diagnosis' (They don't consider you to have cancer unless an oncologist confirms it), we have been juicing and doing all of the above mentioned routines.

We recently went back to planned parenthood to check her progress. She of course was yelled at by the clinician and told her that she needs to be seeing an oncologist which 1. we cannot afford, and 2. we don't want conventional medicine!

The clinician refused to help other than give her another blood test which results came back as:
CA-125: 61
Ca-15-3: 35
WBC: 4.5

So it seems to me that she has improved.

Another great thing is that her cycle has now been more normal lasting almost 28 days, and she only bleeds for 3 days. So she has improved. She is feeling better, she lost 10 pounds. She has gained 50 pounds since we last got rid of her breast cancer.

I just wanted to reach out for some encouragement and to see if anybody had any information on the incurables in relation to uterine/cervical cancer?
Most of the posts I find about uterine cancer and cervical cancer are unanswered.

I want to ramp up this therapy for her so we can balance her hormones and get on with our lives. We don't have very much money, and she doesn't qualify for medi-cal because she makes $11.00 dollars an hour! which is ridiculous. She also has a son who we have part-time.

Sorry for the long winded post. I've been researching this stuff for a while and would just like some input from people who have had success.

Thank You all!

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