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Telling it like it is
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Published: 7 years ago

Telling it like it is

I made a few observations in the past month or so.

Some of it was tongue and cheek, some of it was suspicion, but now I can see what is going on with the people who are abusing iodine. And not only Iodine but other so called nautral substances and definitely incorrect diet.

Grizz, Trapper, Gina, and probably many of their followers who just don't know any better.


As I have said before if you are an old person, or a lazy person, or a person who for whatever reason just does not want to do the real work to become healthy - and this is perfectly understandable to me because it is very difficult work - then take your high doses of iodine, your Colloidal Silver s, your fake herbal Antibiotics , eat meat to your heart's content and enjoy life. It is short so sure enjoy yourself. But please refrain from miseducating other people who are genuinely interested in health. And especially refrain from praising yourselves and putting other people down who know more than you about health.

One of trapper's followers, who I suspect is maybe questioning his information, sent me a picture of trapper. Let me tell you folks this is not a healthy person. One look and I can tell. Sure compared to a walmartian he is doing much better, but he has capitulated and ceased to do the real work.

Gina is an excellent faker, until you dig in a read her history. She has claimed that the tiniest bits of sweeteners cause extreme eczema.

Eczema is 1000% caused by a rotting gut. Tiny bits of sweeteners do not cause pustulating sores coming out of the skin. Rotting intestines are what causes this.

Grizz, well he is a nice guy but you'd be better off getting your health information from a walmart greeter.

All of these people are basically stuck because they are all barking up the wrong tree. All denying nature. The recent nonsense by gina claiming that bottles of inorganic minerals are better than trees speaks for itself. Maybe she doesn't even know what it's like to live in nature and pick a piece of fruit. Lots of people these days have not even experienced it.

Why trapper is doing what he is doing I don't know because he already experienced the right path and it cured him. Fruit fasting is what he claims cured him. Why he does not emphasize this to other people seeking information is the big question.

If fruit fasting cured him, then fruit fasting is the path toward further health and growth.

The proper human diet is frugivorism. Second best is whole food veganism which includes the frugivore foods but you can also have grains and some other tasty things. Third best are various forms of vegetarianism lacto, ovo, etc. When you go further south of here you get into trouble.

Lifelong meat eaters are filling up on poison. Even if they are healthy they are spiritually bereft and stuck. What does a stuck person do to reassure/lie to themselves that they are doing ok? They accrue followers on nonsensical internet forums.


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