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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: I found out what Morgellens is!

I've had this, whatever it is under my skin now for months, when it first started happenning, I got a bit mad in the head so to speak. I thought it might of been from the pine cones that I was using for my craft projects, because the bugs resembled the seed bugs I would find sometimes, cleaning the pinecones before I would paint them. They actually were hard to see at first, because they were good mimickers, they would take the same shape, color, form, as the actual cone, until I applied primer, then all heck would come out! Kind of like what's going on with my fingernails right now, and different spots on my body, my nose, my chin, my ear, and now moving to my eye. It's real bad on my fingers right now, embarrassing too, I wear gloves all the time. I'm constantly babying the cracks and splits on my fingers, putting on creams, cleaning nails, etc. my hands seem like they are constantly wet though, I'll never be rid of this unless I quit my job. I've spent a fortune on anti fungal creams, expensive herbs and oils, chemicals that would kill any kind of parasite good or bad, and here I am, still with it. I went a little nuts in the beginning, chemically burning my chin, seeing bugs EVERYWHERE, home, work, was a mess. ended up getting infection on chemical burn, dr had to scrape my chin telling me I would see some stuff coming off my chin, not to worry, it was hair follicle whatever things, I happenned to glance down, and thought I was going to freak RTF out!! Hair follicle WTF is THAT???!! White things everywhere!! After that, I think something in my brain snapped, because they were everywhere!! On my counters, pots, pans, cups, plates, everywhere in my house, car, at my work! My co-workers were thinking I was crazy! I brought in my own cleaning supplies, scrubbed everything down! Then, I saw them bigger under my kitchen table, and threw it right out the back door. My husband had enough after that, Dr. wanted to put me on Depression medication. A friend pulled off these "bugs" from my table outside, and took them apart, piece by piece in front of me, come to find out, they weren't bugs, I think that helped me to bring my brain down from seeing them everywhere though. I can finally stand in the shower and let the water run down my face with soap for more than 2 seconds without freaking out now. It's been about 6 months, I've researched my butt off, I found by watching them, they have their quirks. They are great mimickers, they change to same color of our skin, to make it harder to be noticed, until they are ready for eggs to hatch. All we are, are hosts for them. The pointy thing on their rearend goes right into our little veins for nutrition. They hate cold, borax, and will be able to live through most chemical treatments. Seems like they die with different chemical, but then live if you repeat same chemical, so they adapt. The fuzz balls are what have my curiosity, I've seen them shoot off me into the air, like a piece of hair flying in the wind. I've noticed if I'm on top of keeping my nails trimmed and clean, they don't multiply as much, but the sores on my hands get real bad if I don't stay on top of it. Sometimes I've noticed if I see the fuzz ball on my skin, there ready to move to a new location. I worry that when I'm talking to people, one may come out my nose, or shoot off me. It's crazy living with this, I feel dirty. All the time, no matter how many showers I take.i hope someday they find out more about this, but it's awesome to have a place to go, to be able to talk about it, and not have someone look at you like your insane! I hate the way my hands tingle, still trying to figure out if that is from the coming in contact with a mate, or eggs hatching, because it seems like when they tingle, which is about every 3 days, my hands are a mess again, and I feel like I have to start all over, with the cleaning and grooming. Sometimes I wonder if this is all caused by environmental, things that get put into our foods, pesticides, etc. I'm taking probiotics right now, because my immune system is super low from this. I had to stop taking them everyday, as I was getting leg cramps so bad for hours! I now take them, every other day. They don't like it, they come out, but there still here, so it's not fully ridding them, I'm still studying them, I think 2of my sons have them too,but their dr. Just treat them like a rash, or hive, I don't say anything about bugs, only because I'm not going to have my kids freak out like I did. I wouldn't wish that on anyone! So glad there's a place to talk about this though. Hopefully someday they will figure this out what this thing is.

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